The Father Of My Child?!?!

So Once upon a time there live this girl who was depressed but nobody realized it. Sadly to say she started cutting it took out the pain that she had deep deep down inside she started not talking to anyone and all her friends left. She felt left out then one day he prince charming came she though but he left soon after her what will happen after she finds out she's pregnant.

(The girl on the cover is May Taylor)

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5. || Chapter 4||

* From this chapter on i wanna show you pictures of Nate growing up And Btw Nathan And the nickname Nate come from my nephews name so i might throw in a picture of him because he looks like he could be Harry's child with his curly hair Thanks Enjoy the Story*

~May's PoV~

I watched Nate and Harry play they have been playing all day. "Hay May-may" Harry said looking at me " do you want to go on that date tonight?" He said with hope in his eyes "Sure Kai can watch Nate I'll be ready at 7:00" i said it was 4 now

"Harry im going to start getting ready Kai can watch him if you want to get ready to." i said to him he nodded i walked in to my room and got a shower. i got out and changed in to a flared red dress that went a little above my knees with Black heels and for makeup Bright Red Lipstick and a little eyeliner and mascara. i looked at what time it was its 6:30.

"Kai Me and harry are going out tonight, You can watch Nate right?" i asked nicely

"Yes i can. Can i have a night off tomorrow?" she asked

"of course you can ill watch him, Nate Mommy's going out can i get hugs and kisses?" i said he giggled and ran to me

"mummy can we go to a park tomorrow with daddy like a roller coaster one?" I smiled

"of course Baby what ever you want we can do tomorrow i got to go though i love you" I gave him a kiss on his forehead and waved

"Bye Bye mummy!!"

"Bye Bye Nate Nate"

I Walked to the lobby and waited until i heard

"Wow You look beautiful" it was that British accent i turned around and he looked handsome

"Thank you Haz" i smiled he gave me a kiss on the cheek we walked out front and there was fans and pop. i felt someone grab my hand i looked down and it was harry i guess he could tell i wasn't used to it 

"Its okay May just walk and don't say anything" He whispered to me i nodded my head. we made it to the car and started to go on our way. i looked at harry and just smiled.
" May Why didnt you tell me? i mean when i left i was trying to get a good start on life not leave the love of my life" he asked me i felt like crying i love him so much.

"Haz i didn't tell you because you would have tried to stay.... that's not what you needed i got through it though didn't i?" i asked i mean Nate was born i stopped cutting and i started going up in life.

"im sorry May about this all of it" he said i felt tears fall he held me in his arms as i cried for a minute or two. i looked up at him and i saw a sparkle in his eyes that i always see it lights me up. we both started to lean in slowly our lips met they brushed against each other i leaned all the way in passionately but slowly. after what seemed forever we let go breathing hard. i smiled and jumped in his arms.

"I love you hazz." i whispered in his ear.

"I love you May- May" i smiled widely

A/N- i sorry i havent updated in a while tanks for reading loves ya bye bye


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