She travels the coasts of England with a mind reading act. For hundreds of years she has wondered and met hundreds of people. She has fallen in love hundreds of time and has had hundreds of children and grandchildren but she has had to bury them all. Heart broken by the people dying around her he has sworn never to love again. With her heart empty and full all at the same time an opportunity throws its self at her feet along with a young boy, an opportunity she cannot decline


1. Runt

He was so small and helpless. Obviously the mother had abandon him for being a runt even though there was nothing wrong with him genetically but then again how could the mother know she's only human. The boy was just so small and his eyes. Oh his eyes where the deepest grey like mountains.

I could fall in love with him so easily but I know I can't do that I would just have to watch him grow old and die and I can't do that, it's happened too many times. That's why he must go. Somewhere safe somewhere where he won't be tossed aside because of his size. Somewhere... Somewhere I am not welcome. Somewhere I have not been in many years.

I looked down at the child wrapped up in the thick wool cloak that was around my shoulders until I found him crying in the long grass. Now that he had been fed and was warm his heavy eyelids where drooping over those grate grey orbs that where so dark and wondering.

"Come then little Wren" I said as I bundles him and stroked his already thick dark hair " let's get you safe and warm.

The journey to nearest town would only be a few hours on foot but could Sean's the rain that as fast approaching and new that we would get wet on the way but I had to go befit I got too atached


The rain twisted and turned in all directions and no mater how I tyres the rain soaked through me and then soaked down to the little Wren. I knew he was cold, he was shivering and his lips where turning blue but apart from the odd whimper he didn't make a sound.

We where there, I could see the lights and the town gates and... The church.

"Holt! Who goes there" boomed the guard that was posted at the gates.

"Fear not" I call back "I only want to find refuge in the church."

"At this hour"

"Please sir the weather is abysmal and... We'll the child" the guard nods and opens the gates. I node my thanks and hurry for the church.

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