Harry Potter truth or dare

Some crazy batgirl kidnaps t he harry potter characters Mao. Ones ( Harry Voldy etc) and asks people to comment dares for them to do. Do they escape and how embarrassed do they get. Also some of the writing style is alike to Harry's dimples


4. Round 2

  "Guess who has mail" Kitty says in a sing-song voice as she trots in with 2 bodies floating behind her.

"Are those my parents?" Harry asks horrified.

" They sure are little Harry" Kitty confirms. She drops them and Harry runs to them.

"Anyways, the first one is from PotterGirl101 and she wants ooh enemies and enemies" Kitty giggles a little, " First up Snape and Mcgonagall kiss kiss kiss." Kitty giggles more

" As if, I would never kiss this traitor." Mcgonagall replies like a 16 year old

Snape doesn't seem to care kisses her cheek and sits back down

"Stupid Snape urgh" Kitty mumbles " Up next Draco and Hermione" 

Draco got up to move but Hermione was too quick and did the full body bind curse on him, "Never in a million years Draco."

"Nice one Hermione, next dare is from CheyCheyAislinn again," Kitty cant keep from laughing at Hermione, "She says to have James repeat everything Snape says for three rounds." Kitty chuckles," Oh I love your imagination CheyCheyAislinn."

"That's not fair" Snape Shouts

"That's not fair" James says in a retarded voice

"What happened" Draco asks

"Hermione totally rejected you, and now James will repeat everything Snape says" Ginny fills him in.

"Ginny shut up you shall not associate with this git." Ron Shouts at Ginny.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for not updating but if you want to read please comment dares. I tend to get writers block and can't think of funny ones. :)

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