My Darkest Love

Nyx De Lioncourt thought she was an ordinary girl who had ordinary family problems, but she was all to wrong when her family sold her to a Vampire King, who resides in France, Deacon d'Auvergne. A dark, mysterious and evil man who is just as powerful as his name sounds, and dangerously just as handsome. Their she finds out that witches, werewolves, fairy, Succubus, and demons are all to real. Nyx finds out that her whole life has been a lie and she herself is not human, she belongs to the King and the supernatural underworld too.


4. Chapter Four: Hate you so much

    I stormed down the hallways fumming with anger. I didn't know where I was going I just needed to get out of this place. I started marching down the winding hallways, mumbling to myself.

" Stupid, pig headed King."

" This way." Felix said stirring me in the right directions by my shoulders. I just let him guide me not paying any attention.

" Stupid, egotistic, old man King." I sneered under my breath. Felix let out a small laugh and then tried to cover it up as a cough once he saw me glare at him.

" Why are you laughing?" I asked." Never mind don't answer that." I snapped and continued walking. Throwing my hands up in the air every once in a while to show my anger. " Who does he think he is, he can't just drag me from my home and clam me as his." I said allowed.

" Actually he can." Felix said but I ignored him.

" who does he think he is.... King of the world? "

" No just King of France" Felix answer again. I turned and glared at him again. I was about to say something when I noticed a balcony next to us.

" Hold that thought. I seen this in a movie before. It should work just the same." I opened up the doors and let out the much needed scream. The people in the yard stopped and stared at me, some even covered their ears but I didn't care. Behind me Gideon and Felix stood with a perplexed look on their face.

" What the shit was that?" Gideon yelled.

" I saw it in a movie once. It made her feel better."

"Do you feel better?" Felix asked in disbelief that I just screamed. I stopped and cocked my head to the side to think.

" Yes. yes I do" I smiled closing  the windows and turning to face the guys again.

" Alright then lets go sight seeing." Felix

Alright then, lets go to the combat field." Felix said taking me by the hand and leading the way. Down a flight of stone stares and out two huge wooden doors through a  beautiful garden did we reach open field with rolling hills. It was like something you see in movies. Miles of miles of open land filled with people, I mean beautiful, strong, gorgeous men and women of all ages ranging from ten to 30ish. All had a partner and each were delivering blows to each other. I looked around amazed some had swords, daggers, spears, guns and some were just fighting hand and hand. I was in combat heaven.

" What is this place?" I asked in astonishment.

" This is our combat field. Their is a different skill level for each age group. All our men and women are trained in combat, not all are warrior but we train them to be able to protect themselves and their families. The king himself trains the best warriors, he hand picks them to protect the kingdom gates. And he'll pick them to protect you." Gideon said.We began to walk forward as he explained more to me.

" Welcome my lady"  A tall dark skinned man walled up to me taking a bow at the waist. He was a very built man with muscles rippling over his body. I shielded my eyes with my hand to get a better look at his face only to be blinded by his gold eyes. I took a step back shocked, he had a full beard and a half smile on his face.

" Oh wow,  your...... never mind I said waving my hand around. It's a pleasure to meet you.....'' He was beautiful.

"  Jax" He answered. " And the pleasure is all mine"

" WOW. What a charming person you are" I said laughing at his latest comment.

" So look can I join in?" I asked.

" I don't think that would be a good idea". Gideon spoke up.

"Why not?" I wondered aloud looking at him.

" I'm sure the Lord wold not like his Lady fighting and getting hurt."

" Oh. I won't be the one getting hurt."

" All the same. No" Gideon said calmly.

" You are the Lady of the house you can decide." Felix said from behind Jax.

" Then I decided to fight a someone." I stated

" Is that an order?" Jax asked.

" Can I order you around and you'll listen.

" Yes." Jax and Felix say.

" No" Gideon snaps

" Then yes its an order." I say in a snobbish British accent.

" Alright then,' Jax turned around looking for my opponent.

" Don't make it to easy."

" David." Jax calls over, the boy head pops up looking at us. " Come over here." The boy was not a boy at all I noticed as he came closer, he in fact was about twenty something and six feet tall with a strong build. He looked to be a good opponent. i know from the way he looked at me he thought I was weak, little did he knew I had years of training in combat. " You two are going to spar, not kill." Jax said looking pointing at David. We entered the circle as other warrior began to also form around us. First thing I did was get into my fighting stance, fist up grading my face lightly standing on my toes, with my right leg slightly out front ready to move at a moments notice. I watched his every move when he shifted I did the same in the opposite direction. I was evaluating him and looking for any weakness and he was doing the same. No one was going to make the first move without being prepared. when I zeroed in on one, his left leg was slightly in front of him on its tip toe, I know that this man in front of me was right handed so is right leg should be out front. I stepped to the right watching his counter movement to the left. He had a slight limp. I smiled to myself and locked eyes with him. This pissed him off and David lunged for me, throwing a mean right hock to my face. I sided stepped him smacking his fist down inches from my face. Spinning our so I could face him again i saw that he still had his back to me. Boy was he slow. Taking my chance I kicked him in the back of his right leg causing him to yell out in pain and down to his knees. David spun around facing me on his knees, he reached out grabbing both of my legs flipping me onto my back. He crawled over ready to punch me when I hit him first right in the nose shocking him long enough to get my legs around his neck. Squeezing his eyes soon began to roll to the back of his head. He tried on last attempt to prier my off of him but He was to weak. Finally he was unconscious. I stood up dust off my now ruined sundress which I forgot I had own, hope no one saw my panties.

" He should wake up in a few minutes." I said to Jax.

" Guess you do know how to handle yourself." Smiling at me. He then walked away to go help the sleeping man. I felt someone watching me, I looked up at the castle and saw the King staring down at me with a slight smirk on his face. We locked eyes and he nodded his head walking away.

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