Journey Between Time and Space

||Doctor Who X Ashton Irwin Mash-up||

Follow along as the Doctor and his companion tries to discover the problems of the TARDIS and secrets that have been hidden.


1. 1/1

“What’s going on?!” The TARDIS was going out of control. Sparks flying every which way. Nuts and bolts flying out of their places. Me and the Doctor had no idea what was going on.



“I know the problem! The centre is melting down! We have to get there before it’s too late!” The Doctor soon grabs my hand as we run to the centre. Making sure we wouldn’t get hit by any sparks, we made our way to the hall. We took a few turns and twits until we realized that we we’re going in circles.



“This is not good. She’s really going crazy…” He then begins to think, rubbing his temples, walking back and forth. I take this moment to take a good look at him. 


He has short, dark blonde hair that complements his face. Bright hazel irises that you can’t help but melt every time you look into them. And whenever he starts to think of a crazy idea or says something so smart that he has to translate it, he starts to smile really big. It starts showing his bright white teeth, and his deep dimples meditates on his face. 



“I got it! Follow me!” We both start to run until I stop and see another version of myself. And she looks back at me as if I was looking in the mirror. I rose my hand and she does the same. I put it down. She did the same. I keep this up until the Doctor comes back and sees what I’m doing.



“Come with me. Stop what you’re doing.”



“But what is this? I don’t understand it..”



“It’s the TARDIS playing mind games on you. Now come on!” He grabs my arm and we start walking again. Confused and lost, I look at him. He stops then looks at me. “What’s wrong?”



“Is there something that you’re not telling me?”



“I am sure that I told you everything.”



“No. Something’s not right here. And you know what it is. You just won’t tell me.”



“You know what? You are right. And I’m not telling you.”



“Why won’t you tell me?!”



“Because then it reveals me! That’s why I can’t tell you!” He then begins to rub his temples. Sighing, I jump really hard at a loud bang. And I see this creature standing in front of a small circular window, banging to get out. It looks so horrible yet frightening at the same time.



“Doctor? Who is this person in the window?” Buck-eyed, he moves me away from the window. I pull out of his grip and keep looking at the creature. Now that I focus in on it, I can see that it’s a human being, trying to escape from the pits of fire behind it.



Look, that’s you.” Confused, I turn and look at the Doctor. Mixed emotions start to flow over me. Anger. Depression. Confusion.



“What do you mean that’s me?”



“I had a feeling this day was going to come.” He then signs then looks at me. His bright hazel irises changed to a dark brown. I knew some thing was bothering him then.



“This is actually a repeat of what happened a long time ago. The TARDIS was doing what it’s doing now. This room.” He points to the room where the creature, I mean, me, is banging against the small circular window, screaming and screeching. “This is where you died. I was trying all I could to get you out, but I didn’t have enough time. So I reversed the time of the TARDIS. I guess the time caught up with her, and now she’s going crazy. And I-“ 



He stops as he sees my face, tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. He then sighs and continues. “I’ve thought she would forget about it, but it looks like she hasn’t.” We both jump a little as we hear noises coming from the other side of the hallway. He then grabs my arm and we start running away, as the low growling noise follows us. We run into a room and close it. We turn around and sees pieces floating around everywhere.



“The centre of the TARDIS. We made it.” The Doctor says. He walks towards the centre as I go in another direction. I see a folder floating in the air. I grab it and open it. Maybe its some sort of file or something about the centre. I open it and I see a picture of the doctor, and some information.



Name: Irwin, Ashton F


DOB: 7 July 1943


DOD: Unknown.




The Doctor’s personal info! I keep reading until I hear a voice from behind me.



“What are you doing?!” He comes up to me and grabs the folder. “You’re not supposed to read this! It’s confidential.”



“Well, Ashton, I’m sorry.”



“Don’t call me that! You know too much all ready. That’s not good.” He then grabs my arm and walks me to the centre. “Has your hand been hurting a while?”



“Yes. Why?” He flips my hand over to where he can read it (Big Friendly Button). He then grins and walks out he room, pulling me behind him. We walk back to the controls and see a duplicate copy of the Doctor. He struggling to open the door.


“Hello there! Catch this quickly!” He throws a button to the Doctor then leaves, the air trying to pull us out. We both grab on to the rail and hold on as tight as we can.



“What does it say?” I scream.



“It reads ‘Big Friendly Button’. Maybe it will make the TARDIS stop acting crazy.” He throws it to me and I catch it. I look around me and see a circular shape matching the button. I drop myself to the floor, and start crawling to the other side. The Doctor looks at me in shock and fear. 



“What are you doing?! You’ll get hurt!”



“I know what I’m doing okay!” I stand up slowly and the Doctor makes his way towards me. I put the button in its place and the Doctor presses it and everything stops.



“Is she okay?” I ask. The TARDIS begins to rotate again, bringing back the life it had once before. Everything was back in its place and the music began playing once again. I look at the Doctor and smiles as I see him smiling, his dimples showing on each of his cheeks.


He turns and looks at me. “What is it?” I then run to him and give him a hug. He stands still for a moment before hugging me back. Then he lets me go and goes back to the controls and grabs his Sonic Screwdriver. He walks back to me and turns it on.



“This is just a dream.” Then he begins to wave the light of the screwdriver in my eyes and my eyes start to feel heavy. “You will forget everything you saw or anything you found out. When I count to three, you will wake up in your room. One…Two…Three.”




I woke up instantly. I look around at my room. Doctor Who, One Direction, Little Mix, 5 Seconds of Summer. It was all a dream. But it felt so surreal. A smile creeps up on my face. 




“Ashton being Doctor Who. Great dream."



Who said it was ever a dream?"

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