Adopted By Who???

Denise is a 17 year old orphan with an ugly past but what happens when a certain someone adopts her will her life change forever or will it get worse than what her past was or will she move on from that and allow people to change her for the best and will she fall in love with someone who will help her forget about her past??????


14. Chapter 14 (Part 1Eleanor's Photoshoot/ Waterpark Day 1 With Eleanor)

The next morning when Denise woke up she looked behind her to see that Harry was still asleep she then got up and went to the restroom and combed her hair then brushed her teeth then she went back to her room and looked at the time and it was 10:45am then she seen that Harry started to move around then she went to her closet and looked fro something to wear since it was warmer than the day before she didn't find anything yet so she went back in the room and seen that Harry was awake she smiled and said "Morning love" she sat on the bed then he said "Morning Princess" "so how do you like my bed?" "So comfy" "hahahahaha so I'm guessing you slept good" "yeah way better knowing that you were right next to me" "hahahahaha your just too plain adorable" "hahahahaha" then Harry got up and went to the bathroom then when he came back he sat back on the bed then Harry said "So you want to go downstairs yet?" "I want cereal" "Well let's go get you your cereal" "hahahahaha" then they got up Denise grabbing her phone then went downstairs and when they got down there they saw Louis, Liam, Zayn, Ashton, and Luke there watching TV then Denise said "Morning boys" they all looked and said "Morning Denise and Harry" then they went to the kitchen and got there cereal then sat at the table then Denise texted Liam "Eleanor is picking me up at 2pm for the week" "When is she picking you up?" "today at 2pm" "for the week?" "Yeah she has a week planned out for the both of us girls since Perrie is busy this week with Zayn and her family" "Oh I see" "yeah, so don't act like I never told you when she comes" "have you packed?" "No I'll go in a bit" "okay" Then Denise said "I'm leaving today" "Where?" "to Eleanor's for the week" "What?" "I know I sorry she wants to take me for the week I'll be back on Friday" "that's too long without you" "I know but you can always text me" "Or call" "that too hahahahaha" "When is she coming for you?" "today at 2pm" "oh" "she called me last night and told me" "Oh I see" "Yeah but it's a week then I'll be with you on tour" "Oh right that's true" "So don't be too sad" "but no cuddling I was looking forward to tonight" "I know I thought she was going to just bring me back everyday" "it's okay though" "but your mine" "always" "hahahahaha" "don't worry Harry Eleanor knows about us I told her just in case she was planning anything" "hahahahaha okay" "and I'm not going to go behind your back why do that when I have the most amazing boyfriend at home missing me never in a million years so I don't want to do anything to hurt you Harry my love for you is too strong to do that if I lose you to something dumb I won't be able to live with myself" "I know you won't, I trust you both princess and I'm not going anywhere okay I promise" "I promise too" then Denise put her plate in the sink and said "I'll be in my room if you need me" "I'll go with you I'm going to spend as much time as I can with you since I won't be with you for a week" "hahahahaha okay" then they both went to her room when they got there Denise got her suitcase then she began to pack clothes for the week then she clothes to put on right now then she said "I'm goin to go shower um you can watch TV in here" "Okay then I'll be here when you get out" "okay then" then Denise went to go shower when she came out she had on a dress with a red cardigan on and brown boots (Picture above)  then she put on her music while she blow dried her hair then she curled the bottom part of her hair then went with the natural look no makeup then she went into her closet put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket then walked to her room to get the necklace Harry gave her then put it on then went back to the restroom turned off her music and then noticed that it was 1:15pm then Harry said "you look amazing" Denise looked at Harry and said "thank you my love" she then kissed his cheek then got her laptop and got a backpack she had and put it in there along with her camera, laptop charger, and camera charger and batteries then she also put her phone charger in there then she closed the backpack then put it by her suitcase then she sat on her desk chair then her phone began to ring she answered it and said "Hello" "Hey Denise" "Hey Eleanor what's up?" "I'm here" "Already?" "yeah I came to see Louis for a bit" "Oh I'll go open the door for you" "okay then" Denise then went downstairs and opened the door then Eleanor said "Hey" "Hi" "you look adorable" "hahahahaha thank you, you always look adorable" "hahahahaha thank you love" "hahahahaha" "where's Louis?" "Watching TV with Liam, Zayn, Ashton, and Luke" "Okay I'll go to your room when we leave which will be in like 10 minutes" "hahahahaha okay" Denise then went back to her room and left the door open when she walked in her bed was made then Harry looked at her with a smile then she said "Eleanor's here" "your leaving?" "not yet" "Oh let's go down there I want to tell her hi" "Okay then" Then they both walked downstairs then Harry said "Hiiiiiii El" she laughed then said "Hi lover boy" then Denise sat on the couch and Liam said "you have everything ready?" "yup" "you look nice" "thanks dad" "welcome love" Then someone rang the doorbell Denise got up and went to go open the door when she opened it she seen Perrie there Denise said "Hey Perrie" "Hey Denise you look cute" "thank you, you do too" "thanks, is Zayn awake?" "Yes want me to call him" "Please" then Denise went to where everyone was at then said "Zayn, Perrie is here" "Oh thanks" then Zayn left with Perrie then Denise sat back on the couch while the others were talking then 10 minutes later Denise and Eleanor were leaving she said "bye" to all the boys then Harry helped her with her suitcase when he put it in the trunk he hugged Denise and said "have fun okay" "thanks" "I love you princess" "love you too" Denise kissed him on the cheek then he kissed her forehead then Eleanor walked up to them then he said "take care of her for me El" "I will Harry don't worry I'll bring her back on Friday night" "okay then bye you two" then they both said "bye" then they got in the car and were on there way to Eleanor's to drop off Denise's stuff when they finished dropping her stuff off Denise said "So what are we doing today?" "Well today I have a photo shoot I know boring but it's the only day I work" "it's okay I have my laptop in the back" "okay then" Then they got to a studio Denise then got her backpack in with her then they both walked in when they got there Denise awkwardly stood there then someone walked up to them and said "Eleanor darling so glad you could make it" Eleanor said "Well I had no choice to be here" then the guy said "Who's this?" Eleanor said "this is Liam's daughter" he said "Mr. Payne has a daughter, it's so lovely to meet you" Denise said "you too" then he walked away then Eleanor said "do you have your camera?" "Oh yes I do" "Well if you want I know you are go next to the photographer and take some photos" "it's like you read my mind" "I knew you were gonna do it anyways I'll let the camera person know that you are going to be taking pictures for a bit" "am I allowed?" "if they don't like it too bad your photos are way better than there's" "hahahahaha" "Well you can sit at this table I'm gonna go get ready" "okay then" "want to come with me?" "Sure I feel awkward here" "hahahahaha" then they walked to her dressing room and Denise sat on the couch that was there then Eleanor went to go get ready when they finished they walked out then Denise sat at the table and watched them take some photos then she got up and took her backpack with her since she didn't trust anyone there then turned on her camera then began to take a bunch of photos when she was done she went back to the table and turned on her laptop and then put sd card in the laptop and looked at the photos and all of then except 2 which were blurry were good then she began to edit them then she had edited 5 of them then someone sat next to her and said "Hi" Denise looked to see a guy around 19 she said "Um Hi" then she went back to her laptop then she turned down the brightness then he said "I'm Jake" "Hi I'm Denise" "your pretty" "Um okay" then Denise put her laptop away then put her camera away too then she got a text she looked at her phone to see a text from Harry it said "I miss you already" "I do too" she texted back then the guy next to her said "So are you part of the crew?" "No I came with Eleanor" "you know her?" "yeah she's family" "Lucky" "Why?" "I have the biggest crush on her" "You do know that her she has a boyfriend?" "I know, I hate that" "her boyfriend is my uncle" "Oh sorry" "Not cool" "So your related to her" "yeah I know" "Cool how old are you?" "18" "you don't look 18" "yeah I get that a lot" "you look younger" 'I know" "So is she showing you what she does?"  "No I'm going to be spending the week with her" "Oh" "yeah" "can I have your number?" "No I don't give my number to strangers" "oh" Then Denise's began to ring she picked it up and said "Hello" "hey Denise" "hi dad" "how's it going?" "really good were at a photoshoot right now" "Oh really?" "Yeah I took a couple of pictures" "that's cool" "yeah what are you guys doing?" "We had to go to a photoshoot too it was last minute" "Oh" "Yeah turn around" Denise then turned around and seen the guys there then she stood up and waved when Harry seen her he smiled and walked to her when he got to her he said "so much for a week without you" "hahahahaha I know" then he sat next to her then she pulled out her laptop then Harry said "Did you take any?" "of course" then she showed them to Harry then he said "you are amazing" "hahahahaha thanks" then Liam and Niall sat across from them then Liam said "let me see" Denise showed them the photos then Liam said "Amazing" Niall said "My head has exploded" "hahahahaha you guys are funny" Denise looked next to her to see that the guy was still there then Denise said "So who's your photoshoot with?" Liam said "Eleanor" "that's cool" then Denise added "what about Zayn?" Liam said "he's on his way with Perrie" "Oh" then Liam and Niall got up to go get ready then Denise said "Why didn't you tell me you were coming hahahahaha?" "I wanted to surprise my lovely girlfriend" "well you surprised me alright" "I knew I would" "hahahahaha" "I was planning to come sit next to you and give you a compliment but Liam decided to call you instead" "hahahahaha well that's Liam for you" "hahahahaha true, I don't think I can be a week without you princess" "I know you can't but it's only a week at least she didn't ask Liam to keep me while you guys were in America" "Oh god that's true I would've not have been able to deal with it for that long" "I would've died" "hahahahaha your too adorable" "hahahahaha thanks my love" then Louis and Eleanor walked up to them and said "Hi guys" Denise said "Hi Louis" Eleanor said "did you get any good ones?" "oh I got some good ones" she opened her laptop then said "these that I'm going to show you are the edited ones" then she showed them the photos then Eleanor said "wow these are amazing" "thanks El" Louis said "can you send them to me or no?" "Yeah I'll send them to my e-mail then sign in on my phone then send them to you" "sounds complicated" "not really" "hahahahaha okay then" "I'll do it while you guys are working" "hahahahaha okay" Eleanor said "So Denise are you bored?" "Not really I was editing my photos then Liam called me and they got here so no hahahahaha" "Well good I thought you were bored" "Nah I got my laptop to keep me company" "true that" "Louis did the other 4 stay home?" "Well yeah we had to leave them" "I thought you would've brought them" "No Liam did but Michael, Luke, and Calum didn't want to come" "Oh man  my buddy didn't want to come sadness" "We didn't them that you were gonna be here that's why" "lame" "hahahahaha" then Denise got her phone out and put it on the table then Louis got it and said "Selfie everyone smile" then he turned around and took a couple of pictures then gave the phone back to Denise she looked at them then there was one were all four of them had smiles on there faces then she said "I like this one" she showed it to them then they all agreed then she started to edit it when she finished she sent it to all of them. Then Denise said "what are we doing after this?" Eleanor said "Girl stuff" "Girl stuff is shopping, shopping, and more shopping" "hahahahaha that's true but were going to take a little road trip" "Where?" "My parents house" "Awesome" "Yeah hahahahaha the lads are coming along too" "Even better" "hahahahaha but they got to go back home to get Veronica and the other 4 boys" "but they don't all fit in the same car" "Well Zayn is leaving with Perrie, Louis is coming with us" "Oh okay then" then Harry said "Can I go with you guys too?" Eleanor said "Sure" then she added "Okay now you two go get ready so we can finish and get out of here" then  Louis and Harry got up and went to go get ready then Denise said "Are the boys going to be with us all week?" "No, tomorrow yes then Wednesday yes and that's all I think hahahahaha" "Oh okay then" "yeah trust me your going to have fun this week plus your leaving me for a couple of months" "I know but your not going to go to any of there shows?" "Me and Perrie are planning to go for a month to you know surprise Louis and Zayn" "Awwww you guys should" "We are" "Okay" "But I'll let you know that way you know when were going to go" "Okay" then Denise whispered "the guy next to me tried to flirt with me" "What!?" "Shhhh but I blew him off though" "let's go to my dressing room" then Denise got her backpack then they went to her dressing room when they got there Eleanor said "What happened tell me?" "Okay so I was sitting there on my laptop then he sat next to me and started talking to me then he told me his name, told me I was pretty, then he also told me he likes you and I told him you had a boyfriend then he was all like I know I hate that then I was like her boyfriend is my uncle he tried to say sorry but I didn't take it then he asked for my number and said no I don't give my number to strangers" "Oh my gosh Denise that was funny but creepy" "I told him all my answers with attitude like dude go away I don't want to talk to you" "trust me you don't want to be friends with him he tells every girl there pretty just to get with anyone" "Ugh I didn't want him to talk to me like go away" "Just be careful okay" "Okay" then Eleanor went to go change then Denise said "El is there anywhere I can put this and it not get stolen?" "Oh yeah here I'll take it" Denise then got out her camera then gave the backpack to Eleanor then when she put it away they walked out and all the boys were standing where they were going to take the photos talking then Eleanor said "there still al lunch ugh" "lame" "hahahahaha" "so is this just because?" "I don't even know" "hahahahaha nice" then the photographer got back and then Denise went back to the table and noticed that the guy was still there then she sat down then looked at the guys and Eleanor then when the photographer began to take photos Denise got up and went to go take some of her own then she took a bunch then walked away then sat back at the table then a couple of minutes after that the guy next to her said "look your really pretty let me have your number" "dude stop I'm not interested I have a boyfriend" "him?" he said pointing to Harry "yes" "he doesn't love you" "you don't know that" "he's using you how can you not see it he's a big star and you, your just you nothing special" "And?" "you should be with someone normal like me" "he's normal" "No he's using you to hide his gay side" "what he's not gay" "Really?" "Yes he's not gay look you need to stop" "he just feels sorry for you and that's why he's with you" "Go bug someone else" "Just saying the truth" "whatever" then Denise got up then as she got up they had told the guys and Eleanor that they were done then Denise went to Eleanor's dressing room and just laid on the couch then Eleanor walked in and said "Oh no something's wrong what's wrong?" "I swear I'm going to kill him" "Who?" "Jake he's being an ass excuse my language" "What did he do?" "he told me that Harry is using me cause he feels sorry for me and he's using me to hide his 'gay' side" "What!?" then there was a knock on the door Eleanor opened it to see Louis there he walked in then said "something is wrong I know it is what's wrong?" Eleanor looked at Denise then Denise said "tell him" Eleanor said "Well you know that guy that was at the table when we walked up to Denise and Harry?" "yeah what about him?" "well he told Denise that Harry is using her cause he feels sorry for her and is using her to hide his 'gay' side" "What? Why would he say that! Plus Harry is not 'gay'!" "he tends to flirt with every girl he sees" "Denise don't listen to him he doesn't even know Harry or you or any of us" Denise said "I'm not listening to him I'm more pissed off cause even when I was just a fan whenever someone would talk bad about you boys it would bug me so much and I just wanted to punch them I did actually punch a guy in his man part once cause that's how mad he got me" Louis said "he's crazy and just move on trust me Harry is not using you for any of that" "I know he's not" then Eleanor said "well let's get out of here" then she handed Denise her backpack and they walked out then they had to wait for the others so they waited by the table then Louis whispered to Denise "is that him?" Denise looked and said "Yup that's him" "you should've punched him" "hahahahaha I was like super close" then Zayn walked up to them and said "Well guys I'm going Perrie is waiting for me in the car" Denise said "Bye Zayn see you when you get back home" then Louis and Eleanor said "Bye Zayn" then Zayn walked out then Niall walked out and sat down then he said "why so quiet guys?" Louis said "I don't know" Denise said "No reason" the Liam and Harry came out then they started to walk then Denise got up last then Jake said "Watch I know I'm right" Denise looked at him and said "look you don't know any of us so you don't know me or my boyfriend you low life bastard" "I know that he's using you" Denise looked to see that the guys and Eleanor were still walking then she looked back at Jake and said "he's not using me" then she heard Louis say "Where's Denise?!?" then Jake said "he's using you" then Denise looked to see Eleanor and Louis walking toward her then Denise yelled "HE'S NOT USING ME!!!" then she punched him in the face and man area then Louis ran up to her and said "Denise calm down" "Louis let me go I'm fine" then Eleanor got her backpack then she told Jake "Don't mess with her" then Louis let her go then they walked to the others as they were walking up to them Louis said "man girl temper" "hey he kept telling me Harry was using me so I got tired of it and punched him in the face and man hood" "Oh what high five" "hahahahaha" then they walked up to them then they got to the parking lot then Denise went to Eleanor's car and put her bag in the trunk and sat in the trunk then Harry walked up to her and said "where did you go back there?" "Oh well this guy was telling me that you were using me cause you felt sorry for me and stuff like that so I had heard enough so I punched him in the face and man area" "Why would he say that? You punched him oh temper love hahahahaha" "I told Eleanor and she said that he flirts with every girl he sees and hahahahaha it bugs me that he was saying that and he doesn't even know us" "did he flirt with you?" "he tried to but I ignored him he asked for my number but I told him I don't give my number to strangers" "hahahahaha you really told him that" "yes sir" "hahahahaha you are like so awesome" "hahahahaha" then a couple of minutes later they got in the cars then left as they were driving Denise said "Are we staying the night at your parents house?" "No were going to come back but since Louis and Harry are with us there gonna spend the night at my house" "Oh okay then" then Louis said "you should've let me drive" "it's okay Louis I got it you sit on the passenger side and relax" "no come one" "fine when we stopped at your house we will switch" "okay" Then they drove to the house when they got there Eleanor said "Oh Denise by any chance did you pack a swim suit?" "I was but then I put it back" "well your gonna need it" "Oh I'll be back I need my car charger too" "okay" then Denise got out of the car and went to her room and got her swimsuit, car charger, inhaler, and her headache pills. Then back in the car Eleanor looked at Harry then said "So lover boy how you been?" "hahahahaha I've been great and you?" "I'm doing great too" "hahahahaha good" "so when did you and Denise become a thing?" "three days ago" "Oh nice nice" "Yeah" "and how's it been?" "amazing" "that's good" "yeah she's the best but I still can't believe she punched that guy though" "don't feel sorry for him he needed that he even tries to flirt with me" 'really?" "yeah it's really annoying" "I bet" then Denise walked out of the house then went to the trunk and put her things away in her bag then someone said "Buddy!" she looked to see Michael there Denise said "Hi Michael" "hahahahaha" "Oh lord Michael you missed it at the photo shoot that the guys went to" "what happened?" "nothing big I just punched a guy in the face and man area or as you call it balls" "What! Awwww man I missed it I didn't know you were going to be there that's why" "I went with Eleanor" "Oh man that's lame" "hahahahaha" "how did it feel to punch him?" "really good he was trying to flirt with me after I told him I wasn't interested" "then he needed that" "right" "yeah, so where are we going?" "Eleanor's parents house" "then why do we need our swimming clothes?" "maybe they got a pool" "Oh if they do I will be good" "hahahahaha" "well then I'll see you when we get there" "See you when we get there" "Oh wait here in case I get bored on the way there put your number in my phone so I can text you" then Denise put her phone number in his phone then sent herself a text so she could also have his number then Michael got in the car then Denise got back in Eleanor's car then Harry smiled at her then her phone kept on beeping then Harry said "someone wants your attention" "hahahahaha I know" then Denise pulled out her phone the Harry said "Who is that?" "Michael" "Oh" then Denise opened the texts and it was a bunch of eggplant emojis then he sent "Answer me" she texted back "No need to blow up my phone bro" then she saved his number to her contacts then put as his contact name "Mikey" then they began to drive to Eleanor's parents house" then as they were driving Denise got her headphones plugged them in her phone and played her music eventually falling asleep taking a nap. When Denise woke up a little while later she looked to see that Harry was still asleep then Denise looked at her phone then Eleanor said "Were here" Denise looked out the window and said "your parents live at a waterpark?" "no" "I thought you said we were going to your parents house?" "We are at my parents seconds house" "I don't get it" "hahahahaha Louis didn't either when I first brought him here" "hahahahaha I'm totally lost" "my parents own this place" "No way" 'yeah" "that's soooo cool" "I know" then Eleanor and Louis got out of the car then Denise began to wake up Harry when he woke up he smiled and said "I was having a nice nap" "Well you can either stay in here or go have fun with us?" "I choose fun" "Well let's go" then Denise and Harry got out then Denise opened the trunk and got her backpack then Eleanor said "You can take it down if you want I can put it in a place were it won't get stolen" "Okay then" then Denise got her bang and closed the trunk then they all started to walk inside when they got to the ticket booth the person said "Hey Eleanor" "Hey Daisy are my parents here?" "there always here" "hahahahaha" "well actually your mom told me that you were stopping by should I call her and tell her your here?" "Please" "okay" then the girl had called Eleanor's mom then Denise said "Is this place open?" "yeah it is" "Cool" "hahahahaha yeah but the weekend is worse though" "I bet" then the girl said "your mom said to meet her by the place you always do" Eleanor said "okay thanks" "No problem" then they walked to a tree when they got there a lady was standing there Eleanor said "Hi mum" her mom looked and said "Eleanor sweetie it's so good to see you again" "you too mum" "Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam it's good to see you all too" they said "you too" "I see some new faces in the crowd of yours" Eleanor said "yeah there's a few" Liam said "Well this is Ashton, Michael, Luke, Calum, Veronica, and my daughter Denise" "it's so nice to meet you all, and Liam your a dad?" "yes I am" "congrats" "thank you" "well let's go inside" then they walked inside and got wrist bands to get in then Denise and Eleanor went to the bathroom to change when Denise finished changing she put her dress back on and when Eleanor came out of the stall she said "Do you still need to change?" "no I already did" "Oh why do you have your dress on?" "just because" Then Eleanor went to the mirror and began to fix her hair then Denise put her hair in a braid then Denise got out her camera and took off the necklace Harry gave her and put it away then Eleanor said "mirror selfie" then Denise turned on her camera and took some on there and a couple on her phone then she put her camera away then they walked out of the bathroom then Eleanor said "Mum can we put our stuff in your office?" "Sure I'll lock the door in the closet so nothing get's stolen" then they all walked to her mum's office then they put there stuff away and they walked out and went to a table and left there stuff there and then all 9 of the guys and Veronica went there own way then Eleanor said "looks like it's you and me" "hahahahaha I don't mind" "well let's go" "okay" then Denise took off the dress then they went to go have there fun then as they were walking Eleanor said "So why did you put your dress on top of your swimsuit?" "I always do that just don't like when people stare at me" "so shyness" "yeah pretty much" "don't be shy though" then they walked by the water slides then Eleanor said "I never get on these" "why not?" "just don't like that there closed" "get on the one that's open" "No I'll pass" "Okay then" "your going to get on one?" "maybe later" "you are crazy" "no I just like things that other girls don't like for example big roller coasters I love them" "hahahahaha"


Then they got in the lazy river (Picture above) and just swam and talked then they had heard a bunch of splashing and laugh they looked to see the boys and Veronica there Michael, Luke, Calum, Ashton, Niall, Liam, and Veronica were playing around while Harry and Louis talking then Denise and Eleanor laughed then got out and went to go sit at the end of the pool that was there then Denise had got in and Eleanor said "Can you swim in the deep?" "yeah you?" "Yeah hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" Then back in the lazy river Liam said "Wait wait wait where's Denise and Eleanor?" Louis said "I thought they had followed us" Luke said "Guess not" Harry said "I can go look for them" Louis said "I'll go too" then they got out and began to look for Denise and Eleanor. Then back in the pool Eleanor said "it would've been nice to spend time with Louis" "I thought that's what he was gonna do" "Guess not, which I don't mind I get to be with you" "true" "So I think I'm ready to go on the water slides" "really?" "maybe" "I wanna go on" "okay let's go"


Then they got out of the pool then walked to the water slides (Picture above) when they got there, there was hardly anyone in line then Eleanor said "Okay not ready I'll wait for you at the bottom" "Okay then" then Denise got on the green on which happened to be the tallest one then as Eleanor was waiting for Denise Louis and Harry walked up to her and said "there you are babe" she looked and said "Oh god Louis you two scared me" "why are you standing here?" "I'm waiting for Denise" "No she didn't" "She did she's on the green one" "Oh man that girl is brave" "there she is" Eleanor said waving then Denise went down the slide when she walked up to them Denise said "Oh man that was fun" Eleanor and Louis said "you are crazy" "What?" Louis said "I would not be able to do that" "Louis to be honest that was my first time on a water slide" Eleanor said "well you made it seem like you have been on them before" "nope" then Eleanor and Denise began to walk then Denise said "where to next?" "Pool?" "Okay" then they walked to the pool with Harry and Louis following them when they got to the pool Eleanor said "I bet you can't dive in and swim to the other end" "I can but I need goggles" "I can get some wait here" "Okay" then Denise sat down with her feet in the water then Eleanor came back with two pink ones then gave one to Denise then Denise said "Okay after I do it you need to do it too" "Okay but wait don't get in yet" "Okay" then Eleanor went up to the lifeguards and told them something then they handed her 4 wristbands to be able to swim in the deep then she had a lifeguard put it on fro her then she went up to Denise, Harry, and Louis and put it on them too then Denise said "another one?" "it's to be able to swim in the deep" "oh" then Louis said "So what's going on here?" Eleanor said "Denise has to swim to the other end of the pool and dive in" "Oh" "and when she's done I have to do it too" "Wait in one breathe?" Denise said "I can try to" then Denise stood up and put on her goggles then dived in and began to swim as fast as she could when she got to the end she got out and laid on the floor then Eleanor ran up to her and said "Are you okay? You really didn't have to do it in one breathe" "I'" "Okay breathe" then Denise sat up and said "your turn" then they both got up and went to the other side then Denise sat at the edge and then Eleanor did her turn and made it then got out and sat next to Denise and said "high five" "hahahahaha" then Louis said "Well you both made it without dying" then Denise laughed and said "No I'm dying now" then she added "just kidding I have my inhaler in El's mom's office" Harry said "thank god" then Denise jumped in the pool and swam to the guys who only had there feet in the water then Louis got up and went with Eleanor then Harry said "you know you are crazy for doing what you just did" "hahahahaha not really I've done it before" "really?" "yeah it's really simple" 'hahahahaha you made it look simple' "it is if you know how to swim" "I see" "yeah" "hahahahaha" "you coming in" "eh not right now" "okay then" then a little while later Eleanor said "Guys let's go eat" then Denise got out of the pool and Harry waited for her then they walked back to the table when they got there the others had just walked up to the table as well then Denise sat next to Veronica and said "having fun?" "Oh yeah you?" "yup I went on my first water slide" "lucky" "why you say that?" "No one wanted to get on with me" "I went alone" "which one did you get on?" "the green one a.k.a. the tallest one" "crap I wouldn't be able to get on that one you are really crazy" "not really just trying new things" "hahahahaha I do see that" "yeah" "I've noticed you have changed since you got adopted it's all good change though like your doing things that you never did before you went into the orphan" "I've noticed that too but I did tell myself that it was new me time" "and you kept your word" "yeah I did" "that's good" when they finished eating Veronica said "Come with me to the restroom" "okay" then when Veronica finished doing her business she said "want to walk around the park for a while?" "okay" then they walked around and found out the water park was bigger than what they thought it had more slides, a wave pool, and other things then they walked by it then Veronica said "how long since we finished eating?" "20 minutes" "let's get in" "okay" then they sat in the water for a bit then Denise said "you want to go on the water slide now?" "fine" then they walked to the slides when they got there they got in line then Denise said "go on the orange one" "okay" then they stood in front of the slide they were going to go down then Veronica went down first followed by Denise when Denise got out she went to Veronica and said "how was it?" "fun" "hahahahaha told you" "you did" then they went in the lazy river for the rest of the time that the park was open until they heard on the speaker that it was closing so they got out and walked to the table to see that Michael, Luke, Calum, and Ashton were there Denise then got a towel and began to dry herself then Denise said "where's the others?" "In the water still" then Denise sat down and then Luke sat across from her then he said "you okay Denise?" "Yeah I'm short on breathe" "is that normal?" "for people with asthma yes so now I'm hoping Eleanor comes quick cause I need my inhaler in her mom's office" "Oh no" "yeah I've had asthma long enough that I don't know what it feels like to run and not use and inhaler after" "it's been that long?" "yup" "that sucks" "I know" "wait are we still going to the mall on Saturday?" "yes sir we are well in the morning I'm going to the movies with Harry I'll be home like at 3 maybe earlier then we will go when I get back" "Is Harry coming along with us?" "yeah he said he was but don't know if he will change his mind by then" "true but it will be fun if he comes along" "hahahahaha yeah it will" "Oh I told Calum that we were going shopping well that me, you, Ashton, and Michael were then I told him that you said he can come along if he wanted to since we have been in the house since we got back from L.A." "and what did he say?" then Calum said "I said sure I'd like to go hang out with you three lame-o's and Denise" "hahahahaha Calum good one" "hahahahaha" Michael said "Hey I'm not lame" Calum said "yeah you are Denise is way cooler than you" Ashton said "I agree with Calum" Veronica said "you guys are dumb" Denise said "Wait why am I involved in this" Luke said "ignore it" "hahahahaha" then Michael pulled out his phone and Denise said "did you really bring your phone with you?" "yeah hahahahaha I left it in my shoe" "smart one" then Denise added "Can I see it?" "Sure wait what are you going to do?" "nothing bad" then Michael slowly handed her his phone when she got it she went on his Instagram and said "Cheese everyone" then she took the picture with all of them then Michael said "Can I have my phone back now?" "wait not done yet" then Denise put as the caption "Denise here (Liam's daughter)spending the day with Mikey, Ash, Luke, Cal, and my bff/sister Veronica also with Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Eleanor who are not in the picture" then she tagged Ashton, Luke, Calum, Veronica, and herself in the picture then she gave the phone back to Michael then he said "hey I actually like this picture I'll keep it"" "Oh what you were going to delete it?" "if I didn't like it yes" "that's cold" Luke said "I would let you take one if I had my phone" "it's fine we can next time" "okay then" Michael said "No Luke she's my selfie buddy" Ashton said "you were just going to delete the picture she posted on your Instagram that's not a selfie buddy Michael" "I said if I didn't like it I was" Denise said "Um guys no need to argue I can take selfies with everyone plus look on the bright side he didn't delete it" they all said "true" Then 5 minutes later the rest of the group walked up to the table and began to dry themselves then Denise wrapped the towel around her and put on her shoes.

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