Fated Darkness

This is a short story about Odessa Grimsbane. She is forced by her father who is of demon blood to kill the only person who has ever shown her kindness.


2. Fast Fiction #1 - In the Midst of Darkness, Let there be Light - Ridley Grimsbane

   Standing close to his father, Ridley watched as the old chieftain addressed the Darkmore clan. Ilza, his father, wanted to execute his latest offspring. The young babe was a mix of Ridley’s demon blood, and her mother’s Fae. A smile formed at the edge of his mouth, as he reminisced the day he forced himself onto the lovely lavender eyed Fae. The fear mixed in her aura gave Ridley a high for days. His young Halfling’s aura twirled with a mix of darkness, and light. It was an abomination, as Ilza had stated since the moment she took her first breath.

     Ilza couldn’t see past the light held within the babe. Ridley saw his newborn daughter as an opportunity. If she was trained to only embrace the darkness within, it would cancel out the light. The blood that ran through her was pure power. A babe had never before been born to a demon, and a Fae.

    Ilza moved forward with his hands up. The veins in his face darkening to a midnight color, making the red of his eyes prominent. Ilza spewed grunts, and growls of how this babe was an embarrassment to their kind. All the while, Ridley sat glaring at his father for his cowardice. It was not the demons way to run from a challenge, but to find a way to break its will. Just as Ilza finished, and the clan reacted, Ridley moved.

    His hand tore through the leathery skin, and into the mucky innards, until he felt the pulsing heart in his hand. Ilza’s eyes grew with hatred, but before he could react, Ridley tore the heart from his chest. He watched as Ilza slid to the ground lifeless. With a wicked smile he braced his clan of demons, “The time has come when we be rid of the cowards that hold us down from our great potential. It is a new age, and we have a new means at our disposal.” He looked over at his young lavender eyed daughter. “It is far time the Darkmore demons rule again.” With loud hisses and growls all the demons in the Darkmore clan dropped to their knees.

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