the apocalypse X


1. the eaters

~~I am Annabelle Jones. I am a extremely lucky English survivor of the infected if you don't understand here is an explanation the dead is taking over England and pretty soon it shall be the entire world put to death. My mother was killed by a zombie

I've been training for 5 years to drive out and extinct it's kind. (Btw I am not the only survivor ) there's Mary Jane Erza Grey Jim Erik and Kiara.

Mary Jane: Annabelle you're gonna work your heart out if you don't stop

Grey: you guys we have a problem

Kiara:what is it

Erik: it rained


Grey:(retard accent)so the barrier was knocked down which indicates the eaters

Kiara:that is impossible how do they know we're here

Grey:Jim suspected the eaters when the barrier broke down they saw him

Kiara:so where is Jim

Grey: he's-

???: ahh

Kiara:who was that


A/N: Every one ran outside to the barrier just to witness with their own eyes Jim being eaten the agony the pain that fell upon them as they watched a survivor get torn from limb to limb as they rebuild the barrier after fighting the dead until night-fall

Mary Jane: Erza

Erza:don't bother me

A/N:Erza ran up stairs

Mary Jane:wow what is up her ass

Grey: obviously not Jim haha

Kiara: I'm confused what is up with Erza I thought she hated all of the boys

Annabelle:Erza had a crush on Jim she was going to break the ice but he died and don't laugh you ass

Grey:Erik dude sorry bout jim he'll come back

Erik:that is the fucking problem I don't want him coming back as a zombie

Grey:we 'll find that cure

Erik: no we won't

A/N:Erik runs up the stairs

Grey: I'll bet you they gettin it

Annabelle: shut the fuck up dick

Grey: hey speakin of sex don't we have to repopulate the earth after the extinction of the zombies

Annabelle:yeah why

Grey:well cuz there are little man left on the earth so having sex with just me and Erik then all of them would be related so no one can get married

Kiara:okay asshole shut the hell up

Grey:okay put the sword down

kiara:u know what  fuck u

Grey: go ahead

a/n:slaps grey

 kiara:sighs ur a dick

grey: aw come on it was funny

annabelle : grabs grey by the shirt" hey grey pains comin ur way

grey: u guys r over reacting

kiara:would it be over reacting if i plucked ur eyes out

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