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Throughout History, there has always been some true disasters, twisted characters, innocence being deprived, through all seasons, death would always follow. Even when you just want to forget about something you regret, something you truly don’t want to remember, History always finds you. You can’t help yourself, you just always want to look forward, but looking back is the easiest for some.

Looking forwards is a challenge worth memorizing, and what may become after this ‘forwards ‘takes control of your life? Nothing. And if something, just something, anything was to happen afterwards: You would be left with options, choices, decisions, it is all up to you. History is what you make it out to be.


1. The Corruption




Throughout History, there has always been some true disasters, twisted characters, innocence being deprived, through all seasons, death would always follow. Even when you just want to forget about something you regret, something you truly don’t want to remember, History always finds you. You can’t help yourself, you just always want to look forward, but looking back is the easiest for some. Looking forwards is a challenge worth memorizing, and what may become after this ‘forwards ‘takes control of your life? Nothing. And if something, just something, anything was to happen afterwards: You would be left with options, choices, decisions, it is all up to you. History is what you make it out to be. Boring, terrible, devastating, sickening, and many more ways you can describe it. What puts your mind to rest with ease? Dreams. Nightmares is what keeps you alert. Without even blinking, you will soon see the true nightmare in reality…


Welcome to LYRAS GAS ALATION, a story that is like no other. You will find so much information about this ‘History.’It’s the kind of history that we, ourselves, enjoy most of all. GUNNERY TALES, and Western stories with meaning, characters that have fought for what they want in life. The Corruption was known, and it was never forgotten, and it still remains today. In the world that was once hers. Drugs, test subjects, this world was like no other. Why? Because this world was home to those: Poor, rich, insane, wealthy, middle grouped, and the powerful and mighty. This world had Queens, Kings, Lords, Leaders, and true psychopaths. Many would call this world all a dream, but the reality is: LYRA had to suffer for what she needed in life. Her true resources were taken from her, leaving her with little oxygen, and this is why GAS ALATION became a tale from the GUNNERY TALES.


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Throughout the world, scattered millions of corpses, some hanging by threads, others hanging thanks to gravity. The deceased were never at rest, the lands were crawling with the dead. You would never actually see the dead moving, though. Creatures of fascination would approach you, and you can just feed them with a smile knowing you did something kind that day. Unfortunately, being strangled and held in mid-air is not the kind of atmosphere you want around you, especially in a place that looks so whimsical and truly a gift of beauty. Some areas of these floating lands were wealthy, and others were treated like filth, the poor and the weak. They were all were born for a reason, to live on the life that they had no choice on making; you grow up poor, or you are lucky and you grow up rich. Either way, they all have their problems, they all have their Pros and Cons. Fair share, we’d call it. A chance to see this beauty up close is very, very, dangerous.

Within the core, the heart of these lands, air ships bring in their deliveries. Something that used to be so magnificent to see as a child, you’d just have to forget all about that, those great times you once had. And those darker times have arrived now: Deaths, drugs, test subjects, tortured souls, and dangerous characters, vile and disgusting places to visit. Every delivery that is now made has become a frequent warning for the people of the lands; sick, horrible, diseases, illnesses, and that was just the beginning. These odd tube-like bottles with different labels on each vial, leaving so many with concerns. You can never be too quick to judge, never too quick to save someone. These vials were clearly shipped from the frozen distant lands. We’d call that the outside world, and further, deeper into and passed that would just allow you to see more creatures of despair. And all these monsters, things! They all would cause havoc, mayhem and destruction to all.

Born in an unhealthy village, raised to believe that this village is not poor, and is not even considered a village, it’s more like a town, something rich people can afford. Lied to, deceived, and then backstabbed by the ones around you. You just don’t know who to trust anymore! It can be a simple choice, it’s like: ‘I know this, I know this, and this is my home.’ No, no, no, that’s not quite right, my friend. Those people you love, they lie to you. And you are then born, growing up, and then comes Adulthood soon enough, before that was probably the teenager years, and those years were cut short for many.

“Katrine, your majesty. Katrine! Ha, ha.” Awoken from a deep sleep.

She awoke, her eyes opening ever so slightly; a face that was redder than a tomato. Her step-sister was sure to wake her up, they both smiled at each other as the sun rises with the white puffy clouds surrounding them in the skies. Casting shadows and silhouettes of family members sitting down at the table, the girl sits up while rubbing her eyes to be sure she is awake. Smiling with relief, she takes her step-sister’s hand, her young so-called sibling who loves her very much. Katrine walks over to the table, almost falling to the side, she regains balance about halfway into the room that was quite small happily named: ‘The Kitchen.’ Either way, it was where her and her foster family could give her a decent meal now and then.

“How did you sleep, Katrine?” Her father smiles, greeting her with kindness.

She yawned. “…good, thanks for asking, father.”

“Betty, sure you want to rise above the moon, tonight?”

“Bandits do that, father. We are no bandits.” Katrine raised her eyebrow.

“Ah, ha, ha, before you came along, daughter, we had little to no Dollymop.” He laughed.

“I still don’t understand that, father. Where is mother?”

He continued to grin, his smile grew a little more as he thought about what he had just said to his fostered-daughter. His wife walks into the small room with an almost skinned sheep laying on her left shoulder, a smile on her with her not-so-bright teeth showing. Katrine interrupts her duties, asking her for a reason why father wants to be a bandit. It was a question that lingered on her mind for so long, she wanted an answer, and she felt it was time to get to know her family a little more. Knowing that she was growing up more and more, she felt happy to be in such a family. She just didn’t feel comfortable with it.

“Another Dipper, today, I’m afraid. It was quite the sight, lost the gold you passed me, Master.”

“Master? Why must you address: ‘Father’as ‘Master?’Please explain.” Katrine whispered.

“Father is quite generous today, and I say that you my Wife, need to assist more, a skinned sheep is not going to pay off those Dabeno Bandits.”

“I-I can only do so much, Lord.”

“Mother, must you ruin a perfect meal?”Katrine sighed.

“When a Cove is with us, yes, I must ruin.”

“Ruining! Why are you so punishable?” Her father shouted.

“You are such a blowhard, you feast and feast on them. I cook, you know? I make what you eat, and you don’t show anything to appreciate us. Your daughters and I, Master, are nothing to you, are we?”

Her father grunted, not wanting to know anymore cruel words she had to say about him. He was already at boiling point with her, not happy with the meals served, not happy with how others were making them look bad. He had so many fears, and he was clearly paranoid of what others thought about him. He wanted power, power over all of the others, a chance to redeem is father’s name, and he wanted to make a change for once – some kind of way to assure that his judgement in his family was the right judgements to begin with. Not impressed with his wife’s attitude towards his commands, and what he asked her for in the first place. She hadn’t been keeping up her side of the bargain. And the father soon knew exactly how to keep her with her heels in the mud.

“Bloody! Bloody, you just are so bloody cruel! – Our daughters, beautiful to a degree, and you want to spoil that too? Fine. If that’s what you want, so be it. Allow your daughters to just walk away with nothing. Without you here, do you think they stand a chance? No! They will be fed to them, and even worse, they’ll be blowers!”

“That won’t prove how disobedient you have become, master. I stand up for OUR daughters! I allow them to eat here, you and me, we aren’t the same. I can walk, these heels will move, you shall not hold me back much longer!”

“Sit down! I-I don’t like it when this happen, girls. Always the same bloody nonsense!”

“I must have been very blind, not to see the true man you are. ‘Bloody this, bloody that.’ – Making Love with you was clearly a mistake. You’re filth, the girls, and our daughters! They are coming with me.”

The father stood up from his chair, no longer trying the easy way, he moves right onto the hard way to be sure that his wife doesn’t leave him at all. Standing taller than her, she shivers whilst holding her two daughters close to her, nestling them in her arms, they want to leave too. The father raises his voice and grabs her with aggression; no longer caring about the consequences. He grabs her with his rough hands and slams her face into the corner of the wall, being sure that he made the right decision to stand by his daughters. He had said it before, this was a stern warning: You step out of line, you receive what a MAN can give you, understand?

Falling to the floor on her knees, blood dripping from her nose, she tries to look up at him but is too afraid to stand up to him. Her and his daughters run to his arms, he accepts them with a smile, while the mother refuses to stand up and listen to what he has to say to her.

“I warned you, so many times too!” He shouted. “It was your out-of-order attitude that really crawled under my skin. I knew you’d do this, again, I was preparing for it. That face on you is nothing compared to what may happen if you don’t follow rules!”

“Y-you… Macer! – Ha, you think I never saw you over there in the farm, before sun rises!” She screamed. “I saw it all, you think you can hide that from me?”

“Foolish. Why you talk so much blooming shit! Why, huh? Tell me, Lakin.”

“Y-you Making Love with me, that’s our business. You messing with another Lady’s Laycock is just… I don’t know. Wrong!”

The father doesn’t leave her with any other option, forcing her to crawl out of the shack with her face bloodied and stained with dirt. Katrine doesn’t interfere, she watches in fear as her father kicks her several times whilst she crawls with the lack of speed in her legs, soon falling to the ground outside. Bruised, yet she happens to be free from all the brutality that he could have done to her. She was free from him but at the cost of losing, leaving her only daughters behind. It was clear that the father was a cheat, still abusing other ladies near the farms. She had witnessed it, and was not going to be the wife any longer.

Katrine watches as she sees her mother through the fogged window, watching as she crawls into an approaching storm heading their way. As the door closes, the father sits down with his hands pressed against his face. He takes a deep breath and doesn’t even have the decency to look at his two daughters who were now hungry, and needed something to eat. Katrine could have asked for a drink, but seeing her father in such a state, it made her think twice, and witnessing his true power behind all the affection he gave to her; it was too much to witness. In the back of her head, she kept telling herself: ‘not to step over the line, not to ruin the meal.’

“Father, we’re hungry, starved, father. We’ll Half inch just for the bread…” Katrine and her sister whispers.

He looks at them, trying to smile but fails to.

“Hobble your lip!” He shouted. “I need to think, girls. Katrine, please, just go outside, play a little.”

Katrine nods, hesitating to whether she can actually wait a little longer for food. It was becoming more and more clear that she was not going to be fed anytime soon. As Katrine heads for the door, her step-sister follows with a smile, as she holds out the half-skinned sheep with meat and rations still inside, enough to feed them for a day at-least. They had their mother to thank, sadly, she was nowhere to be seen. Katrine walked out further, thanking her step-sister for the meal, she shares it with her and they both go over to the patch of nearby grass where they had sat before as little children.

Reaching the patch of grass, Katrine could already smell the problems with their homeland. The area was covered in shrubbery with collapsed structures and bits of timber and stone just sitting on the floor for easy picking. Katrine lay down on the patch of grass with her thin legs spread out across the greenery, she relaxes as her toes bask in the remainder of sunlight left. She wiggles them as she feels the breeze of some colder winds, she smiles saying: ‘It tickles! Ha, ha.’ She was happy to be outside again, she had forgotten what it was like outside the shack, her home. Her father and mother kept them inside for so long, it was to protect them from the savages. Dangerous people, described as criminals and truly vile characters that just would go out on a limb for anything they could see. Food was considered as children, as in they’d eat themselves just to feel better.

“Katrine? Do you think that mother will come back to us?” Her step-sister nestles her head against Katrine’s left breast.

“Possibly. I’m sure she’ll return with something to eat, something we can share…”

“Father, he said that she was a goner… w-what does that mean?” She had a tear roll down her left eye.

“It means, I can’t tell you what it means. Just don’t think about it, okay?” Katrine is honest with her.

She nods and nestles a little more into Katrine, they both feel relaxed and happy to be with each other. Katrine continues to wiggle her toes as the breezes become a little warmer, the sun still giving out a lot of heat, they bask for several hours whilst enjoying some shuteye too.


Rudely awoken, they both heard a sound that was extremely loud. Her step-sister runs away, afraid of the sound, covering her small ears as the sound continues around them. Several loud voices soon echo throughout the area, as Katrine runs after her sister, wanting to keep her safe, she runs towards her trying to reach for her. She doesn’t get too far, stopping at the edge of a river, she stops and freezes in position. The sounds that they heard again were a little more distant, knowing that they were safer where they were now than where they were back there. Her sister trembles in fear, Katrine tries to reach her hand out, instructing her to remain calm.

“One step away from the other, come on.” Katrine worries a little.

“I-I c-can’t move.” She cries, becoming more worried about the river than the other dangers around her.

Katrine takes a step onto the slippery slope leading down to the deeper river, trying to keep a grip; she holds onto her left barefoot and pushes it down with pressure, trying to dig her foot into the sands. She needed something to hold onto, and sand seemed to be the perfect solution. If her plan was to fail, she feared the worst; losing her foot in the process of saving someone she loved the most. The river continues to be violent as it travels towards the edge in several flows of small waves. Katrine goes with her plan, dragging herself to grab her sister by the left arm and pull her back to safety.


These sounds were no longer distant, they sounded closer than the previous ones, alerting Katrine that little time left for them. Her father soon kicks the door wide open, holding nothing but a torch with a stone-shaped blade on a stick of some sort, it looked pretty basic. Her father runs out and hears all the commotion, knowing that it’s a threat to him and his family, he does what any other father would do: Tries to protect them. Running towards his girls, Katrine almost slips but keeps her footing. He was also unsure on what to be worried about: Daughters or the sounds of the gun fire? He dashed over to his girls and ignores the nearby sounds of screaming and gunfire. Grabbing onto Katrine’s left hand, he pulls her back, demanding that she stays away from the river. Whilst her sister almost losing balance is still standing near the river, trembling, fearing the worse. Her father too crazily obsessed with the fact he believed he had saved his daughter and not realising the other one was in danger: Katrine was held back, cuddled and given fatherly love.


Too close this time, the sound was clearer and very easy to hear it at this point. Several more screams echoed around them, as the gunfire had soon stopped. The sound of horses neighing, coming to a halt, they stand off their horses and hold their guns to the father, Katrine and the other daughter.

“What’s this? Is this what I expected from you rustlers?” A man with a large staff in his hand speaks with a deep voice.

The father replies. “It’s little to nothing. My daughters are okay, so yeah, thanks for the concern.”

“Wise of you to speak to us like that.” He grunts. “After coming back from Gospel Mill, I’m quite impressed to see a family sticking together. Sadly for you ladies and gentle… man. By the Queen’s orders; we’ve got clear instructions to gun down those that are no longer in need of a home.”

The father bravely replies a second time. “It’s all good, I’m sure the Queen had every right, send her my blessing.”

“Sorry, I really am. I wish it could go some other way, but this time, it truly is personal.” The man laughs.

No gun fire to their surprise, several of the men on horses grab the father by his throat and drag him across the dusty roads ahead.

“Father? F-father?!” The other daughter screams, soon falling into the violent river, gargling on the waters.

“Well, we have one left. She made it easy for us, good on her.” He smiles with relief.

“I’m ‘Katrine, the daughter of that man you just took away!’ And I don’t like it when family are pulled apart like that.”

“Okay, we can do this one or two ways.”

“Make it one! Make it count!” She urges him to shoot.

“One bullet? I don’t think so.” He smirks. “That would be a little too easy, and we don’t do easy around here. It’s like a bloodbath back there, we showed up just on time to remain the peace in these lands.”

“Good, now, like I said, make it count.” She gestures a pistol with her fingers, placing it against her left ear.

“You are certainly the performer.” He claps to her performance. “Your father? A Granger, I no doubt.”

Katrine kneels on the floor, no longer caring about what is going to happen. Knowing that her father has just been taken away in such a brutal form. There was no point to denying anything, Katrine just wanted peace. She believed that peace could find her. Smiling at the strangers, she keeps her nerves. They look at her as if she’s the bravest girl they’ve seen throughout their lives.

“Brave. If the Queen herself was here, she wouldn’t be so… considerate.”

Katrine nodded, as she grabbed her left foot and twisted it to inflict pain on herself. The guards surrounded her, allowing her to be rather killed (which is what she wanted) or (not what she wanted) to be imprisoned back the Queen’s place. It was rather run and face consequences or face the punishment on what the Queen decides. Katrine didn’t have much to think about, her sister being god knows where, and her father hoping not to meet again, taken away from her by force. And any relatives she had yet to get to know were all shot dead throughout the bloody pathway that led down to the second kingdom.

“Expecting a second delivery tonight. I can tell you one thing, those Air Ships don’t come cheap.”

Katrine spoke with a simple whisper as a reply to what she had chosen:


“Sorry, lady, as a gentleman, I’d grant you that, I really would. It’s just, the Queen must see you. You would make a good impression on her, and even then, you might even be able to get us a better ranking.”

Katrine did not like the idea of his, wanting to just get it over with. She tried to grab the gun from his cold fingers. He stepped on her hand, crushing it into the sands, making sure that some pain would go through her before even thinking about just giving up so easily.

“Nice try, missy. I don’t usually be so cruel, I’m more of a relaxed kind of man. Even then, I expect you to FOLLOW ORDERS!”

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