dear mom i have a crush

Annabelle Harlem is a sweet quiet girl she never had a
boyfriend until Kitara Williams brings up the idea on the first day of school who does that but any who how will she talk to her mom about it


1. letter to mommy

~~Beginning of letter


Imiss you already i cant wait to see my school it will be so much fun & drama

I'll miss u mom but until then I'll be writing u the most precious of letters here we

are at my school I'll write u later mom I love u



End of letter

Bus driver :students I want you to get off the bus in a single file line Kay

Principal: I'm your principal I'll show you around the school then you'll get as much time that you need to introduce yourselves and see your dorm rooms

One Hour later

Dean:Annabelle Harlem dorm room # 152

Annabelle Point of view

My dorm room is beutiful there's a perfect view Spain it's simply amazing

I hope my dorm room buddy is nice I love this room there's a bunk bed a great view

Girl decorations it's awesome i love it some one is knocking on the door it might be my dorm partner

???:Hi I'm Kitara but you can call me kit what's your name

Annabelle:I'm Annabelle Harlem and you can call me annie

Kit:Nice to meet you love your hair

Annabelle:i love your outfit

Kit:thanks wanna be besties


Kit:so you got a boyfriend

Annabelle:no why

Kit:well I was hoping he had a brother


Kit I know why you don't have a boyfriend


Kit :cuz you're to nice and you don't want a boyfriend to overwhelm you


begining of letter

dear Mom I miss you how are you doing im kinda bored but to let you know i got  knew friend shes super nice and her names kitara i cant wait for you to meet her ill write you later mom kay

at lunch

annabelle :whos that

kit :thats jacob perez so cute hes in a band


kit:dont you get any ideas hes gotta girl

annabelle: im not trust me and remember what i told u earlier

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