My Darkest Love

Nyx De Lioncourt thought she was an ordinary girl who had ordinary family problems, but she was all to wrong when her family sold her to a Vampire King, who resides in France, Deacon d'Auvergne. A dark, mysterious and evil man who is just as powerful as his name sounds, and dangerously just as handsome. Their she finds out that witches, werewolves, fairy, Succubus, and demons are all to real. Nyx finds out that her whole life has been a lie and she herself is not human, she belongs to the King and the supernatural underworld too.


1. Chapter One

I was standing in the Los Anglos airport waiting for my plane to arrive and take me to France. You would think I would be happy about this.... hell even excited about this but I'm not. I can remember clearly yesterday

night on my eighteenth birthday how my mother and father broke the news to me.

Yesterday Night

" Nyx we... your father and I have something to say to you." My mother said. She was a drop dead gorgeous women, with her jet black hair, down to the middle of her back, light brown skin and gray eyes. She was about four feet tall with a killer curvy body. My dad who sat on the chair with my mom on is lap, was good looking to with his pale skin tone, tall six foot, lean body frame and bright green eyes that compliments his strong jaw line. Many people say I looked just like my mother with my coal black hair, about four foot tall, along with my curvy body. I had full pouting pink lips my lower lip slightly bigger, a soft heart shape face. Since my father is white mixed with Greek and my mother mixed with Native American, Italian and African American it makes me to come out an even lighter brown, or a soft cream color. Now my eyes were totally different and even stranger. They were surrounded by thick long curly eyelashes, they were a deep dark purple. People would always walk up to me asking if they were contacts or if I had some kind of eye surgery or something.

" Is It good or bad new?" I asked smiling at them. Today was my eighteenth birthday and I was still feeling excited.

"Are you selling her to the devil or shipping her across the world far far away?" My older brother asked storming into the living room and flopping down next to me on our couch. He ruffled my hair while sling his long lanky legs into my lap. Now he was a spiting image of my dad with strange eyes like me, but what made him uniquely special was Prins, Yes Prins pronounced Prince is the brith name of my big brother. Anyway he was special because of the fact that He had one green eye and the other blue. The doctor said that the chance of both our eyes being this different had to be a genetic mutation. Yeah maybe I'll go join X-Man, no the Avengers, Thor is so Much sexier.

" No they would never sell me." I snapped pushing his legs off of me. Mom and Dad exchanged looks. "But you my dear big brother can be the one- ."

" Nyx we sold you to a King in France." My dad rushed out and told me. I started to laugh from there silly joke. Their serious faces shocked me into silence.

" You What?!" My brother and I jumped up at the same time.

" We needed the money after Ajax was born." Mom explained pointing to my brother, " And he gave us money, but we wanted more. We wanted a daughter." My mom took a deep breath." He said that he would give us the daughter we always wanted if he could have you on your eighteenth birthday. So we agreed."

" You What!?!" I yelled to angry to say anything else. "I'm not going"

" Then he will kill us all and take you by force," My dad said looking me deep in my eyes. They showed me that my father was not telling me a lie and this mysterious man was not to be taken lightly.

Present Day

" Flight 11765 to France is now departing." A robotic voice blasted over the loud speaker. That was my flight and I needed to go. The flight wasn't all that long, maybe it was because all I did was sleep. For some reason my body has been more tired, hungry and muscles has been filling out in place I never know could. Their was a creepy guy on the plane who never took his beady eyes off of me. Its a good thing that I took classes of self defense since I was four years old, leaving me with fourteen years of self-defense, I think its safe to say I could kick some ass. We had about an hour left in the flight, I popped in my head phones and blasted Eminem.

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