Nine Lives

Victoria Parker is an 18 year old girl, surrounded by a life of sex, drugs, and con artists. Her father was killed when she was young leaving herself, her brother Luke and her fragile mother wrapped up in the twisted world he trapped them in. Now, instead of going to school like normal teenagers, they live a life of lies and violence. Until one day, something happens to Victoria leaving her on the side of a road, forgetting who she is and what she does. Saved by Caleb, a shy soul who tries to help her remember who she is, they form an unlikely friendship that bonds them. But if Victoria remembers who she is and what she does, is this the end of their friendship for good?


3. Home Sweet Home

Luke and I arrived home at around about 3, I was tired, but I had a fun day considering I had a gun pointed to my head. 

When I got home my mood instantly shifted from good to bad, I forgot that Karl and his gross pervert friends were here. Luke was letting them live here for a while as a favour to our Dad when he died, they had no where to live and they were close friends of my father. I had no idea why though. My Dad was successful and smart and he had never touched a drug in his life and Karl and his gang...well...they were the complete opposite. I didn't want to live here but ever since my Dad died and my Mother is in hospital with a serious illness we had to sell our wonderful suburban home. The home where I grew up, had parties and birthdays, and where I met Luke. Now I'm forced to live in some crap-ass apartment until God knows when. I'm just lucky I have Luke to protect me from the perverts. 

Luke opened the door and almost instantly the smell of smoke and beer and weed filled my lungs, and my eyes began to water. We stepped through and we were welcomed by Karl, Eddie, Darren, Joey and their multiple women companions. They were totally whores but I could never see why you could sleep with them, they looked dirty like if you shook their hand you'd catch some life threatening disease. 

"Hey baby, where've you been, I've missed you" Karl said to me with a dirty half concious woman on his lap. 
"She's been out, with me. She's real tired so don't bother her tonight okay." Luke stepped in for me. 
"Aw but she's my one and only." Karl said sliding the woman off of his lap and slowly made his way over to me, pinning me into a corner, I tried pushing him away and demanding he get off of me but it only made him more determined. He grabbed my wrist hard and I winced. 
"I wouldn't talk to me like that if I were you baby, remember we live here together. I know where you sleep." He got closer to my face until we were inches apart. I could see his growing stubble, the bags under his bloodshot eyes, the wrinkles surrounding them, his thin slobbery lips, and his heavy breathing. He smelled so bad I almost threw up on him. I closed my eyes tight at the disgusting sight he was waiting for him to do something but it never came. I felt his weight lift from me and I opened my eyes and saw Luke had him pinned against the wall. Karl was strong but Luke was stronger, Karl was old and the drugs and drinking had weakened him, yet Luke, he was young, fit. Went to the gym almost daily and on top of that, he had one hell of a terrifying temper.
"Don't you ever touch her again." I could hear the fury in Luke's voice, his arm holding Karl under his throat barely letting him breath. The room went silent. "You're only living here because we let you, that doesn't mean you get to take advantage. Especially of her. You have your whores, use them but stay the fuck away from Victoria, or I swear to God I will kill you." 

He let Karl drop to the floor and he began coughing, gasping for air. He stood up and squared up to Luke but Luke didn't move a muscle, their eyes met and they began staring each other down. I went to them and pulled Luke's arm gently, I didn't want this to turn even more nasty than it already has. I just wanted to rest.

"Luke come on he's not worth it just leave him to get back to what he was doing." I pulled on Luke again but he wouldn't move, I pulled a little harder this time and lead him away to his bedroom. Karl began to laugh a deep menacing laugh, but he returned to what he was doing and in no time the regular conversations began to flow again. 


Luke sat down on his bed and I stood in front of him and he hugged me around my waist tight. 

"Thanks Luke." 

"It's fine, I just don't want him touching my little sister." 
"Not just that, for today. I had fun, more fun than I've had in a long time." 
He looked up at me "Don't mention it Vic." 

I smiled at him and took his hands, the blood began to seep through his bandages, so I decided to change them. I got some new bandages and wipes and I began cleaning them. 

"Luke do you think we'll ever get to leave this place? We've been here for months and I'm done now." 
"I don't know how long we'll have to stay here but I promise you we'll leave one day."
"Good because I hate it here." 
"I know you do." 
After a couple of minutes of silence as I cleaned the last of his wounds, I went to bed. It had been a tiring day and I'd have to be back working soon. At 6 O clock I went to bed, I locked the door in case Karl or any of his friends tried to get in, in the middle of the night and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. 


It was 12.30 when I awoke. It was quiet except for the slight mumbles of the perverts in the living room. I woke to the sound of my door being forced open, at this point I was still half asleep, I assumed it was Luke coming to check on me. I felt my cover being lifted and he crawled inside, he rested his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I felt relaxed until it hit me that I had locked my door. And Luke doesn't smell anything like cigarettes and vodka. 

I pulled away instantly but he was still too strong for me, I was about to scream but his big callus hand covered my mouth and held it shut, I tried to kick him loose but he wouldn't budge. 

"I told you not to talk to me like that, I know where you sleep. Nice touch locking the door. Playing hard to get." It was Karl. He laughed in my ear. I panicked and began banging on the wall behind me hoping to God Luke woke up and heard. Karl grabbed my hand and held it by my side and he flipped me over, his weight holding me down, I was unable to move at all now. His hand lifted the hem of my shirt and it slowly began making its way up my waist, to my ribs, nearly touching my breasts. I thought I had lost for sure but soon enough, I could breathe again, Karl had gone, Luke was here. He was on top of Karl beating him to a pulp, soaking his new bandages with blood again. 

"I thought I told you to stay the fuck away from her or I'd kill you!" He began punching him once more until he stopped fighting him, then Luke made his way over to me, I was curled in a ball on the corner of the bed crying my eyes out. 

"Are you okay, did he touch you, are you okay?" I looked at him with blurry eyes but I could tell he was scared and worried about me. 

"Come on pack a bag we're leaving here now. I did as I was told, as fast as I could, I couldn't bear spending another night here and Luke understood that. We headed for the door but before I knew it I was on the floor and everything went black. 

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