My Darkest Love

Nyx De Lioncourt thought she was an ordinary girl who had ordinary family problems, but she was all to wrong when her family sold her to a Vampire King, who resides in France, Deacon d'Auvergne. A dark, mysterious and evil man who is just as powerful as his name sounds, and dangerously just as handsome. Their she finds out that witches, werewolves, fairy, Succubus, and demons are all to real. Nyx finds out that her whole life has been a lie and she herself is not human, she belongs to the King and the supernatural underworld too.


2. Chapter Two

Inside the airport in France I looked out the window to see pitch black, it was twelve at night. I was waiting to pick up my luggage, which was only one small bag with my favorite things, my mother told me that King Deacon..... I didn't even think we had Kings and Queens anymore. where they hell did he come from. I thought to myself. well anyway I saw my little purple bag come around on the bag exchange. I picked up spun around to fine my ride. My parents told me that the King had someone waiting for me. As I spun around I head butted a brick wall. I took a step back only to come face to face with two hulking men. The on the right was about my age, he had broad shoulders with narrow hips. He was really pale with deep blue eyes and brown curly hair. The other man was older maybe in his thirties. He was also very pale with light green eyes and blond hair.My heart kicked up a notch by their beauty but they had an underling of danger.

" Ummmmmm"

" Ayx De Lioncourt?" The Older guy grunted in question.

"Who's wanting to know?" I asked

" His majesty." He replied. He was a straight to the point, no bull shit kind of guy. " We were sent to pick you up." He looked down at me.

" Well, lead the way." I said gesturing with my hands. The younger guy took my bag before I could protest.

" My name is Felix by the way." He told me as we walked out to the parking lot.

" It's nice to meet you Felix I'm Ayx De Lioncourt." I told him following close behind him.

" Oh we know, You've been the talk of the place since his majesty told us of your arrival." He smirked.

" Get in." The older man said. My moth fell open once I saw what he wanted me to get in. Before my eyes was a sleek black limo.

" Holy hell" I gasped. And jumped in excitedly wiggling around in the comfortable seats. Felix and the other grumpy guy slid in next to me.

" Soooo?" Felix looked at me as the driver started up the limo and drove off.

" What's his majesty like?" I asked

" Well....." Felix looked at his silent companion

" He's a good man. The rest you shall have to what to find out." He said.

" What's your name?" I asked him

" Gideon."

" Cool. That means destroyer or in other languages mighty worrior." I said glad that I know somethings.

" Thats right." He smiled a little.

" Do you know why I'm here in France when I know no Frence?" I asked

" No'' Gideon said looking out the window. I could tell that he was lying.

" Okay"

" Go to sleep Miss De Lioncourt, the ride is going to be a long one. I sighed and slumped down resting my head aiainst the cool window. Now that I think about it, I'm really tired. I closed my eyes fearfull and excited about what lies ahead.


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