It Started With A Vine And A Comment

Cameron Dallas... The famous Viner and Youtuber who gets millions of comments on every Vine he does. But what happens when one of those comments stands out to him? How far will go to meet this girl? And what happens when he does? Will love blossom? Or will hate take over? Read to find out what happens to Cameron and Chloe...


4. What Do You Mean Moving?!

// Cam's Pov //

I'm actually doing this... I'm leaving my really close friends and family behind for a girl that I meet a few days ago. I found an apartment that's only 1 1/2 miles from Haley's. It's not very big, but not very small either, it's perfect for 2 people. My best friend, Nash, is moving with me. When I told him that I was going through with this he said 'well you're not going alone, bro'. Last night after I dropped Haley off back with Louis, I drove home, packed my bags, went to Nash's house, woke him up, and told him what I was doing.

"Where is this bloody house?" I said getting frusterated.

"Go 2 miles then turn left." Nash said from the passenger seat.


"Ok. We're here!" I said walking to the trunk and getting 2 bags out at a time.

Eventually everything was out and Nash was decorating his room so I thought was the perfect time to call Haley like I promised. It rang 3 times before she sniffles a few times then with her voice cracking.

"Hi Hal- have you been crying?"
"Cam can you p-please come get m-me?"
"Yes babe, I'm on my way."

"Nash I'm going to check on Haley."
"Ok. What's wrong?"
"I don't know. She was freaking out over the phone."

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