Violet Harper is 16 and she just got kidnapped. Not knowing where she is or what time of day it is she is more disoriented then ever. The boys of 5SOS are her captors. Can she seduce them into letting her leave or will she be missing forever?


2. Tiny Light

     The shock wears off. All I could do was stand up and bang my head against the wall.

"Let me the fuck out!" I screamed. I heard a muffled chuckle from above. I looked up and there was a balcony. The railing was birch wood, it curved and twisted into marvelous shapes. Ashton stood with two other guys.

"Micheal this is Violet." He smiled and a boy with spiked red hair waved at me.

" 'Ello!" The other boy yelled. Ashton laughed.

"And this is Calum, he will probably kill you with kindness be careful!" All of the boys laughed. Ashton walked off and Micheal followed...       leaving me and Calum.

"Hey!" He whispered. I look up and roll my eyes."

"Hey!!" He whispers even louder. I just wish he would shut up.

"Waht?!" I yell at him. He jumps back then giggles. 

"I'm gonna get you out of here!" He smiles and I listen to his footsteps recede off of the balcony. 

A smile slowly creeps onto my face. I just got an idea.


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