The Parasites Of Paradise

The zombie outbreak started nearly two decades ago. The government struggles to keep rioters under control, but the people want answers. Desperately. Children are dragged into the riots, yet adults aren't giving them the answers that THEY want. 'The Parasites Of Paradise' follows a group of children born after the Zombie Outbreak who go on to find out about who the strange people all around them are.


1. Prologue.

18 years ago...

        Screams. Shouts. Crying. The inexplicable sound of bone-snapping, flesh-ripping, guttural-groaning, and, eventually, gunshots breaking into soft skulls. It started off small-something that could be contained quite easily. The government kept this secret from the public-something that they could and did a lot. It went out of control, managed to escape and pretty much destroy entire civilisations.

        The Parasites killed what the world called a Paradise. Only the ones who took risks to survive lived. If you got bitten and were lucky enough, you'd want to die straight away and get your wish. And if you weren't lucky enough? Well, that's the futures problem now.

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