The Pathway To Heaven

I'm not an ordinary, I have lots of problems and now I'm turning sixteen! I really shouldn't tell you how it happens but I Wil. We're do I begin.......


2. The Big Day part 2

Hey I heard you guys like my book so I'm going to make a chapter a little longer thanks and I hope you enjoy this book .




 Today was my big day I wanted to make everything special but there was one problem but let me date you know so I couldn't I don't know how outgoings speak out that night and I don't know how going to have my best day ever see if right now I can't even speak right I'm so excited yet so scared  " hey hey come on out here the bus is getting here hurry up " it with my sister yet even though she was younger than me she always Bothnia around and every day I try telling her that I don't want her bossing me around but she still does and sometimes I forget that my mom even had this monster. She gets on my nerves and it's not like older you had your sisters it's normal to fight like we punch at it cannot I cannot stand that brats she's most popular girl at her school good thing we go to different schools I can't wait to see my crush this will be so exciting today will be perfect.

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