Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


10. you lied .

My POV: 

i woke up i guess i passed out when i walked into the house , i noticed all the guys are here so i asked them all what happened and they said i just passed out , i kinda don't believe that i kinda think they drugged me , or i guess maybe they actually are telling the truth but i think there kinda lying i guess i'll just talk to them  .

Me: lemme ask you guys something , did you fucking drug me ?

Riley : no we didn't you seriously just passed out from your scars 

Me: i have never passed out in my entire life .

Riley : well you did today .

Me: i kinda don't fucking believe that 

Ricky : well you should 

Sam: baby can i talk to you 

Me: no fuck you sam go away 

Sam: baby please ?

Me: no go away 

Sam: will you please just-

Me: no i just wanna hang out with my kids for right now 


Sam: yes sam 

Sam JR: why are you here

Sam: i dont know bud i guess i'm gonna leave

Sam JR: no daddy please don't leave .

Sam: your mom doesn't want to see me 

Sam Jr.: why not

Sam: i don't know

Sam Jr.: okay well go home i guess

Sam: okay love you little dude tell your brother that too

Sam Jr.: okay love you too .

Riley: hey Can i talk to you

Me: what do you want

Riley : i need some advice

Me: about 

Riley : getting this girl i really like but she's with someone

Me: well i would tell her , but don't fuck thing up between her and that person

Riley : what if their on the edge of getting a break up

Me: well tell her , that's all i have to say , now go tell her

Riley : i just did

Me: what ? i just told you

Riley : your the girl

Me: RIley , your with that one girl , and i'm with Sam

-Knock knock-

Me: hold on i need to go get the door 

-opens the door-

Matthew: hello Alyssa

Me: omg matthew!!!

Riley: who's that

Ricky: the one guy she'll never get over

Riley : what's so good about him?

Ricky: he took her virginity and he was her first love

Shawn: and they only dated for a year that's what makes me laugh

Riley: but RIcky weren't you her first boyfriend?

Ricky : yea i was but we started dating is 6th grade or something like that but i made a bet with Matthew that if i win the fight i get to keep her or if he wins he gets her for a year and before i knew it he won and took her virginity when i told him not to .

Riley: oh wow

Me: hey Riley this is Matthew 

Riley : your all red why ?

Me: um whattt ...

Matthew : it's because i'm here haha just kiddin

Shawn : so Matthew you ready to meet her kids Sam Jr , and Brendon

Matthew : sam Jr? as in his dad is Sam Hudson

Ricky: yea

Matthew: oh wow okay let's meet them

-goes in the boys room-

Me: boys this is one of mamas friend

Brendon : hi i is brendon

Matthew : he looks a lot like Ricky 

Me: uhh no they look like sam haha

Matthew: okay what's going on

Me: okay let's go in the other room

Matthew : okay what is it ?

Me: Ricky is the dad but we broke up way before the boys were even born so i got close to sam and we decided to be together 

Matthew : okay 

Sam : hey guys i forgot my bag , why are yours faces like that

Ricky : because , the one who hit it first is upstairs with your wife

Sam: MATTHEW!!!???

Ricky: yea 

Sam: what the hell .

Ricky : hey don't get in a fight

Sam Jr . : DADDY!

Me: sweetie daddy isn't here 

Sam : what the hell are you doing here matthew

Matthew : well nice seeing you too Sam

Sam : no we are not acting nice here , tell me what the fuck your doing here

Matthew : i came here to talk to my girlfriend

Sam : okay well your girlfriend isn't here

Matthew : yes she is , Alyssa is my girlfriend

Sam: no she's not she's my fucking wife

Matthew : that may be but me and her never broke up

Sam : that was eighth grade get over her she's mine

Me : Matthew , we did break up we made a deal with Ricky you only have me for eighth grade year that was it

Matthew : i really loved you

Me : we were kids we didn't know what "Love" was

Matthew : you loved me and still do , i took your virginity , you took mine

Me : it's changed Matthew i'm in love with Sam and no one will change that 

Matthew : alright i'll leave then

Me : goodbye 

Matthew: bye...


Mr.K: alright hello class i am your new teacher 

Me : excuse me ? Mr.whatever

Mr.K : it's Mr.K , but what?

Me: may i be excused 

Mr.K: uh why ?

Me : because i have two kids waiting for me

Mr.K : they can wait

Sam : no they can't their our kids and your not gonna let her go

Mr.K: well if i have known they were her kids they i would've let her go

Me: well can i go

Mr.K: no , everyone has to tell me about themselves first , you go first

Me : well i'm Alyssa Hudson and i got pregnant during sophomore year

Mr.K: and you 

Sam : i'm Sam Hudson and i have two kids with Alyssa 

Mr.K : okay well go get them 

Me : thank you .

Mr.K: welcome , now class tell me more about those two ?

Austin : she got pregnant with Ricky Williams kids but she left him before she thought she losts the kids but when she found out they were alive , her and sam were together and they got married and everyone thinks she's pregnant again which is two years after her first two 

Mr.K: okay what about this Ricky dude ?

Justin : well he is one of my closet friends and if she's pregnant again it's his because her and sam haven't ever had sex

Austin : woah that's fuckin weird

Justin : i know so if she gets pregnant , Sam's gonna know this kid isn't his either

Austin : but their married wouldn't you think they'd be bangin everyday 

Mr.K: alright , alright enough talk about them tell me about you guys 

Riley: i'm Riley , and uh i'm in love 

Justin : awwh how cute he's in love with a girl who is married

Riley : shut the fuck up 

Mr.K: hey hey enough


Me: hi Mr.K can i have my assignments

Mr.K: Alyssa i never assigned anything

Me: well Justin &Austin told me you did

Mr.K: okay well they were wrong

Me: okay -as i smile-

Mr.K: why are you smiling

Me: because your really nice

Mr.K: okay well that's nice of you to say

Me: how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

Mr.K: i'm 19 years old

Me: how are you a teacher ? 

Mr.K: i'm just subbing my brother was the teacher 

Me: oh okay -i whisper to myself "if only me and sam weren't together"-

Mr.K: yea -he started to look into my eyes and i leaned in to kiss him and he kisses me back-


Me: that was amazing .

Mr.K : yea it was

-ring ring-

Me: hold on 

- i answered it -

Me: hello? 

Sam: hey where you at ?

Me: i just went to the school to study 

Sam: okay come home soon okay

Me : i will

-i hung up-

Mr.K: sounds like he needs you

Me: not for another hour -we started making out-


Me: who's this ?

Mr.K: my ex girlfriend

Me: -i whispered to him "she's ugly af"-

Mr.K: i know , what 

Rebecca: who is this slut

Mr.K: excuse me , as i recall your the slut here

Rebecca : Kevin come on take me back i'm sorry i cheated on you

Mr.K: we broke up almost a year ago , stop following me

Rebecca: Kevin please

Me : dude he said he's over you , he doesn't give a shit about you now go away

Mr.K: how am i supposed to even forgive you , you got pregnant with that dicks baby

Rebecca : whatever bye Kevin 

Mr.K: goodbye

Mr.K: now where were we

Riley: Alyssa ?

Me : shit Riley's coming , hey Riley

Riley : Sam said i could find you here

Me : well i'm here , what's up ?

Riley : i need to tell you something

Me: okay shoot .

Riley : i'm still in love with you

Me : i know Riley , but i'm with Sam

Riley : Mr.K?

Me:what ?

Riley: why do you have hickeys all over your neck

Mr.K: uh what..

Riley: ooo you and your wife got it on huh

Mr.K: uh Riley , i'm not married or in a relationship

Riley : oooo then a hook up damn i like him already , don't you Lyss

Me: yeaaa...well i better go home now

Riley : see you later 

-as i left the classroom i saw Sam standing there-

Me : sam?!

Sam : i thought you were studying 

Me : i was i just got done

Sam : okay , well let's go home then 

----8 1/2 weeks later----

Me: babe can we go to the doctor i've been getting really sick lately 

Sam : okay let's go

-we got to the doctors-

Doctor: Alyssa ?

Me : that's me

Doctor: so have you consider to see if your pregnant ?

Me : well we never thought of it .

Doctor : it is a possibility , do you feel the same symptoms as you did when you were pregnant

Me : yea i do actually

Doctor : well let's go look 

- i looked over my shoulder to see who Sam was texting and it was Austin-

-a few minutes later-

Doctor: well it looks like your 8 weeks along

Sam : eight weeks , like exactly?

Doctor: well i mean it might be 8 1/2 or something like that

Sam : alright 

Doctor : thank you for coming today .

Me: welcome

----we get in car to drive to school----

Sam : i can't believe were actually having a kid together

me: i know me either 

Sam : you didn't have sex with anyone else did you ?

Me: no i didn't your my husband the only one

Sam : good

----Flashback to a week ago-----

Mr.K: is it true that you and Sam have never had sex 

Me: really , no we have but why are you asking me , right after we got done having sex 

Mr.K: Because doesn't he tell his buddies everything

me: yea

Mr.K: well his friends Austin and Justin told me that you guys never had sex

Me: everyone thinks that but it's not true

M.K: okay 

----end of flashback----

me : why did you tell Austin and Justin we have never had sex before

Sam ; what?

Me : now everyone is gonna think i got pregnant by someone else 

-which i probably did with Kevin's baby-

Sam : well i will tell the guys it's my kid because it is

Me : yea it is...-as i look out the window-

-we got to school-

Sam: 3rd period , who do you have ?

Me: Mr.K

Sam : you have him for English and science

Me : yes i do 

Sam : wow , okay see you later ,i  love you

Me: okay , and i love you too


Mr.K: hey you don't have this class until 4th period 

Me : i know i just need to talk to you

Mr.K: don't you have class right now 

Me : study hall

Mr.K: oh okay so what do you wanna talk about

Me : this -as i lifted up my shirt-

Mr.K: something wrong

Me : yes!!! i'm pregnant

Mr.K: i guess congratulations to you and Sam

Me : Kevin do you not get it , it's your's

M.K: what?

Me: we have had sex many many times and 8 1/2 weeks ago i had sex with you and i got pregnant

Mr.K: Alyssa i used protection

Me: not the first time you didn't , i know when guys do 

Mr.K: omg i can't believe this -he got down to his knees and started hugging my stomach-

Me : your happy

Mr.K: i am , i may not be able to raise her/him but i'll know their mine

Me: that's what i love about you 

Mr.K: i love you Alyssa Smith 

Me : you know my real name

Mr.K: of course i do 

Me : well i love you too Kevin Lively

-bell rings- 

Me : i'm just gonna sit here aha

Kevin: alright

Sam : hey babe , your friends said you had study hall

Me: i did , i just started catching up on work

Sam : okay , how's our little peanut doing

Me : she/he is being good

Sam: let's just hope we don't have twins again

Me: right aha .

- i could see Kevin is really upset that i'm with Sam and not him right now-

Kevin : alright , let's get this class going

---class went by---

Me : Ricky , can i talk to you

Ricky : sure what's up

Me : i'm pregnant

Ricky : yea i know

ME : not with sam's baby

Ricky: WHAT!?! then who's 

Me: don't yell at me 

Ricky: is it Riley?

Me: no it's the 

Ricky: omg it's the teacher

Me : please ricky i trust you enough to not tell anyone

Ricky okay fineee


Ricky : hey Mr.K

Kevin: who are you ?

Ricky : Ricky Williams but i need you to tell me why you slept with Alyssa for the past 8 1/2 weeks , and how your the dad of her upcoming kid

Kevin: how do you know ?

Ricky : trust me because she does and because i'm the dad to her other kids

Kevin: so your the famous Ricky 

Ricky : and your the famous Kevin

Kevin: okay well how exactly am i gonna do this

Ricky : well your gonna admit to sam that you had sex with his wife 

Kevin: i can't do that

Ricky : your lucky she's 18 turning nineteen in a couple of weeks

Kevin: she's turning nineteen soon ?

Ricky : yea her birthday is 5/26

Kevin: well that's tomorrow

Ricky : omg i totally forgot 


Shawn: who's birthday is tomorrow ?

Me : i have no idea 

Shawn : you do too know who

Me: yea it's mine but i don't care

Shawn : lyss really

Me : i'm fucking pregnant and i'm turning 19 

Shawn : there's an option of abortion

Me : Shawn no , i don't believe that stuff

Shawn : i know bu there is that option you know 

Me : yea i know , but i'm not doing that , that's just not cool

Shawn : okay well see you later

ME : okay bye


Sam : hey baby

Me : hey 

Sam : can we talk

Me: yea sure what's up

Sam : Ricky told me

Me : told you what ?

Sam : that Mr.K is leavin the school

Me : uh why ?

Sam : because he had sex with a student

Me : omg  that's horrible

Sam : i know


Me : your leaving 

Kevin : yes i am

Me : why

Kevin : i can't be teaching here if i know your having my baby and your with Sam

Me : Kevin please

Kevin : i'm sorry alyssa i shouldn't of got involved with you .

-i walk out of the school and see sam standing there-

Me : baby what are you doing her

Sam : he's the dad!

Me : i'm sorry -as tears start falling-

Sam : what the fuck Mr.K why the fuck did you sleep with my wife

Kevin: atleast i was giving her attention and not hanging out with my guy friends all night

Sam : you got her pregnant 

Kevin: yes i know

Sam : because i know i didn't

Kevin : what do you mean it could be yours

Sam : no it can't i have never had sex with her

Kevin : wait what ?

-as i running home Sam was still at the school talking to Kevin-

Sam : she told people we have because she didn't want to be called a slut i knew she was sleeping with someone just didn't know it was you i honestly thought it was Riley

 Kevin : are you guys gonna be okay 

Sam : you know i heard the conversation between you two and i'm gonna end it

Kevin : why would you do that??

Sam : so she can figure everything out

Kevin : okay , well i'm leaving to go home nice knowing you

Sam : this isn't bye , but yea bye

-------the next day-------

Sam: Alyssa?! where you at

Brendon : daddy mommy's sleeping in the bathtub

Sam : What?!?

-sam walks in and see me in the tub with blood filled in it-

Sam : omg , Brendon go get the phone right now

Brendon : otay 

Sam : baby come on wake up!!! please -sam starts crying while he's talking-

-they got to the hospital-

Mom: what happened ?!!?

Sam : i have no idea -as sam starts crying-

Mom: oh Sam .

Ricky : where is she

Sam : she's somewhere i don't know

Ricky: where is Sam Jr.

Sam : he's at my mom's

Ricky : why isn't Brendon

Sam : he wanted to come here 

Ricky : okay

Bella : is she okay?!? her dad isn't able to get off of work yet

Mom : she might be dead and he's not here what the fuck

Bella : i'll call him

Mom : Doctor!

Doctor : yes?

Mom : how is my daughter 

Doctor: who is your daughter

Mom: Alyssa Smith 

Doctor : there is no Alyssa Smith

Mom : sorry i meant Alyssa Hudson 

Doctor : she is currently in surgery 

Mom : what exactly happened

Doctor : well she OD and she has major scars going down her arms she has lost a lot of blood

Mom: oh my go-as she burts into crying-

Kevin : where is she?!?

Mom : excuse me who are you ?

Sam : he's her baby daddy

Mom : she's pregnant again

Kevin : 9 weeks

Mom : but she's Sam's wife

Sam : yea she is but he was our sperm donor 

Mom :  you can't have kids ?

Sam : no i can't

Mom : oh wow , omg today was her birthday !

Dad : 19 years old today

Justin : mom what happened

Mom : justin sweetie , she tried to kill herself again 


Mom: sweetie i know , but why the hell did she do it this time

Shawn: because Sam was gonna ask for a divorce

Mom : Sam? is that true

Sam : no of course not

Shawn : bullshit , you told the whole school you can't take her bullshit anymore

Mom : bullshit? what has she done

Riley : just because she cheated on you once , and you cheated on her every night

Sam : whattt , that's not true..

Mom: i want you to leave i do not want you here when she wakes up 

doctor : code blue in 307

Mom: is that her room ?!?!!!

Alex : that is

Doctor : Mrs.Swift your daughter is stable you may go see her

mom: what room

Doctor : 207

Mom : alright


Mom : what the hell are you doing in here Sam

Sam : came to see my wife , now doctor is the baby okay

Doctor : i'm afraid not , you have lost the babies

Sam: babies?

Doctor: she was having twins

Mom : okay someone go tell Kevin

Ricky : hey Kev

Kevin : she's okay right ?

Ricky : she is but

Kevin : the babies aren't

Ricky : how'd you know she had twins?

Kevin : i went to the doctors with her all the time

Ricky: wow you really do love her don't you

Kevin : i do, she probably lost her memory though

Ricky : what do you mean

Kevin: this kind of thing she probably lost her memory from the past 3-5 years

Ricky : oh wow


Mom : hey sweetie

ME : mom ? i thought you didn't care about me , or you dad you hate me 

Mom : i think she's lost her memory 

Me ; hi Alex

Brendon : mommy it's me uncle Alex is over there 

Me : ricky ?

Ricky : hey there

Me : what's happening to me ?

Ricky : you've lost your memory 

-i saw the ring on my finger-

Me : am i married to you ?

Ricky : i wish 

Me : who am i married to ?

Ricky : Sam Hudson

Me : do me and him have a kid together ?

Ricky : yea , but Sam Jr. , and Brendon are mine and yours but you broke up with me before you had them and you and sam got together so you guys got married

-i saw Kevin come in-

Me : Kevin ?

Kevin : Alyssa

Ricky : okay how the hell do you remember Kevin but not your husband

Me : Kevin is the guy i met at band camp , he plays the Saxophone like me

Ricky : that's why you remember him aha

Sam : hey honey 

Me ; oh my god , you are hot

Sam : that's why you married me aha

-he kisses me-

Me : why don't i have a baby with you 

Sam : we can whenever you want

Brendon : mommy , daddy when are we gonna go get Sam?

Sam: we can go get him in a minute 

----a few days later----

- i go back to school tomorrow i look at the clock it says 10:39 p.m , i felt Sam grab my and starts kissing my neck-

Me : oh you wanna play that game -as i laugh-

Sam : oh yes i do -i push him on the bed-

Me : then were gonna play

------10:01 a.m-----

Sam Jr. : mom! Dad! your late for school

Brendon : Sammy there cuddling that's cute

Me : oh my gosh we are late , way late shit

Sam : babe it's okay we still have 5 hours of school left aha

Me : whatever let's take a shower first

Sam : let's 

---we got out of the shower---

Sam : your gonna walk around naked

Me : i just need to find some clothes

Sam : i wish we had more time -he grabs me and starts kissing me-

Me : oh yea you wish aha

-he smacks my ass-

Me : oh you will pay for that later

Sam : i'd be glad to

-i laugh-

i go to my closet and get my all-time favorite shirt saying on the back -Mrs.Hudson- and get some skinny jeans with my hair down and converse shoes-

Sam : you look beautiful 

Me : thank you baby , you don't look to bad yourself

Sam : well let's go 

--we walk into the school everyone wows--

Me : why are their faces shocked 

SAm : because they thought we were gonna break up

Me : well that ain't happening -i grabbed him and started kissing him-

Sam: well baby we have 4th period to go to 

Me : let's go -he grabs me and puts me over his shoulder-

Me: ah you asshole -we both start laughing-

Kevin : put her down , Sam

Sam : i'm just gonna put her in her seat

Kevin : alright

Sam  : geez my wife has a nice ass aha

ME : well thank you babe

Sam : your welcome -as he grabs my ass-

-everyone starts laughing and saying awh -

Austin : Ayeeee , ya'll are better than ever

Sam : of course we are 

Kevin : alright let's get class going

-i get up and grab Sam's hand-

Kevin : excuse me , what are you doing

Me : just going to the bathroom

Kevin : you may go but Sam your staying

Me : no he's coming with me 

Sam: you heard her

Kevin : whatever , you both go


Sam : baby what are we doing 

Me : this -as i undo his pants-


Austin: ayee Sam you look like you got the best blowjob of your life

Sam : because i did 

Austin : damn , my girlfriend wouldn't do that

Me : were married i'm gonna do whatever it takes for us to be a healthy marriage

Austin : well your doing a fine ass job

Me : because i have a fine ass aha

Sam : ain't that truee

--bell rings--

Kevin : Sam , Austin and Alyssa stay behind

Austin : oh great what is it now

Kevin: i need you guys to stop disrupting the class so everyone can pay attention

Me : that ain't gonna happen

Kevin : and also Alyssa and Sam you guys can't leave in the middle of class

Sam : it's not my fault she wanted some of this dick .

Me : i can't help it

Kevin : you guys can not do that during school

Austin : whatever

me : look Mr.whatever you name is he's my husband and when he's lonely and needs me to suck his dick or whatever i'm gonna do it

Kevin : alright just go to your next class


Me : hey how about we skip the rest of the school day and go somewhere

Austin: aye yea let's go

Sam: baby you okay ?

Me ; yea i am it's just i feel like we need to go home so we can fuck each others brains out

Sam : hey i'm fine with that ,  let's go.


Brendon : mommmmmyyyy

Sam jr.: maybe their upstairs 

Brendon: okay let's go

Sam Jr.: MOM DAD wake up 

Me : oh hey babies



















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