It Started With A Vine And A Comment

Cameron Dallas... The famous Viner and Youtuber who gets millions of comments on every Vine he does. But what happens when one of those comments stands out to him? How far will go to meet this girl? And what happens when he does? Will love blossom? Or will hate take over? Read to find out what happens to Cameron and Chloe...


2. Writing The Comment.

// Cam's Pov //

"Let's go! Come on Nash!" I said to Nash as we were getting ready to do another vine. "Hang on. Let me get Skylynn." Nash responded. We were finally ready to do the Vine.
We were done we edited it. We were in a mattress store and the manager was in the break room so we had Sky jumping on a bed Nash doing flips on one and Me rolling around. We taged it with 'mattress shopping' and hit post. As usual a lot of comments came in. I was scrolling through them amusing myself as Nash was driving us to a ice cream parlor while Sky was shouting the lyrics to 'Turn Down For What' in the back seat.

// Chloe's Pov //

I was going to open Cameron's Vine page and saw he had a new video up 5 minutes ago. They were in a mattress store doing random things while the manager wasn't looking. I laughed and hit the comment button. I wrote 'you are so funny Cameron! I wish I could meet you! you are my idol!' and hit Comment. Not even minutes later I get a direct message from... Cameron Dallas. If this is a prank someone is gonna get slapped. I hit the play button and his face popped up. OH MY BLOODY GOD!! It's really him. "Hi Chloe. I saw your comment and I would like to thank you for watching my videos and I was wondering if you would like to meet me somewhere? I really would like to get to know you. Isn't your brother Louis? Anyways I would really like to meet you!" and the video ended. I quickly wrote a response. 'I would love to meet you! And yes my brother is Louis. We can meet at Starbucks on Saturday. You are in Doncaster right?' He responded moments later. 'Yes I am in Doncaster. 1:30 maybe?' 'Sounds great! Bye Cameron!' 'Bye Chloe!' OH MY GOD OF OREOS!! THE CAMERON DALLAS WANTS TO MEET ME! AHHHH! I screamed and Louis ran into my room with a bat when he heard me scream. "What?" he yelled. "I have a date Saturday at 1:30." "Oh really. With who?" "Cameron Dallas" I said and bit my lip nervous about his reaction. He jumped on my bed and started jumping with me. "OH MY GAWD! YOU DID IT!" he screamed. "It's only Friday night. But I want to plan my outfit. What should I wear?" I asked Louis. "Wear your pink flowy tank top with shorts with your white Converse." He suggested. "YASS! Thank you so much Louis. I love you bro" I said and hugged him. He mumbled 'I love you too' in to my hair and hugged me back. I was much smaller than him so I was on my tippy toes. "Alright we'll it's 11:38, wanna do a movie night?" he asked. "Yes" I responded and we looped our arms together and walked down the stairs.

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