Love Blooms

When a high school girl learns that she's fallen head over heels with her best friend, everything around her doesn't seem to please her anymore. With her jealousy and her daydreams of being with her crush, can she finally end up being happy?


5. Chapter 4


The day finally came. My family had spent Christmas that year with his.

Nathan's family and my family were close, so close that his parents let him spend a summer with us on vacation.

Thats when I started to think about 'us'.

As if it would ever happen.

"You're going to open ours first." Katy said to Nathan as she handed him her gift that she and her sister made.

He opened it to find a large popcorn can, and inside were a few random things, including a book that Katy put.

"You said you wanted to read the book, so there it is!" Katy said smiling.

Nathan laughed and continued to look in the can.

After opening Katy's present, Nathan handed his gift to her.

She opened it gently, unwrapping to a black picture frame.

As she flipped it, she saw many pictures of past memories between them.

Katy sat emotionless, but deep down she was happy.

"Thank you Nathan." Katy said as she got up and gave him a hug.

"Your welcome." He said. "It's going to feel weird not having that in my room anymore." Nathan said laughing.

Katy laughed and stared at the picture frame.

It did come from the heart.

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