Hello my name is Marie and I am Mahogany Lox's sister I look exactly like her our hair and eyes are the exact same except I have red strips in my curly hair.

I have never met the boys yet but I want to I don't know why my sister didn't introduce me to them earlier I don't know.

Marie one day meets the boys and she loves them but one of them grows feelings for her but one thing she already has a boyfriend. will she find out that she loves him or her boyfriend.


4. matt epinosa

Marie POV

I woke up beside Matt havin his arm around my waist I try to get out of his grasp whithout waking him because he looks so peaceful and I win. I go and put on my leggings and put my Matt sweatshirt and my brown combat boots. I put my hair in a bun and walked to the café downstairs. I got pancakes some blueberry syrup and some amazing French vanilla coffee.

I sat down on my phone eating my pancake just flipping through twitter and wanelo love wanelo. "Hey Marie" I here and I look up to see Shawn Mendes. "Hey Shawn". he sits down. "how's your carrer"? I ask. "oh its good I love singing". "do you sing"? he ask. "ehhh a little but im not good". "yeah right I bet your amazing". "well I don't know I don't call my self good". "well come by my room and me and you can make a duet together". "ok sounds good". "bye Mary". "bye Shawn".

I go back to wanelo and eat. I get a text from Matt.



hey where are you I miss you.

to: Matteosauress

im in the café ill be up their in a second.


ok hurry.

I throw away my plate and go into the elevator to mine and Matts room. I slide the key in and walk in. "Hey". "Hey". I see him shirtless I just stare. "like what ya see". I blush and smile. I roll my eyes "whatever". "oh come on you know you like it" "oh yep your right I do" I say smirking he rolls his eyes. "hey I have to go to Shawn's room because me and him are making a cover". "you sing". "ya kinda". "ok cool" I nod and look in the mirror seeing if I looked presentable. I think I may like Shawn to but I like Matt also I don't know who right now im still tryna figure myself out right now.

I walk over and I push in the Key that he gave me before I left so I could just get in and I walked in and saw something that was so beautiful. shawn playing his quitar shirtless and a shirtless Aaron sitting on the bed playing on his phone. I blush. "oh hey Marie you ready to sing together". "yup im ready". "well hey to you to carpenter". "sorry hey". we both laugh. we set up our singing area and get the camera ready and discussed on what to sing. "we should sing kid in love" I say "ok I an sing that". we start the video and shawn says "hey guys Shawn here and im paired up with one of my bestfriends Marie who is Mahoagany's sister she is singing with me please no hate". we sing and we look at each other at points and it was just magical. "you have the most perfect voice ever" he says. OH MY GOD IM FRREAKING OUT THAT HE JUST SAID THAT. "thanks" tryna keep it cool.

"well thanks for making a cover with me". he says. "you welcome" and then we were leaning in but Aaron had to ruin the moment. "yall guys hungry" we laugh and say "yes" "then why are we sitting here like lazy freaking bums lets go eat". we laugh. "ill tell my sister you tell the others" I said. "will do Marie". shawn says.

"YO SISTA WHERE YOU- I walk into Jacob and her just cuddling together. "did I just ruin something". "no your fine" she says "but what do ya want"? he asks. "the boys want to know if yall wanna go eat"? "sure let me get dressed". she says. "Jacob go" "naw I think ill stay here". "naw I think you shouldn't". "fine" he trudges out the door. "you and Jacob huh"? I say wiggling my eyebrows. she rolls her eyes. "just best friends". "mhmm more than friends". "whatever".

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