Love over Power

A story of a girl destined to change the world.


1. Thru Dimensions


    I am normal.

    My family is normal as well.

    My friends are ordinary people.

    My classmates and teachers doesn't know anything about magic.

    I only wanted a simple life. I'm just a boy who is fond of sports and girls.

    But it seems like Fate has something in store for me, because what we found out is way beyond your description of the word "normal".

    I didn't know that I am one of the reincarnated people from thousands of years ago from another world, I am not aware of my past life as a protector and guardian of a distant kingdom. I didn't know that I have special powers nor did I know that I will be part of such great responsibility.

    I mean, it's cool that I have powers and a fierce wolf as my partner in fighting these "battles" but still, it was hard to accept it on my part. But, if it's hard for me, it is unbearable on my friend, Charniel's part, as it turned out that she is the long-lost, long-awaited Queen of the Avalon Kingdom...


    Let me tell you how it happened.



    A typical day at school.

    I was eating lunch at our classroom together with Aether, Charniel and Hathor. Aether is my classmate, then Hathor is my team mate in our school basketball team. And Charniel is actually a year below us and is my childhood friend. All of us guys are Fourth Year High School students while Charniel is a Junior.

    We were the only ones inside the room because most of our classmates were eating at the cafeteria. We decided to eat here since we brought food with us so that we don't need to buy at the cafeteria anymore, besides Charniel can cook like a chef and it's way much better that the food being offered by the concessionares.

    "It should be warm and comfortable!" Charniel exclaimed. She only ate half of her lunch and I'm dying to ask her if she can give me her omelette.

    "And I say it should be dark and cool!" Hathor countered.

    "Guys! It's our lunch time! Can we discuss it later after school?" Aether intervened.

    They are fighting over the decision on what the colors and design to put in our Prom. Hathor, Aether and Charniel are all part of the School committee in charge for the said occasion. They asked me to help them in which I agreed since there is not much of a basketball practice to attend to.

    As you have noticed that Hathor and Charniel are not agreeing with each other because of the past they had.

    Charniel is our Student Council's Secretary, while Hathor is considered as one of the cool guys in our school, meaning that he gets attention even without making an effort. Aether and I are also considered famous and most of the students, especially girls, runs after us and would often scream at us if we pass by. I'm not bragging, okay? That's the truth.

    We even have fan clubs established by these girls.

    But of course if you have fans, then there's also jealousy among them. Most of these girls are jealous of Charniel because she's close to us, some even threatened her to avoid us, but of course that would be impossible. Aether, acting like an older brother of Charniel got pissed off when one day we saw a group of girls pushed Charniel really hard on top of the stairs that caused her to fall down and hit her head.

    He almost hit one of the girls on the face when I stopped him. The girls cried when he shouted at them and saying that they should not even think of showing their faces to him or he might kill them or take their heads off. He threatened everyone, even the guys that if something happens to Charniel again, he will make sure that they will experience hell.

    The threat was for everyone, not only for the girls who hurt her but for the other students as well. And by the look on Aether's face will surely make your skin crawl with fright.

    The threat was seriously taken by the whole student population that even from other schools were careful if Charniel is near.

    Now, going back to Hathor, he is actually Charniel's first love and first boyfriend. But he broke her heart. He cheated on Charniel by having her and one of her classmates as both his girlfriends at the same time.

    Charniel never forgave him for what he did, although he said that it was the other girl who forced him to do it, but Aether and I knew that it was a lie, because Hathor is a good actor.

    Aether, being her cousin and only living relative, got really mad that one of his bestfriends cheated and hurt Charniel. He was so mad that he punch Hathor hard on the face.

    I also got annoyed with him, since Charniel has been very dear to me, since the counsins and I grew up together. It took us a while before we started talking to him again, but of course, as expected that Charniel never treated him the same since then, she always talks rudely at him or sometimes she pretends that she doens't hear or see him.

    Now, Charniel had set her eyes on Night, a guy who lives in our neighborhood and goes to a different school. Charniel immediately got a crush on him the first time she saw him in a bookstore. We already know him since we had a few basketball games with him. And it seems like he's fond of Charniel because he always stops at the gate of our school to wait for us after our classes. Although I'm not sure if he likes her too.

    When Hathor found out that his ex-girlfriend already likes someone else, he started being sweet and attentive to Charniel (like the way he used to when they were still together), and he started coming with us after school, just to watch over Charniel. He made sure that no other guy would approach her, he was acting really weird in front of us. He was like an over-protective boyfriend and he loathes Night whenever the latter joins us and never fails to make snide comments. Of course, Night is aware of how Hathos thinks of him, but he just seem cool about it and didn't care.

    One time, on Charniel's birthday, Night gave her chocolates as a birthday present in front of us. Hathor instantly grabbed the chocolates from her and threw it on the sidewalk and rushed to Night to hit him, but even before he can get to Night, Charniel blocked his path, her eyes, full of anger and hatred, slapped him really hard. All of us were shocked of what she did. She yelled at him to get lost, but knowing Hathor to be very stubborn, he just stood there and looking intently at them.

    Ever since that incident, Aether and I have noticed that our friend would always give something to Charniel, although she never accepted it. But it seems like Hathor won't give up not until he has her back to him.

    When we confronted him about it, we were surprised when his expression changed and he bacame sad. He told us he realized that he loves Charniel and truly regrets what he did to her. We saw that he is telling the truth because we can see and feel his sincerity.

    However, both of us knew that it will never be possible for Charniel to accept him again.

    I felt a something whizzed pass my left cheek and flew at my back, when I looked up, I saw Charniel holding several pieces of chalk on her right hand and was about to throw it at my direction.

    "CRAP!" I yelled. "What are you doing?!"

    "GET AWAY!" Charniel hissed and immediately threw the chalk as soon as I stumbled down.

    "STOP!" Aether shouted. "Hathor, stop being an asshole!"

    "She sarted it!" Hathor defended himself.

    "WHAT?!" Charniel yelled. "Why, you little piece of rotten --" She stopped herself from cursing, put down all of the chalk pieces she was holding on the nearest table and went to Hathor, Hathor put his arms in front of him to protect himself. She smiled sweetly at him and leaned closer to his ear. "I'll make sure to make you pay, and suffer from what you did to me." She whispered.

    Hathor took a step back and looked at Charniel, his expression became serious, while Charnile was devoid from any emotion, she turned around and went for the door.

    But before she was able to open it, a bright light enveloped the whole room and after a few seconds, a swirling black hole opened above our heads.

    Aether, on instinct, rushed towards his cousin. "Get out, now!"

    But it was too late, the black hole started sucking everything in, including all of us. I immediately pulled out my belt and slid it on one of the posts on one side of the wall, and gripped firmly on it.

    "GRAB ON!" I shouted to the cousins over the whirling wind. Hathor was also holding on the same post where I put my belt.

    I felt Aether's hand firmly on my wrist, while holding Charniel on the waist and she had her arms linked to his neck.

    "HELP!" She screamed.

    "Hold on tight!" Hathor shouted.

    This is not good. The swirling black hole and bellowing wind are getting louder and stronger. My hands are starting to get sweaty. Aether's hand is also slipping.

    "I'm losing my grip!" I shouted to them. I gritted my teeth.

    "Don't let go!" Charniel pleaded.

    "NO!" the cousins screamed while being sucked together inside the black hole.

    "Charniel!" Hathor released his hold from the post and got sucked as well.

    "Wait!" I didn't think, I removed my hand from the belt and flew away with them.

    The last thing I remembered is the vast nothingness before I lost consciousness.





    Where the hell am I?

    That is the first question that came ot my mind when I opened my eyes and sway a bright blue sky.

    I sat up and shook my head a little. I noticed that my uniform is gone and is replaced by some sort of armory. I am feeling different, like I've been given a different strength. It's like being born again.

    I looked around and saw that I am at the edge of a forest. Grasses, trees and bushes surrounded me. I can see a large plain land from where I'm standing, and a mountain farely visible.

    I can feel that I've been to this place before. But that would be impossible. This place looks like a foreign land, like an ancient period. This place is giving me an uneasy feeling, some sort of deja vu. But again, I would think it's impossible.

    I looked behing my back and gasped.

    "Charniel!" I exclaimed, my cousin is still unconscious, and like me her uniform vanished and was replaced by a blue dress. "Wake up." I said softly to her.

    "W-What's g-going on?" I heard Hathor moaned a few feet away from us. A few seconds later, Bronze slowly started to get up.

    "I'm not really sure." I said and looked back to my cousin when I felt her move.

    "H-Huh? A-Aether?" She whispered and raised herself up, I helped her get to her feet.

    We looked around us to completely observe our surroundings. But most of the area are being covered by trees and plains. There is no sign of house, buildings and establishments. And we haven't seen anyone from where we are.

    "Which way should we be going?" Charniel asked, squinting her eyes.

    "That way." Hathor pointed to the NorthWest. We all know that he used the method of checking the position of the sun, to determine our direction.

    We started walking towards the NorthWest location. We keep on looking around and at the same time observing our surroundings.

    So far, our eyes are only seeing a vast green land. I looked at my cousin. She is frowning. I can tell that she is not comfortable that she doesn't know the place.

    I held her hand. She looked at me. "I'm here, don't worry." I said to her. Of course I would protect her, she is my cousin.

    As far as I can remember, both of our parents died in a car accident.

    "This is really weird." Bronze said after we walked for about an hour. "We got sucked by a black hole, got landed here with different sets of clothes and now we're wondering to a place we don't even know!"

    "I agree, that is why we need to be on alert." Hathor said while pulling out a lancer from behind him. "There might be a danger waiting for us."

    If you are wondering where Hathor got his weapon, don't ask, because we don't even know. Bronze and I also have weapons and we have these things ever since we got here, except for Charniel whi is only wearing a blue dress and a tiara hairband on her head.

    We also pulled out our weapons, just to make sure. I got two sharp sais while Bronze got two wooden sticks that can be chained on both ends.

    We know how to use these kind of weapons, because when we were young, we are trained to different kinds of martial arts and how to use different weapons, including gus and swords.

    Charniel was also taught in martial arts, unfortunately she is not good and can only defend her self.

    I was still holding her hand while we keep on walking, we already passed a lot of trees and plants and then fields, a hill and a pond but we still haven't seen any other human being nor animals.

    Suddenly I felt like someone or something is staring at us, Then followed by a deep growl. I firmly grasped my sais and I saw that Hathor and Bronze also became aware of the imcoming danger. In just a few seconds a big white tiger with black stripes and huge fangs emerged from the bushes. The huge animal has a headrest with a green gem on it. We all knew that it will pounce any moment now.

    "Be on guard, Aether." Bronze said thru gritted teeth.

    "I know." I whispered to him, not so soft for him to still hear me.

    With a huge roar the huge cat jumped to our direction, I immediately blocked its path, but it's not helping that I'm only using sais to prevent him.

    "Charniel! Run towards them!" I yelled at my cousin.

    She rushed towards my friends, but the tiger quickly followed her.

    "Oh no! You don't!" Hathor grimly said and swiftly swings his lancer, hitting the animal on the side of it's head.

    The tiger didn't fall down but it staggered a bit and shook it's head and looked intently at Charniel. My cousin was looking at the tiger like this was her long-lost pet or something. She didn't move and just stayed where she was. The white tiger turned backward a litle and jumpd very high and landed in front of her.

    "CHARNIEL!" All of us shouted.

    But we were all surprised when Charniel raised her right hand and touched the cat's face. The animal purred at her, then licked her hand and bowed down very low, as if giving respect to her.

    All three of us watched as the fierce cat kept on licking my cousin's hand and she was giggling. I think she is getting tickled.

    A bright green light glowed on Hathor's lancer at the same time with the stone on the tiger's helmet.

    "What's going on?" Hathor asked while stating at the weapon he was holding.

    "I think I know." Charniel looked at Hathor. "He is yours."

    "How can you tell?" I turned to her.

    "I don't know. I can tell his energy and the tiger are the same. I can even feel yours and Bronze too."

    "How?" Bronze frowned at what she said.

    "When the tiger showed up, I felt something and then I realized I can tell which energy belongs to whom."

    "This is getting weird."

    The white tiger stopped licking Charniel's hand and quickly positioned itself in front of her. All of us sweat-dropped.

    "I though you said I own him, but it seems like he is more ready to protect you over me." Hathor exclaimed. She smiled at what he said.

    All of us prepared ourselves and waited for whatever is approaching us. A big blue bird appeared in the trees and flew in circles above my cousin's head.

    "Show yourself!" Bronze yelled.

    "Hey! No need to get excited!" A familiar voice said.

    "It can't be!" Charniel gasped and turned her head towards her left. We waited for the person to come out. And when he did, we couldn't believe our eyes.

    "Night?" All of us except for Hathor said.

    "Hi everyone!" Night waved and extended his right arm. The big blue eagle wooped down and settled on his arm. The eagle sqwaked and flew again.

    I noticed that the white tiger and Hathor stood beside each other and as always he is sending dagger looks at Night's direction, Night noticed it as well and looked at him and them he smirked as to annoy Hathor. Bronze just stood near us but I can sense that my cousin looked uncomfortable and I'm not sure if it's because Hathor and Night are here together or if it's something else.

    The eagle flew down again and this time he has a red rose from his beak and he stepped forward to Charniel to give it to her

    "A lovely flower for a lovely lady, Charniel." Night smiled at her. Hathor growled because of this but said nothing.

    Unlike Hathor's tiger that has a metal helmet and greem gemstone, Night's blue eagle has a metal body shield wrapped around its neck and wings. It also has an excrested blue gem just below the chin of the bird.

    I looked at my friends and cousin, and then I frowned. I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling that something is going to happen and it's not good.

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