The Parasites Of Paradise

The zombie outbreak started nearly two decades ago. The government struggles to keep rioters under control, but the people want answers. Desperately. Children are dragged into the riots, yet adults aren't giving them the answers that THEY want. 'The Parasites Of Paradise' follows a group of children born after the Zombie Outbreak who go on to find out about who the strange people all around them are.


2. Chapter One-Present.

Present Day...

        She tripped backward, the few bits of clothing she had managed to keep on showing glances of dirty, sick, murky grey skin. Letting her mouth hang open, she let out a deep growl that shot adrenaline through his already quick pulsing blood. His heart thumped, and was certain that it would attract more like the woman he was trying to kill. They always did that; manage to look after each other without really acknowledging it. Raising his thick knife, he flung it at the stumbling, stupid females head, and watched with satisfaction as it hit its mark with a wet schlick! sound. Walking slowly to the fallen body, he glanced round at his seemingly deserted surroundings before quickly rolling her head over with his disgusted foot and bending to pull his bloodied knife out of her head.

        "Eugh. Why?" The voice startled him into shooting upright and tensing up his muscles. "Hey, don't piss your pants, man. I'm only from Sector Blue." The surprisingly flawlessly tan skinned boy stuck his bare arm out for the man to shake his hand.

        The man was hesitant. Leaving the boy's hand to hang, the man stayed silent. Instead, he decided to note the fact that the boy seemed to have rather a large, bulging messenger bag. It looked fairly old-eighteen years old, to be exact. Nothing new had been made since the corrupt government decided had decided that trying to keep the rioters, the Walkers and themselves as far away from each as possible. That plan had failed miserably, but they were constantly trying to prove that it hadn't. He also decided to observe that the boy had a thin looking t-shirt on with a faded Coca-Cola logo on, dark green camouflage trousers, and thick army boots covering his feet.

        "So, you do that for a living? Kill women? That's harsh, man. What's your name?"

        "It's, uh-it's Andy, kid. I'd probably want to get off the streets soon, if I were you. Get back to Sector Blue." Andy had to remember that anyone under the age of eighteen/seventeen would have absolutely no idea what had happened to this once beautiful Paradise of a world. The boy snorted and readjusted the strap of his bag on his shoulder.

        "Blue-Schmue, I'm not going back. I'm meeting up with a few friends from different Sectors in the old abandoned Sectors in the mains tonight. Anyway. Goodbye, Andy, and keep up with those-killings-of yours." The boy walked around the still corpse, and sprinted away. Andy realised that he probably should've stopped him fro going the mains-they were dangerous enough in the daylight, so he couldn't begin to think what they would be like at night. Andy never got his name. 







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