adopted by WHO?!

so this about a girl named Sydney who gets adopted by Matt Emsell who manages 5 Seconds of Summer. i'm going to stop here because i don't wanna give too much away. :-)


3. Dean

sup, i'm Dean. i am a orphan, just like Sydney and Katie. they are two of my three friends. i was dropped at the doorstep of  sunny sky orphanage when i was 2 months old. i am very cocky according to the girls. i am quite loud as well. here are some other stuff about me.

favorite color- red

favorite food- bananas

play any instruments- yes(bass and piano)

age- 13

friends- 3(Sydney,Katie, and Garret)

looks- picture^^^^^

favorite band(s) or arrtist- Aaron Carter, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Ed Sheeran

i think thats about it, BYE!


SO SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED!  i kinda forgot about this but when i remembered i couldn't think of any thing. so so sorry. :-(

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