Shifter's Order: The Beginning

Alice is your typical Assassin; train all day, everyday, until she has perfected her trade. She believes she is as normal as she can get, but on her sixteenth birthday (sorry I know, total cliché) her life changes forever. Alice learns that there is more to her Order than meets the eye, and she's about to dive head first into it. Hope you enjoy!


13. Chapter 12

*Collin's POV*
We were so close, we had him our grips! We all shot at him as he ran away with his horse. The rest of my troop decided to walk back with the bodies of Troop 3 they found in a ditch. I didn't go back, I had decided to follow the trail of blood left by the Cheshire Cat. I walked pretty much all night. At around 2 in the morning, I finally gave up and started to walk back when I came face to face with the same grey wolf. It growled at me then whined, and half limped ran away. I followed it, thinking idiotically that I could help it somehow. It ran into a cave, I took a match and lit it, throwing it into the cave. It seemed safe enough. I timidly walked in, but immediately ran into a large warm object. It snorted then walked away. A horse? In a cave? I thought, weird. I heard something like a whimper and turned around to find the Cheshire Cat, sitting on the ground, clutching his thigh.
     I pulled out my gun, ready to finish the job when he tried grunted in pain. I kneeled down, knowing that he couldn't do me any harm while like this. "Who are you?" I said gruffly. He just scooted back until his back was against the wall, he just shook his head. "Who ARE you?" I asked again. He still shook his head. I grabbed the top of his hood, grabbing a little hair as well. He tried to get free but only yelped instead, then he spit in my face.
     I pulled back his hood, or should I say HER hood as long golden brown hair flowed down over her face. Her face was grimaced in pain. She giggled at my shocked expression. "Wer-agh-were you expecting a someone else?" She said through gritted teeth. "Who are you?" "Why should I tell you?" She said gruffly. "I just want to know who exactly we've been hunting all this time!" "We?" then she looked at my jacket.
*Alice's POV*
     "We?" I asked, then I glanced at his jacket. It had the symbol of the Gagers on it. My hand shot for my dagger, and in a second, I was on top of him, my knife at his throat. "I have every right mind to kill you right here and now Gager!" but just as I was about to do so, I turned white and passed out.
     I woke up laying against Cobalt. I winced as I sat up. My leg had been wrapped and bandaged. I looked up to find a boy sitting beside a fire, poking it. I jumped back, making him look over to me "Oh, good you're up!" he said in a cheerful voice. "Who the hell are you?" I yelled at him. "My name's Collin, I hope you like eggs" he said as I then realized that he was somehow cooking over the fire. "No thanks, I'll get breakfast for myself" I spat. I tried to stand up, but fell, again. "Your not going anywhere with that leg of yours" he said plainly. "Just watch me" I said as I got up, leaning on Cobalt who had also gotten up. He stayed beside me as I hobbled out of the cave mouth. "Where are you going?" Collin called out to me, "I don't eat eggs, I'm going hunting." I said clearly. "Hunting?" "Yes hunting, now please don't follow me." I said pleadingly, not wanting him to also know that I was a shifter as well as a girl. I rode Cobalt to a safe distance then got off and shifted. I caught a squirrel and picked off a rabbit carcass I found.
     When I got back to the cave, Collin wasn't there and the fire was out. Great I thought to myself, no more having to talk to that Gager. I laid down and fell asleep again.

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