This Love is Good; This Love is Bad


2. On Track?

Crystals POV

I've left her like ten messages and called her five times and she won't talk to me. I guess she is really pissed at me.

"Luke! Now leave me alone" was the first and last message I received from her that night. I'm so confused right now!

"Decipher this message for me please Ni!" I said walking into his room slowly. He looked at the message quickly then looked up at me with an angry face.

"Was that really necessary?! I just wanted to hang out with her tonight! And you asked her question she answered!" He said in an angry tone.

"I'm sorry" I said as I walked out thinking about what he had just said.

Luke? What the hell. Okay I asked why they were hanging out... And she answered Luke.. Omg Niall is hooking her up with Luke! I hope their doing the right thing... I'll have to meet Luke.

"Hey Hazz," I said as I walked over to the couch where he was sitting.

"Yer babe?" He looked up then pulled me onto his lap.

"Okay..." I replied quietly.

"What is it? What's wrong?" He asked with worry written over his face and it lacing his voice.

"I'm putting myself out on the line for you, don't hurt.. Please don't hurt me!" I whispered looking into his eyes.

"I'd never dream of hurting you love." He replied hugging my waist tightly and kissing my cheek lightly. We sat in a comfortable silence for what felt like forever. That was until I heard Niall sneaking down the stairs.

"Just ignore him..." I said to harry quietly. I wanted to see what he was doing.

"Hey cutie!" He greeted someone at the door.

I looked at my watch it was eleven thirty... Niall! Niall doesn't do this. He isn't that type of guy! I had a million thoughts running through my mind.

"Hey handsome," some one whispered, I knew that voice. It was Caity. Why is she here? And many more questions ran through my head.

"Are they asleep?" I heard her ask and I knew she was looking at Harry and I.

"I don't know but let's just head up stairs, just in case. Now do are you sure you want to sleep with me tonight?" Niall asked lowly as they walked up the stairs.

All the thoughts had me fuming with anger! I looked at Harry smiling at him. I'm so glad I have him. I was thinking about how amazing he was but I was torn for my thoughts when I heard, from Nialls bedroom may I add, banging and screaming. I wanted to race up there and see what the hell was going on but harry wouldn't allow me to move from his grip. I was so furious with niall! "I just wanted to spend time with her" was going around in my mind!

He's trying to get her with Luke but he's upstairs fucking her! wtf Ni!

My thoughts were focusing now on Caity.

Is she aware that Ni is practically using her?!

"Harry I have to talk to Caity!" I said.

"Well babe... It sounds like she is busy.." He chuckled.

"It's not funny!" I said angrily.

"Babe calm down! Ni wouldn't make her do anything she didn't want to do... Well I don't think he would anyway." He replied.

"See you even have doubt about Niall! How do you think I feel?!" I replied again.

"Babe just leave it. Talk to her in the morning!" He said.

"I can't I don't want her to regret her first time!" I said angrily, completely forgetting that Caity didn't want people to know about that.

"What?!" He said.

"Well.. Stop her then!" He said releasing his grip on me and practically pushing me upstairs.

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