"Let's run away together, you and me." said Niall. "But Nia-" I said.
"Shhhh," he replied, "What we have is forever..."


6. The album, the signing and Harry.

Keira's P.O.V: (1 month later)

" KEIRA!!" screamed Nikki, my new best friend. We had known each other for a long time and decided to meet up more.

"What now?" I sleepily replied. We were having a sleepover at her house.

"One Direction released their new albuuuuuuummmmmm!!"

"Ugh, great." I must admit, I wasn't a fan- Nikki was though.

"Their signing is todaaaaayyyyy!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Great." I sarcastically mumbled. She didn't know that I knew- well, used to know the Niall Horan. But, eventually, she begged me so much that I just had to accept; before it became blackmail. We drove to the centre or London for the signing and queued up. Nikki was ecstatic; screaming like all the other girls.

It was, are turn. "Nikki, you go on, I'll be there in a minute." I said. I was so nervous; forget butterflies, I had the whole zoo. I felt like I was going to faint. I couldn't leave now. I slowly walked up to Niall. "Hey, you want an autograph?" He smiled, looking down at the slips of card he had neatly stacked. He grabbed one and scribbled down his name and a small message: Hi! Nice to meet you, Niall x :)

"There." He finally looked up at me, the smile on his face disappeared in a millisecond and he muttered something I couldn't hear. "Next." He said, quite harshly. So I moved on, in the queue and in reality. I had an autograph from everyone except Harry. "Hey beautiful." He smirked.

"Uh, hi," I blushed; embarrassed.

"Here's your autograph babe." He chuckled. I was a bit shocked at his behaviour towards me.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

When I got back to my flat I looked through the slips of card. They all had nice messages- even Niall's. I looked at Harry's last, what I saw was unbelievable.

Hey beautiful, give me a call! Love, Hazzabear xxx <3

I have made my decision, I am moving on from Niall. He's forgotten about me; I shall forget about him.





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