Nine Lives

Victoria Parker is an 18 year old girl, surrounded by a life of sex, drugs, and con artists. Her father was killed when she was young leaving herself, her brother Luke and her fragile mother wrapped up in the twisted world he trapped them in. Now, instead of going to school like normal teenagers, they live a life of lies and violence. Until one day, something happens to Victoria leaving her on the side of a road, forgetting who she is and what she does. Saved by Caleb, a shy soul who tries to help her remember who she is, they form an unlikely friendship that bonds them. But if Victoria remembers who she is and what she does, is this the end of their friendship for good?


4. This is how I'm going to die

"I woke up in the back of a car, my head on Luke's lap. I sat up suddenly, my head hurt and I felt dizzy and nauseated so I laid back down. 

"Luke where are we, what's happening?" 

"Just be quiet, everything will be okay." 
"Are you sure about that?" A voice said smugly from the front of the car, they turned around and I saw that it was Tom, the man from the bar. "I told you. You should've come back when you had the chance, make this easier on you and your little friend here." 

"What's he talking about go back where?"
"Where he came from of course, before he met you."
I looked at him very confused, what was he talking about? He came from Canada, where his adoptive parents live, right? 
It was like Tom had read my mind. "He doesn't come from Canada sweetheart, he has no adoptive parents, he has no parents at all." I looked at Luke and his face was tense and still, eyes locked on Toms, his grip tightening on me. 

"I'm guessing he never told you the real reason he came into your life."

Then I remembered last night at the bar. "Is this why you brought us to the bar, to get Luke back into whatever it is you want from him?" Then I turned to Luke, "Is this the secret you've been keeping from me all this time?"

"I'll take that as a no then, haha."

"Luke, I deserve to know what the hell is going on now."
"She's right Luke. If you don't I will."

Luke stuttered, he didn't know what to say. "I..I, well the thing is..I-"
"Jesus Christ Lukey boy... He's not your brother. You guys are not related. He was hired to watch you, by your father, the sibling thing was merely an act."

"W..what? What!?"
This is it. The secret. Why though?  Why did he watch over me for? Why would my Dad hire him? Why did he have to pretend to be my brother? I turned to Luke for answers, not like he would give me any but he had to now. 

"Luke?" He turned to me with solemn eyes. "I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't you couldn't know, it was better this way." 
"Was it really though Luke? Look how much you've upset her now, silly boy, you should've never taken the job. It would've been better if you stayed with Karl, doing what you do best." Tom smiled menacingly. 

"Shut up!" retorted Luke. 

"Now look at what you've done, hurt the girl you love, put her in danger. You should have listened to me before you left." Tom turned back in his seat and I looked at Luke. This boy, who I didn't know anyway regardless of us being related and knowing him for a year. Now, he isn't even my brother, he's a stranger asked to watch over me. Lukes eyes met mine, he looked sad. I couldn't bear to look at him any longer so I unwrapped his arms from me and looked away. We stayed like that for the rest of the ride. 


After for what felt like forever the car stopped and Tom dragged me out from the car, very violently and held me by my neck and led me down some stairs to a dark room. I was sat down on chair and my hands were tied behind my back, the same happened to Luke. I was terrified but Luke seemed unfazed. Of course he would...he has a whole life that I don't know about...I felt bitter towards him now. I was snapped out of my thoughts of hate for Luke when I was struck over the face, it felt like my face was on fire, it hurt so much I let our a scream. 

"NO" Luke leaned towards me quickly but he was pulled back. Tom stood in between us both. "Are you going to come back?" He looked down at Luke and Luke looked up at him. "No."
Tom sighed, and signalled the man next to me and before I knew it I was struck again, so hard my chair fell to the ground and I hit my head on the cold cement. I could feel the warm blood drip down my face, from my mouth. Someone picked me up off of the floor and faced me towards Luke. I could feel the tears brewing in my eyes as I looked at him, he looked at me sympathetically and said "I'm so sorry." but I didn't reply. "Oh Luke I think she hates you." A man said bending down next to me, his face millimetres away from my own smirking at me, I glanced at Luke and I saw his jaws tense up. Tom spoke up, "Why would you beat Karl so badly Luke? Is it because he ratted you out, told me where you were hiding?" Luke looked at him in surprise. "Oh.. you didn't know he called I see. Yes well he told me how you threatened him. His best friend threatening to kill him, over a girl. Of course Karl was pissed off at you so he decided to turn you in to me, I never expected him to tell on you but I was happy he did. He wanted me to leave the girl behind but I thought she would be of better use here."

"Karl, your best friend?" I shouted "How could someone like you be best friends with such a pig like him?" How was that even possible I thought. 
"It's not what it looks like-" Tom cut Luke off "Oh it's exactly what it looks like! Karl and Luke have worked together for years. When Luke's parents-his actual real parents, died Karl took him under his wing, taught him the ropes." 
I looked at Luke disgustedly, he really isn't what I thought. A womaniser, drug user, alcoholic, befriending the likes of rapists. The mere thought of that made me gag.
After a while of silence, Tom left Luke and I in the room together alone, I didn't want to stay in the same room as him. I hated him.
"Now I deserve answers. Why would you be friends with someone like Karl. Did you used to be like him? Are you still like him?"
"No, I was never like him I didn't want to be. I stayed away from that life."
"Are you sure about that? Look at where we are Luke! We're in some leaky room, I've just taken beatings all because you keep secrets from me!" I had lost it now, there was no going back. "I hate you, I fucking hate you this is all your fault that I'm stuck here, if I ever get out I never want to see you again!"

"The whole reason I came to you is because I stayed away from this life! I wanted out so I got out! I knew your father and I helped him a couple of years back, he owed me a favour and this was it! It was his idea for me to come live with you as your brother, because of what he was caught up in he didn't want his daughter getting hurt and he trusted me so that's why I offered! I know I failed but I tried okay I'm sorry!" 

The room went silent, apart from the slight sound of the rain beating down outside. I didn't know what to say anymore. I was tired, physically and emotionally. I had no father, my Mother was practically dying and now, no brother. It's a good job we weren't close.
The metal door in the corner of the room swung open and a very large man made his way towards me. "Time to go, boss wants to see you." He untied me and hoisted me over his shoulder. 
"Boss? Boss. No NO don't take her to him please!" The desperation in Luke's voice unsettled me deeply, I don't want to see this boss man, but I had no choice. The man walked with me up the stairs and down the hall to the end room, as we went inside he dropped me on a large sofa, he then went outside and shut the door. 

"Sit up." A man from behind the chair said, so I did. He turned the chair around and stared at me like I stared at him. He was black and bald, he had a very shiny head and he wore a grey suit and a black tie, very professional. "So, your Luke's girl." "I'm not his girl." I interrupted. "I see, you're just someone who he's been living with all this time." He walked towards me slowly then suddenly he had a hold of my hair, he picked me up and slammed me against the wall. "You've been hiding him all this time." "!" I just about managed to escape my defence from my lips. He threw me to the ground now, my head colliding with the carpet, which, surprisingly didn't cushion my fall, this man was strong. "Don't lie to me! This is your chance to make things right, your chance to leave unharmed." Ha! I thought. Unharmed? I already feel like my skull has been shattered. Below me I could hear Luke being tortured below, the sound of a fist connecting with his face, his cries of pain followed by silence, almost like he was used to this. 
The man flipped me over and began whacking me repeatedly, with each hit I felt myself slowly slipping away. "This is it" I thought. "This is how I'm going to die."





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