Shifter's Order: The Beginning

Alice is your typical Assassin; train all day, everyday, until she has perfected her trade. She believes she is as normal as she can get, but on her sixteenth birthday (sorry I know, total cliché) her life changes forever. Alice learns that there is more to her Order than meets the eye, and she's about to dive head first into it. Hope you enjoy!


14. Chapter 13

*Collins POV*
I still didn't understand why she would insist on going hunting alone. I ran back into town to get some supplies, new clothes, food, water, and more bandages for the girl. I went into one store to get the food I needed and ran into 3 of my troop members, Corbin, James, and Mike. They saw me and came up to talk. "Hey, Collin, where were you last night? We all went back to camp and you said you going for a short walk, but never turned up?" James asked me, "Ya, um... I got lost and it was getting dark so I found a cave to spend the night in. Hey have you caught the Cheshire Cat yet?" I asked to change the subject. "No, the little bastard's tricky." Mike responded, "Ya, last we saw of him, he was riding back into the forest, probably died of that wound though." "Hopefully. We don't need him making us look like fools anymore." they agreed with Mike. "Well it was nice seeing you guys again, I'll go back to the camp later. Bye!" I said quickly as I bought the food and ran back to the forest.
*Alice's POV*
     When I woke up, my wound had healed a lot faster than I thought it would. I guess its from being a shifter. I was now able to stand and walk around with only a slight limp. I was freezing in the cave, although Cobalt was keeping me warm. I shifted into a wolf and curled up to Cobalt to didn't seem fazed that where there was a girl, there was now a wolf.
     I didn't even get to close my eyes for a minute when I heard a yelp at the mouth of the cave. I looked up to find Collin shaking in fear, seeing me. I stood up and walked towards him growling slightly. He just stared at me as I stood right in front of him. I stopped growling. I perked my ears up in interest as to see what he would do.
     He reached for the gun in his waist band. "Bad idea" I growled at him. He immediately took his hand away from the gun. I stopped growling and he stopped shaking so much. Then he reached his hand out as to pet me, I growled at his gun, he seemed to get the idea. He picked up the gun and threw it outside. I stopped growling again, and this time when he put out his hand I sniffed it, then backed up. "Are you with the girl?" He said "Are you the one who make those claw marks? Ah, what am I thinking, a dog can't understand me." I nodded. He stared wide-eyed at me.
     "Wait, CAN you understand me?" he asked. I nodded again. "How is that possible?" he asked. I didn't respond I just walked/limped outside to go and hunt. Unfortunately he followed me, I stalked a wild boar that was feasting on some insects. I felt Collin's presence behind me but I didn't care, I was hungry. I pounced and killed the boar. I began to eat, Collin just stared at me the whole time which was annoying. I finally stopped, ripped a piece of meat from the carcass and brought it to him.
     This is the ultimate test, I thought to myself, if he actually eats this, which I doubt he will, I will talk to him, as a human of course. I nudged the piece towards him. He looked at the meat then back at me. "Is this a test?" he asked, I didn't respond. "Do I have to eat this?" I nodded, he shook discussed. "Can I light a fire first to cook it" he asked quickly, I only growled. He then hesitantly took a small bite from the meat, and my ears perked up, then he swallowed.
     I couldn't believe he actually ate it! I rose and ran back to the cave, making sure I was minutes in front of him. I shifted and leaned against Cobalt, acting as if I had always been there.
*Collin's POV*
     The meat was disgusting but if it would make the wolf, not want to kill me, I'd take may chances. Once it ran back to the cave, I followed it, but much slower. when I got back, the girl was leaning against her horse again, talking to it. When I walked in, she said "My wolf told me you ate the boar", "Your wolf, TOLD you that?" I asked clearly puzzled, she nodded. "Why did I have to eat it?" "It was a test, I wanted to know I could trust you" she said plainly as she brushed her horse. "Why didn't you trust me before?" she just looked at me like I was stupid and said "Seriously? You shot me out of a tree. Your 'friends' want world domination and are roothless killers! And your asking why I didn't trust you?" "Roothless killers? Thats calling the kettle black! Your have kill without mercy and you mutilate those you do kill!" She froze the sighed deeply "I have my reasons..." "I've got time" I said to her, wanting to know what was going on. She got on her horse. "Oh, by the way, what is your name?" I asked. She held her hand out and said with a grin "Alice, my name is Alice, want to see my Wonderland?"

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