Not Again (Book 2)

Book #2 for My Dream Boyfriend! Adin and Navi are what!?! You will just have to find out? Whats going on with Raina and Jax? What bout Harper and Ash? Well you will find out in Book #2 Right Here!


9. Chapter 7

*Wedding Day*

***Navi POV**

Ash helped me get ready and Fever helped Raina. It was so exciting. I was ready.


***Adin POV***

I got dressed while Harper got Jax ready.  I got a que that Navi was ready. I was ready. 


***Navi POV**

The wedding started and my dad walked me down the aisle. In front of me was Raina and Jax throwing petals. When I got up to were Adin was I started to blush rapidly. He smiled and I smiled back. After the preacher said his thing and Adin, and I were down we exchanged rings and kissed.  It was done over. Adin and I were finally married, soul mates.. forever! This is one of the best moments of my life. I am finally with the one I love for the rest of my life.

*2 Hours Later, After the Cake and the party was done*

When the party was over dad helped me get Raina and October in the car while Adin said inside with the boys to clean up. It was raining hard, like a huge extreme storm was coming. My dad started to run across the road to get inside… but he didn't make it… a car hit him.. It was too dark to see the car coming.. thats it, my dad I think he is dead, he's not moving, but he is barely breathing, I don't know what to do but sit down beside him and cry. Blood all over my dress and on me. All I see is my dad, bleeding, people around me, police officers keeping everyone back, and here comes the ambulance. Then all of a sudden I fell someone pick me up into their arms and hold me close telling me it's okay. I realize it's Adin, My dad might die, On my WEDDING DAY! Then I realize my babies… they are in the car. I start to scream for them but Adin whispered to me that Ash, Harper, and Jax was in the car with them. I still don't know what to do but cry… I watch them take my dad in the ambulance car and Fever gets in it too, she told me that she would keep me posted on everything that happened. I believed her and thanked her. Adin brought me to the car and I sat in Ash's lap in the passenger seat, with Harper in the back with Jax on one knee with Raina on the other, and October in her car seat beside them. We got home and Adin put Raina and October to bed. We had Raina bunk beds so that when October got older they could use that, but Jax slept on the top with Raina on the bottom and October in her baby bed in my room. We let Ash and Harper sleep in the guest room down the hall. I hope everything is okay, I don't want to lose my dad… I have already lost my mom.. I don't need my dad to go too.. especially on my Wedding Day. This is terrible.



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