Harry Potter truth or dare

Some crazy batgirl kidnaps t he harry potter characters Mao. Ones ( Harry Voldy etc) and asks people to comment dares for them to do. Do they escape and how embarrassed do they get. Also some of the writing style is alike to Harry's dimples


9. Round 6


Emma walked in and said " hi now James u have to dance as a narwhal for ten minutes in a narwhal costume dancing to wrecking ball he was suddenly in a narwhal costume and wrecking ball was playing sirus, snape and lily were crying of laughter the ten minutes passed and he stopped and said " can I take this off " Emma replied " no it suits u " and he sat in a costume and Emma said " Harry u have to kiss two girls and after tells us the one you like more " he walked to Ginny and kissed her she kissed him back and then she broke the kiss and he went to hermione and kissed her she kissed him back and he kissed her back he broke the kiss and said " I like .......... 


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