Violet Harper is 16 and she just got kidnapped. Not knowing where she is or what time of day it is she is more disoriented then ever. The boys of 5SOS are her captors. Can she seduce them into letting her leave or will she be missing forever?


1. Nice To Meet You Ashton

I open my eyes. My head throbs with painful stabbing. Sitting up slowly I look around. I raise my hand to run my head and realize my hands are tied together. " Great." I growl and start trying to unite my hands. 

"There's no point." A voice echoes through the room.

"No point in what?" I say quietly. I stop struggling with the ropes and let my hands fall limp. A man about my age walks over and squats down so we are eye level.

"My name's Ashton.... I'm not going to hurt you." His hazel eyes sparkled. I coughed.

"My name's Violet." I say. And look towards the ground.

"Nice to meet you Violet. I own you." He smiles and walks out if the room, leaving me confused in a heaping pile of rope and flesh.


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