Running from the Alpha

"A thousand snowflakes began to drop, slowly sprinkling over the trees, blanketing the woods. Nature was divine and I felt impossibly free, that was until a loud snap sounded from behind making me turn to meet forbidden eyes anyone would fear."
After discovering that her mate had found her out, Elisa had decided to leave with her three friends and never return, to live a life in the wild and become an untamed wolf, only before knowing that the powerful Alpha was indeed hunting for her, endless nights and eternal days, will their love resolve itself? Or will Elisa be on the run forever?


1. Chapter One


The word had instantaneously sorted through my indistinct mind, his deep eyes held mine, wordlessly yet a lethal chill that ran along my spine, was it shock? was it anger? His face seemed too emotionless, too mystifying to understand that behind the mask something was bubbling. He had to control it, his fists were scrunched into tight white balls, his breath ragged and his lips pulled into an emaciated line. I took a defensive step away from the door unable to see the fiends face, hiding behind the shadows of the old nurse's room, yet i could still feel him, could still hear the pounding of anger beneath his heart.

This was it, i had to leave now or death would develop into the next decision, i was a young wolf and too juvenile to die at this moment. So i made a conclusion, instantly searching for a medium sized window to climb out of, this was my only option left, i had to disappear. Now. And never return. My eyes caught sight of the height, it was a long distance between us, yet the adrenaline that pushed through my body never seemed to stop, i had no choice but to listen to my conscious, grabbing onto the ledge and pulling my fragile body up, the pain shot through my leg like lightning yet i ignored the howling sound my wolf was pronouncing, using that little strength inside of me to escape and flee from the danger zone, yet how was i going to cope in the wild?

Trying one last attempt i dived through the gap and onto the bristly grass that gratefully saved my fall from hurting anymore than my leg.

I winced in pain, regretting to ever climb out a window again as the blood began to percolate through the only sheet i had on that was wrapped tightly around my slim figure. I swallow the saliva that had formed in my mouth, running from the pack leader (Alpha) was illegal in our rules, death was the result if that person was to ever be caught.

I wouldn't let that happen, couldn't. I'd have to count myself out of the moonlight pack from now on. Profound thumping could be heard from a distance, i stayed frozen, trying to melt into the silhouette of the castle, to become unseen and hopefully the passer would not notice me.

But instantly a heavy brown leather suitcase was dropped at my bare feet, the breathing of a few people could be heard from a higher distance but i was too frightened to look. ''Elisa'' Someone whispered my name delicately, bring myself back to reality; i jolted, turning towards the familiar voice to notice Chelsea, looking down at me with consideration.

''Chelsea?'' I wondered as i beng think that i was hallucinating. Then my eyes refocused and caught the brown hair of sam, then adrian. Was this somehow a trick my mind was maliciously playing on me? I asked myself as i shook my head a few times.

''You need to get up right now, if he catches you, we'll all be dead,'' Adrian panicked as he grabbed my waist leaned me tenderly on his shoulder before Sam grabbed the luggage and nodded for us to lead the way. This was almost impossible how my friends were actually joining me in the run, Was this right to allow them to be in jeopardy? ''You don't have to do this,'' I whisper as our feet crunch against the autumn leaves.

''We're doing this whether you like it or not, we would never let you go,'' Chelsea warned as she pulled a heavy branch from obstructing the way before heading towards the arch of the woods. I gulped, this was it, never returning to this place, the place where my memories remained, leaving my life behind, and leaving Markus behind. This was what i had to do.

I turned to face the manor once more, instantly catching the sight of someone, someone familliar, someone that i would evermore love. Marcus. His green eyes flashed furiously towards me, yet he didn't seem to move, he stood there as hushed as night. Tears began to dribble down my face, drowning me in sorrow as my heart was being torn to shreds and the aching for his warmth chilled my body further.

It wasn't until long before Markus began to move, a few of his men ran past him with his commands in order. ''Quickly, run! They're coming for us!'' I shrieked at Adrian who turned his head towards the raging wolves that began to pounce through the trees towards us.

''Shit!'' Adrian yelled as Chelsea and Sam noticed the claws that dug into the earth. ''Change into your form now!'' Adrian commanded as they both obeyed.

Adrian looked right at me, his face seemed relaxed, though i know his brain was working for a plan. ''When i transform i want you to leap onto my back, okay?'' Adrian asked politely as he let me go

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