Harry Potter truth or dare

Some crazy batgirl kidnaps t he harry potter characters Mao. Ones ( Harry Voldy etc) and asks people to comment dares for them to do. Do they escape and how embarrassed do they get. Also some of the writing style is alike to Harry's dimples


3. Round 1

The door swung open and up jumped Kitty 

"I've got dares" she shouted merrily 

Viewers haven't been sending any so I came up with some.

Everyone groaned 

"First dare is to Voldemort the dare is to dance to Single Ladies by Beyonce"

Voldemort jumped up "that's my jam" he pushes the button and it starts 

"If you want it then you should've put a ring on it" 

The sight is horrid Voldmemort is dancing like I don't what it was like.

At the end he tries to twerk but I immediately lock him in the cage of shame and stop the music.

"Well that may scar you!"

Harry chuckles and says, "he already has scarred me."

"But next is from CheyCheyAislinn" Kitty almost shouts trying not to laugh " She dares Snape to frolick around while screaming "im a pretty unicorn" Snape sneers "and for my own fun *she waves her stolen wand* Snape is in a pink unitard and a unicorn costume meant for a 3 year old" She smiles " Ok hop to it"

" I'M A PRETTY UNICORN" At the sight of their "no nonsense" potions master acting like he is 3 made Harry and Ron break out in unstoppable laughter

"I'M THE PRETTIEST UNICORN IN UNICORN LAND" Snape screamed while skipping in circles everyone burst out laughing

Kitty was laughing uncontrollably "OK " she looks at her timer* that only took 13 seconds Snape you may sit down now" 

"Can I take this off now" He asks 

"No it looks good on you I think it compliments your eyes" Kitty giggles

Ok well thats all the dares for today see ya tomorrow" and with that Kitty skips down stairs.


   ---------------------------Shout Out to CheyCheyAislinn for helping me advertise this story and giving me the first dare YOU ARE AWESOME

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