Thorn Rose

Faylin, a nun devoted to God, never thought that there would come the day her peaceful home would be raided by vikings. She hates them with her entire being - heathens. When the Jarl takes a sudden interest in her Faylin vows to not stray away from her convictions.


7. The kiss - Part. I

(Not edited)


The gates were pulled open and the horses moved forward, striding inside dark pagan land. Faylin knew that she was entering enemy territory; a cold reality she would now have to face every day as her only route of escape have been cut off. 


Feeling tears pricking at the back of her eyelids, her fists clenched so tightly her nails dug into her palms, leaving deep half-moons marks in the soft flesh. There was a sudden urge to scream like a mad man and hit something hard, to vent all anger, frustration and sadness out of her body and mind. But no; she would not do it. 


By doing that, she would not only end up hurting herself but also turn into one of them. Is this the way I envisioned being defeated? 


She almost scoffed at the idea. 


Her eyes flickered and she licked her chapped lips, watching as they passed many longhouses, some with small vegetable gardens around the structure. Although she would never admit it, it was a prosperous village. Unlike her village, this was... well, very organized.


She noticed how few of the men who had ridden alongside Tore dispersed. Women had smiles on their faces as the warriors swept them off their feet and embraced them. Faylin watched in disgust as some even went as far as to run inside their houses, full of beaming smiles and laughter. 


It was startling; bringing within her a feeling of sheer repugnance. There was no respect nor manners even in broad daylight!  Faylin turned her face away. Maybe for these people it was normal behavior, but for her who had taken a vow of no consent of physical consummation, this was sinful. 


"What will happen with the girl who slept beside me?" she asked, hoping to get a straight answer from him. 


"I will give her as a gift to my brother. No harm will come to her as long as she shows respect to Eirik" He replied. Faylin contemplated his words, the true meaning behind them. They had a sort of strange assurance though they did nothing to convey the underlying threat. 


Be meek and submissive and I will not pour out my wrath on you.


"You monster! We are not objects! Y-you can't pass us around whenever you wish!" She yelled at him, twisting and squirming to get herself free of his hold, completely unaware of the attention she was attracting.


Faylin cried out in pain as Tore grasped her hair forcefully, tipping her head back. Her body started shaking in fear while her heart pounded in her chest painfully. His grip on the reins tightened when he noticed her tremors. 


"I swear by Odin, I'll drag you behind this horse if you don't calm down." He warned her, burying his face on the crook of her neck briefly. Faylin nodded quickly; she wanted to push him away and have the feeling of his beard scratching her skin gone. 


After releasing her hair his fingers massaged her scalp. Her face flushed with anger. Like that would soothe her.


"I hate you," she hissed, venom flowing in her tone.


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