Harry Potter truth or dare

Some crazy batgirl kidnaps t he harry potter characters Mao. Ones ( Harry Voldy etc) and asks people to comment dares for them to do. Do they escape and how embarrassed do they get. Also some of the writing style is alike to Harry's dimples


8. Round five

 Emma walked in and said " more dares " everyone groaned then Emma said " first is for Ron u have to dance to shake it off and Harry and hermione to kiss in a closet for 3 minutes " Ron started dancing and Harry and hermione stepped inside of the closet and were kissing for the three minutes then Emma pulled them out and piped up " oh one more James has to kiss someone in the room that's not Lilly " he sighed and walked to his ex Veronica and gave her a peck on the check and walked away Emma then said " that's all bye I will be back tomorrow "  and she bounced off to the door and stepped out when they heard the door shut they were talking and thinking of ways to get out of     wherever they are then hermione thought of apperating they tried but it didn't work they kept trying to find a  way out but they just wouldn't work

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