Lily potter jr- sequal to the fifth marauder

Hi I'm lily potter I was living in a children's home until I was eleven when I found out I was a witch


18. the end

I walked into the great hall to find tonk and Remus dead I was shocked and hurt what will happen with teddy I'm shaking why did they have to die I looked up and saw the weasleys crying a ran over and saw him Fred dead still laughing I ran out of the room pulled Harry with me and went to dumbledores office and saw snapes memories.

I know some of you will want to fight voldemort said going into a speech it haunted me as we went to the forbidden forest to die.

A flash of green light that is all it took for us to die to be killed I looked around and saw my parents Fred Remus tonks Sirius Ali jade and dumbledore I started to cry I didn't know ali, Sirius and jade were dead what about bellatrix Ali and Sirius daughter what will happen to her now that me and Harry are dead.

" Lily you aren't dead wake up and kill him for once and for all." my mum said looking at me for the first time in years.

I nodded


" Harry and lily potter are dead." voldemort laughed

" NO YOU KILLED MY WIFE YOU BARSTUD ." Draco shouted gasp came out from the deatheaters he married lily potter shame on him they thought Charlotte started to cry she had lost Harry forever he was never coming back.

" Who might you be." voldemort asked Neville

" I'm Neville longbottom Harry and lily didn't die in bone but you will they are here in out hearts." lily and Harry fell out of hagrids arms and ran " run lily run Draco shouted and so she did


Voldemort is dead as a flat footed dodo we are free

We are at kings cross station me and Draco are going back to the borrow.

" Lily." I heard someone call out I turned around to see a thin lady with blonde hair who looked startled " sorry do I know you." I asked confused " lils it is me tuney." she said " oh sorry you must mean my mum I'm lily potter jr your my aunt tuney arnt you glad to meet you but why are you here." I ask she liked shocked then said " I'm here to get Harry will you be coming with us." she asked looking hopeful " sorry but I'm married so only if my husband can come." I said " Draco come over here please." I called him over I kissed his cheek. " darling this is my mums sister aunt tuney." I said " hello nice to meet you I'm Draco malfoy." he said using that charming smile of his " are you coming to stay with us in the borrow." He asked she looked round at vernon who nodded so she agreed I have my aunt I told her if about treating Harry badly but he forgave her now I'm looking after two kids bellatrix and teddy.

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