Vampire Blood

Two teenagers who will fight for their lives. They will run and stop, they'll go away and return back and most importantly, they'll get hurt and they'll hurt others too. One vampire and one friend of a vampire who will be at the new school. But is the vampire friendly? Or evil? Is the vampire thirsty for blood or not? Will the vampire try to drink some blood of her best friend or not?


1. Tell Me Your Secret

It was a long day and I was just sitting untill the sun fall down. Then it was time to get outside without any problems.


"Long time no see. Why don't you get outside in the morning or little later?", asked Emma.


"It's not important", I've started walking.


''But tell me, please..'', she started begging me.


"I don't like the sun, okay? Don't be so annoying", I said nervously


''I'm your best friend, I need to know your little secret'', She responded with a rude voice.


"It's not little, allright? And I don't have to tell you everything", I started to fluster.


''Okay, if it's like that than fine. You're not my friend anymore'', She retoured and went to the party without me.


"Go, I don't need you anyway", I said sadly.


In one moment, I wanted to kill her, but yet I have no reason to do that. That's why I decided to tell her the truth.

I started running until I reached to Emma.


"I'm sorry. And I need to tell you something, Emma, but only if you keep the secret"


"Okay, I will. Now tell me"


"I don't know how to tell you this and I really don't know if you'll be scared and you'll believe about it.."




"I'm a vampire!"


Emma started laughing "Are you kidding me?"


"I can prove it"


"No, you don't have to. I don't want to hear your voice again", she walked away.


''Oh no you won't!''


I've show her my vampire teeth and she started screaming and running away from me.


If she tell my secret to anyone, I'm dead for a second time.

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