Strictly Pleasure

Lesley wasn't looking for anything in particular. He liked to live life doing his art, playing guitar, teaching, and dancing at clubs. He wasn't sure what to do about the obviously broken man he ran into under rather unfortunate circumstances, but he couldn't seem to leave the older man alone. [Spin-off to Strictly Business, picking up after a scene in the beginning of chapter ten.]


5. Chapter Five

It seemed my words were enough for Dan. As soon as he realized I was compromising, he surged forward and tossed me right back onto the mattress. His hands and lips were a flurry over my skin, his suddenness stunning me long enough for him to push my shirt up past my stomach and his hands to start tugging down my boxers.

“Whoa there,” I started, breaking off into a surprised moan when he bent down to kiss at my navel, licking around my piercing before quickly travelling lower. I pulled at his shoulders to halt his progress, using his surprise to turn the tables so I wasn’t the one trapped against the mattress.

“Slow down, cowboy,” I chuckled breathlessly. “I said I’d handle everything. This is all about you, Dan.”

He frowned in confusion, his brow furrowing and nose crinkling upwards, lips gently pursing into a hint of a pout. I was instantly struck by the image of a bunny.

Smiling, I shifted, gently maneuvering him to lie with his head on the pillows while I settled myself in between his legs, his thighs parted on top of mine. “If at any time you want me to stop, say so, okay? As soon as you say no or push me away, I’ll back off.”

Dan nodded slowly, looking even more confused if that were possible. At least his tears had stopped.

I reached down and rubbed the last of the drying drops away before leaning in and cautiously kissing the side of his neck, right under his jaw. After a brief moment of rigidness, Dan grew lax and sagged into the mattress. He turned his face, mouth seeking mine, but I smoothly dodged his attempt, peppering kisses down his neck while my hands slid up and down his sides over his shirt. Dan made an impatient noise in the back of his throat and brought his hands to my face to try and bring it up.

“Patience,” I chuckled nervously as I slid my hands down to his hips. My fingertips slipped, brushing against the skin between his shirt and pants.

“Please,” he whined, a cloud of darkness seeping into his eyes again. He was remembering whatever had shaken him before, his demons.

I decided that being slow and overly cautious was not going to make this any easier. I slid my hands down to cup Dan’s crotch. Despite his urgings, he was completely soft.

I almost asked him if this was really what he wanted, but the way he was screwing his eyes shut and gripping my shoulders, pulling me closer, made me carry on, only asking that he bend his knees and part his legs a bit so I could fit between them more easily.

Settled between his legs more snugly, I gently massaged him through his pants, back arched and head tilted down to mouth at his nipple through his shirt.

“Skin,” he gasped as I caught a slowly hardening bud between my teeth and applied light pressure. He wriggled, trying to get his shirt off. I helped him out of the material and took a subconscious moment to admire his form. He wasn’t a model; he was better. He was real. And god did I want to draw those lines.

I shook those thoughts from my head and leaned back down to kiss his collarbone, “You good?”

“Mhmm,” he sighed, his hands sinking into my hair. When he tugged at them, I muffled my moan against his skin. Hair tugging was something I adored, especially when it was rough and needy, almost exactly like how Dan was pulling at the strands, blunt nails digging into my scalp and clutching the neon locks with a borderline painful force.

My lips drifted back down to the bud to continue my ministrations as I applied more pressure to his crotch with my palm, feeling him slowly grow and harden.

I alternated between sucking, biting, and licking his nipple while one hand slithered up to tweak his other one and the other stroked him through his sweatpants.

It didn’t take too long to have him completely hard but it clearly wasn’t enough for him. I let my hand play with the waistband of his pants, my mouth and fingers releasing his bright red nipples.

“Is this okay?” I whispered, dipping my fingers under the elastic and barely touching the coarse hair under his boxers.

Dan nodded, eyes screwed shut, and bit his lip. It was soon released though as he moaned when my hand came in contact with his hard but silky hot flesh.

I moved my hand firmly, stroking him as I placed my lips back on his chest, kissing and nipping gently.

Dan’s hands clenched in my hair as I squeezed and stroked his length, panting gasps escaping his lips amidst quiet moans.

I focused entirely on Dan, twisting my hand, flicking my thumb over his tip, suckling at his chest, until he tensed and let out one final moan as he shuddered in release. His hands had been clenched so tightly in my hair, I’m sure he pulled out more than a couple strands in that last jerk.

I pulled back and watched him catch his breath. His eyes were still shut and his chest was rising and falling at a rate that gradually evened out. When I moved to try and get out of bed, his eyes flew open for the first time since I caved, panic mixing with post-orgasm daze.

“Don’t worry, I’m just going to get something to clean up.” I told him, using my clean hand to brush his hair from his slightly sweaty forehead. “Go to sleep, I’ll be right back.”

Dan blinked blearily and I continued to stroke his hair from his face until he relaxed and slipped into sleep. After a moment longer of petting his head and making sure that he was truly asleep, I carefully got off the bed and went to the bathroom. As I washed my hands, I stared down at the tent in my boxers, disgusted with myself. Despite my mind knowing that what just happened was wrong, my body couldn’t help but react. I ached to just reach down and take care of myself… but I ignored my own urges and grabbed some paper towels, returning to my bedroom to quickly and gently clean Dan up before covering him up and tossing the used paper towels in the trash.

The only thing left was my own biological problem and the fact that there was no way I was going to be able to go back to sleep. Catching sight of my guitar, I bit my lip for a moment before going to grab it. My shuffling around seemed to have awakened Dan, or he was very good at pretending to be asleep as I swore he was fast asleep when I was cleaning him up.

“Lesley?” he croaked, just as I picked up my guitar.

I turned around and quickly went to the bed, sitting down on the edge and resting my guitar on the side “You need anything?”

Dan didn’t reply, only scooted forward on the bed a bit so he was curled on his side around me. From old habit, I reached forward and stroked his hair back, my hand sliding down to the back of his neck to massage the muscle until he was relaxed and drowsy.

My eyes dropped to my guitar and I let go of Dan to prop the instrument on my lap, fingers already positioned.

Dan was watching me with barely opened eyes as I started plucking at the strings, filling the room with a gentle lullaby that never failed to put a pair of twins I knew from a few years ago right to sleep after they had nightmares about their abusive parents.

I couldn’t sing so it was just the guitar but it seemed to work as Dan’s lids slowly fell. I continued to play until the song ended, the last note fading away, followed by my heavy sigh.


A/N: Bleh, it's short and bad and I'm sorry that you waited so long for...this. And just when I was feeling all happy/sad about finishing Stubborn Wolf yesterday. This chapter consisted of basically everything I'm bad at writing; drama, sex, emotions, and tension.

I'll try and make the next chapter not so crappy, but that'll probably a) take forever b) still be really crappy or most likely c) all of the above.


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