My Darkest Love

Nyx De Lioncourt thought she was an ordinary girl who had ordinary family problems, but she was all to wrong when her family sold her to a Vampire King, who resides in France, Deacon d'Auvergne. A dark, mysterious and evil man who is just as powerful as his name sounds, and dangerously just as handsome. Their she finds out that witches, werewolves, fairy, Succubus, and demons are all to real. Nyx finds out that her whole life has been a lie and she herself is not human, she belongs to the King and the supernatural underworld too.


3. Chapter Three: Lily

" My lady... My lady" I was awoken up my someone shaking me. I opened my eyes to see a girl about my age looking down at me with a bright smile on her face.

" Oh Hi." I smiled back slightly unhinged by how close she was. I looked around and notice that I was not in the limo anymore but I was in a light lavender colored room. I stood up and she stepped back I didn't have my jeans and tank top on anymore but a long white night gown. I looked at her confusing on my face and hoping that Gideon or Felix hadn't been the one to change me.

" I changed you when you arrived late last night." She told me. I started to walk around looking at the room. Against the far wall was a walk in closet full of clothes.

" Are those for me?" I asked pointing to the closet.

" Yes. The king had brand new closed shipped in from all over for you." Next to the closet sat a vanity with make up and jewelry. I hope they know I don't like make up, I thought to myself. On the wall across from my bed was a floor length France doors leading out to a patio. I opened the doors and walked out. I view was beautiful, it over looked the garden which had all kinds of flowers, and that lead to a maze a gorgeous buses and tress. Behind it was a open field that had men and women in all ages practicing a form of martial arts I was not familiar with. I spun around to face the strange girl. She was a little taller than I was, with pale creamy skin, brown hair that stopped at her chin, big brown doe like eyes and soft pink lips, she was a pretty girl.

" What's your name, and why are you here."

" Lily" She said curtsying." And I'm your personal servant."

" Oh Ummmm" I stutter in surprise doing a curtsy as well.

" No my lady you don't do that." She said laughing." You bow you head a little. That's all. But to the king you do curtsy. No one is above you except the king and other kings."

" Okay." I nodded my head in understanding.

" How do you like your room?" She asked me

" Well... I love it"

" Good his majesty will be pleased. He stayed up for nights trying to make it perfect for you."

" Speaking of his majesty when will I get to meet the man who bought me." I said in a sharp tone.

" Watch the way you speak about him. He hears everything." She told me in a low voice." And your going to meet him now he has requested you to breakfast."

" Oh he requested me did he." I said in a fake snobbish tone.

" Yes my lady." She subsided a giggle." Now go and take a quick shower." She was pushing me to the bathroom

" What's with the my lady stuff?" I said slowing down he pushing.

" Your the lady of the house." Lily said with one last push into the bathroom. I shrugged my shoulders, stripped down and turn on the shower as hot as I could take it. Inside the shower was my favorite body wash and shampoo. The body wash was Lavender and sweet pea, I scrubbed my body and then washed my hair with the rose smelling shampoo. I hared banging on the door which I know was Lily signaling me to get out. I shut off the water stepped out and wrapped a plush white towel around my body. I toweled off, On the skin lead a black lacy pair of underwear, the king mind must be in the gutters. I sighed and throw them on, next to it was dress, I picked up and slipped into it. It was a plan strapless white dress, that had a sweetheart neck line and fitted snugly to my waist and flowed loosely and stopped mid- thigh. I was a simple and yet pretty summer dress. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Lily waiting for me with a pair of silver flat gladiator sandals." Come on your hair." She took me by my hand and set me down at the vanity. She blow dried my hair and fish tailed it down my back. " Lets go, his majesty doesn't like to wait. But once he see how beautiful you are he won't mind." She said leading me out the door. Lily lead me down winding marble hallways, everything was magnificently beautiful I didn't have time to take in all the glory before we stopped in front two huge oak wood doors.

" This is were I leave you." She said curtsying and rushing off, before could utter my surprise.

" My lady De Lioncourt." I spun around to see Felix strolling my way with grumpy Gideon not far behind, they stopped and bowed.

" Hi" I said smiling

" Are you ready to meet the king." He asked while pushing open the doors and taking a step back.

" Yes." When the door opened to revel a beautiful dinning room my mouth fell open. Floor length windows along each wall with a long table in the middle with a chandelier above it. As we walked closer I saw the most drop dead, heart stopping, breath taking man in my life, standing at the head of the table. He was either in his late twenties or early thirties, he was a good six foot tall with a lean body, he carried himself with so much authority, power, danger, and dominance was seeping off of him in waves. He's eyes were a steel gray with a hint of blush green in them, they looked everywhere taking in everything and letting out no emotion. He had a strong square jaw that was begging to be kissed. He wore a three piece gray suit that had his three top button unbutton showing off his smooth hairless chest underneath, it also matched his no bullshit attitude.

" Have a seat." He said pointing to the seat next to him. His voice made my heart jump a beat, it was smooth and full of command, which I found sexy. I took timid steps, before I could sit down he took my hand bowed a little while kiss my knuckles. His cool pink lips sent chills up and down my body, he watched me the whole time with a slit smirk on his face. He let my hand go and I seat down or more like collapsed from his beauty." Tell me about yourself."

" Ummmm well... What is it you would like to know."

" Everything" He said taking a sip of his red wine. I find it strange to be drinking this early.

" Why am I here?" I questioned him.

" Oh. straight to the point are we. Well your going to marry me and become my queen." He said. I wasn't surprised by his answer just a little disappointed that I know this is what was here for.

" You don't seem so surprised." He stated.

" Well I figured that. I thought if your king and you can buy me then you can by any girl you want to be a slave and then my parents told me that you didn't have a wife so I put two and two together."

" Very smart."

" But why me?"

" Time will tell."

" Why don't you have a wife. Your so old" At my comment he throw his head back a let out a thunder laugh.

" If only you know" He said

" Hoe old are you really."

" Twenty-eight" He answered with a smirking and taking another sip of his red wine.

" What if I don't want to marry you. Hell I don't even know you."

" You have no say in the matter, for you belong to me now." He said in a scary calm voice eyes penetrating mine.

" But--" I began

" YOU ARE MINE. MINE." He yell and slams down his hand making me jump away in fear." Mine" He say on last time before storming off.

" Are you okay my lady." Felix asked from the door he just entered.

" No" I answered holding back a much needed scream


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