The Father Of My Child?!?!

So Once upon a time there live this girl who was depressed but nobody realized it. Sadly to say she started cutting it took out the pain that she had deep deep down inside she started not talking to anyone and all her friends left. She felt left out then one day he prince charming came she though but he left soon after her what will happen after she finds out she's pregnant.

(The girl on the cover is May Taylor)

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4. || Chapter 3||

~May's PoV~

I Stood there frozen until Nate grabbed my hand "Mummy….." he put his hands up and i picked him up I kept staring at harry what am i supposed to say to my first and only love?? i though "Well hi for starter…." he said i got wide eye "i said it out loud?"i blushed  

"Yep" he said popping the P "Who's this little guy" he asked Nate stuck his hand out so harry could shake it "i am Nathan Harold Taylor" He said harry took his hand and shook it

"Well hello Nathan Im Harry Edwards Styles…" he said "Nice to meet you" Harry looked at me. "how old is he?" Nate answered for me "Im Tree" Holding up three fingers "See One…" He pointed to each finger "Two and Tree"

He can't properly say three yet. "Wheres His Dad" i looked at Nate and looked back at harry "Kai Can you take Nate to the room i need to talk to Mr. styles ok?" i said smiling "Otay mommy i wuv you." "I wuv you Nate" they walked off and i looked at harry

"how are you hazzie bear ?" I asked  "Well i haven't heard that name in a while…" he said smiling "Me to" i smiled i missed him

"so May who's His dad?" he asked "Well Nathan's Dad i mean?" i just looked at him " You are Harry" He looked shocked all of the sudden he smiled "he looks like us i should have known. Why didnt you tell me?" i shook my head

"Harry...." i said about to cry " you left i started getting made fun of for having a son and i just i dont know when Nate got here i saw they one person i am looking out for i want him to have a good life.." i said in tears he took me in his hands

"Harry i want you to know i stopped.." i said he looked at my wrist "thats good May- May" he said i looked at him i missed him he started leaning in i did to and we kissed just like we did when we were 18

(HAHAHAHAH sorry realized what i said sorry *Slaps self* Now back to the story) 

"Harry!!! Man i got our key.... ohhhh i saww that PAUL HARRYS IS KISSING SOMEONE!!" someone yelled "and thats louis..." harry said resting his head on my forehead "would you like to tell Nate that your daddy he has asked before about you" i said he smiled biting his lip shaking his head "only if you will be mine again" he asked "One date" i will see otay.." i said "i have walls now" i whispered he didn't hear 

We walked to the elevator and we walked in when the doors closed harry looked at me "What?" i said he smiled i smiled then we started making out i missed him it dinged we let go " I love you" I heard him whisper "i love you" i said back "room G8" i said we got there hand in hand and i unlocked the door "Hay....." i said nate came running up to me "Why is he here Mummy.." "well Nate as you know his name is Harry he's your daddy." he looked at me his eyes wide "weally…" he jumped to harry ".. whats your favorite animal daddy?" he looked at him "Cats what about you Nate?" "Same!!" Nate yelled i laughed 

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