Haley Payne. Liam Payne's little sister. When the WWA tour starts, Liam brings Haley along. But this decision will be the start of heartbreak and betrayal...


5. Eating Again

// Liam's Pov //

After our talk in the den the other day with Haley, she has been eating more. She had cereal this morning with Zayn and I. It was the first breakfast she had in a few weeks. Right now, Haley is showering. Louis and Harry wanted to take her out for the day. Her and Niall have not talked since that morning at breakfast. Niall is sad all he time now. He feels like he hurt her. I don't blame Niall for it though, it got her attention. I heard the water turn off in Haley's bathroom. I walked up to Louis' room. He was against the wall trying to do a handstand while eating a banana and singing.

"Um, Lou?" I asked questionably. He looked up as the banana fell out of his mouth.

"Can I help you, Liam? Can't a man do what he want with privacy?" The sass master strikes again. I helped him up.

"Haley is getting dressed. Go find Hazza, I honestly have no idea what he is doing." He rolled his eyes and walked out shaking his hips like the  Khloe Kardashian.


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