Nine Lives

Victoria Parker is an 18 year old girl, surrounded by a life of sex, drugs, and con artists. Her father was killed when she was young leaving herself, her brother Luke and her fragile mother wrapped up in the twisted world he trapped them in. Now, instead of going to school like normal teenagers, they live a life of lies and violence. Until one day, something happens to Victoria leaving her on the side of a road, forgetting who she is and what she does. Saved by Caleb, a shy soul who tries to help her remember who she is, they form an unlikely friendship that bonds them. But if Victoria remembers who she is and what she does, is this the end of their friendship for good?


2. Secrecy and shopping

"Luke!?" I shouted in panic.

stepped out of the car without giving a second thought and looked around. I heard a struggle on the floor and I looked down, I saw Luke on top of a man beating him. I stepped forward an inch before I felt a coldness press against my temple and a deep voice ordering me, "Don't move" so I didn't. Luke looked up from the almost lifeless body beneath him for a second and his eyes met with mine. He looked furious. He stood up and clenched his bloody fists. "I thought I told you to stay in the fucking car!" He shouted at me. 

"No no.." The voice aside me said. "She should be here too, she is your.." He breathed in. "Sister, of course" In the corner of my eye I could see the man smile. 

"Luke what is this who are these people." 

"Do you want to tell her or shall I?" 

"No!" Luke stepped forward. "Not now, not here."

"Fine. Then you're both coming with me." 
He pulled me by my neck into his car and threw me in the back seat, shortly accompanied by Luke. I shuffle closer to him, I was scared and in spite of his multiple faults, Luke always managed to make me feel safe. He was my protector. 


We drove through the busy city in silence, passing flashing lights of red, blue, orange, the sound of car horns and vast amounts of people laughing and shouting making their way home after partying all night. I pulled myself closer to Luke and his arm wrapped around me tighter. I held his hand and his knuckles were red and the blood had begun to dry. 

After a while the car pulled into a dark alley and we got out. It was light now, I could see the strange man clearly now. He was tall and quite fat, and bald with tattoos sprawled across his skull. He motioned us down some stairs leading into what looked like a sleazy bar. I twisted the dull bronze knob and pushed it open. The room was dark and wooden, with brown leather booths tracing the walls with the odd table dotted in the middle. Luke pressed his hand to the small of my back and pushed me slightly to the far end of the room where another man sat enclosed in a large booth. He was greying slightly. Once he saw us he smiled and stood from the table, he held out his hand. "Luke! It's good to finally see you again. It's been too long" Luke shook the man's hand "Yeah I know, I've been a bit recently." 

The man turned to me and I looked at him without saying a word. "I can tell! And who is this lovely lady?" He took my hand in his and kissed it lightly. "This is my uh.. sister, Victoria. Victoria this is an old friend of mine, Tom." 

Tom looked at me hard "I didn't know you had a sister.." He trailed off and looked at Luke. 

"Anyway that's not why I had you brought here. I trust you made it safely?" 
"Not exactly." Luke lifted his hands. "One of your recruits got a little cocky, he's new I'm assuming." 

Tom clicked his fingers at a man in the corner "Bring me a first aid kit will you. Yes James, he was new I apologize for that. I'm sure he learned his lesson with you though." 

We sat down at the booth, I still hadn't said a word since we had arrived. The man in the back appeared with a first aid kit and laid it down on the table. Luke slid it over to me, I opened it and began to mend his hand as I listened to them conversing. 

"So. Luke tell me what have you been up to this past year hm?" 

"I've been.. reconnecting with my family. Like I told you. A year ago." Luke replied very bluntly. 

"Family? But your family lives in Canada if memory serves me right?" 

"I mean my biological family." 

They stared at each other for a long time before Luke turned to me and ordered that I go to the bar and get a drink.His voice was super serious now, I could tell, so I did as I was told and left without saying another word.
I got there and I just ordered myself a coke and sat waiting patiently, I could hear the mumbles coming from the booth, it sounded heated. I could only just about make out part of what they were saying. "...she doesn't know and.....won't find out becaus...."
"yes but....need.....come back...not your real fam..."

I had no idea what they were talking about but something must have pissed Luke off because he instantly rose from his seat and stormed over to me, he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of there fast.

Tom shouted after us "You'll come back! Even if we have to come and get you personally! No matter what it takes, no matter who we hurt!"

We arose from the ground and practically ran out of the alley onto a busy street and we slowed down walking past shops and people. 

"Luke what were you talking about back there?" Silence 
"Who is that man." Silence 
"Did you work for him before you came to us?" Silence 
"Why does he want you to come back so badly?"
After he said nothing after my fourth attempt, I pulled back and ripped my arm from his hand and he turned around looking shocked. 

"Why. Why do you never tell me anything? You walk into my life out of the blue and expect me to just go along with everything you do because you're my big brother. I nearly got shot in the car, then had a gun pointed at my head, dragged into a strangers car and then into some sleazy bar. Along with the fact I now have to go back to some shitty flat full of drugs and fat ugly men with receding hairlines and yellow teeth that come on to me and make me wanna throw up and I can't even leave because I only have you and our mother is in hospital! I deserve to know what the fuck is going on!"
I could feel tears on the edge of my eyes ready to fall at any minute, my head hurt and I was starving. Then, Luke pulled me into a hug, it felt comforting and warm. He smelled so good and I could hear his heart beating fast, slowing down gradually. 

"I'm sorry." He whispered in my ear "I wish I could tell you but I can't. Not right now. All you need to know is that as long as you're with me, you will be safe. No matter what Tom says, okay?" 

I looked up at him "Okay. Can we get some food I'm starving."

We walked through town and had a full day to ourselves. We ordered a full English breakfast at a small cafe, went to the cinema and watched a movie whilst sharing the largest slushy, went to the mall and Luke treated me and bought me clothes and accessories. We walked passed a stall in the centre of the mall and I stopped. I saw the most beautiful necklace ever. I was a silver chain with a white crescent moon and a sapphire circle dangling in the middle of it. I stepped closer to the counter to get a better look at it, a woman stood in front of me and I looked up. "Hi! Are you okay there?" "Yeah I am thanks, I was just looking at that necklace it's so pretty." "Would you like to have a better look?" "I'd love to." 
She took it out of the case and handed it to me and I fell in love with it even more. It was so dainty and delicate. Just then Luke appeared behind me and said, "You want it?" 

"I...I...yes. Yes, I do!" I was so happy, I couldn't believe he would buy me this. He can be so nice sometimes. The lady at the counter packed it in a small bag and handed it to me, Luke paid and we were on our way. Seeing as we were harassed into taking a strange man's car instead of Luke's, we walked back to it. We began our journey home, but before he started the car, he took the little jewelry bag from my hands. "Turn around, lift your hair up." So I did and he looped the necklace around my neck and let it fall just above my shirt, I let my hair down and looked at it. It really was pretty. I turned to Luke and hugged him tightly. "Thank you. I love it." He smiled in return and started the car, and we went home.
This time I put the radio on loud and we sung at the top of our lungs to every song, one after the other. In a long time I saw him genuinely smile, he looked happy, just how a nineteen year old should look.
Sometimes, in spite of his dick ways, keeping secrets from me and not really paying that much attention to my life or feelings, the rare times when he was nice, he was so nice, and kind and thoughtful. Seeing as it usually didn't last that long, I savoured every last second of it. 


(A/N)  Okaay so this is my second chapter, I'll get to the plot in the next couple of chapters though I promise. :) x



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