Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


9. What life should've been like

I got dressed into short teal shorts with a linkin park shirt I ran downstairs saw my family eating without me!
Me: hey what about me!
Dad: sorry sweetie
Justin & Alex: I want the sausage 
Me: can I please have it
Mom: boys give it to your sister
Me: oh I gots to go bye
Everyone: bye
Me: Shawn get out of your house!
Shawn: coming
Me: ready?
Shawn: yep
Ricky: babe?!
Me: hey baby
He pulled into kiss me and I kissed him back 
Ricky: what do you wanna do?
Me: go to class I can't get suspended again
Ricky: I forgot about that
Me: I know you did
Bell rings
Mr. K: welcome I am your sub 
Everyone: hi 
-I was raising my hand-
Mr.K: yes in the teal
Me: we'll my name is Alyssa but um is it just Mr.K?
Mr.K: no it's just for short
Me: okay
Shawn: dude the sub was totally checking you out
Me: Shawn that's disgusting -as I shove him-
Mr.K: hey hands to yourself and Alyssa may I talk to you
Me: yes Mr.K?
Mr.K: you wanna know my name?
Me: first and last 
Mr.K: Kelvin Klein 
Me: KK aha okay we'll bye 
Sam: bruh stop you ain't funny
Ricky: oh yea sure I ain't 
Sam: your not honestly 
Me: Ricky is too funny
Ricky: thanks babe
Sam: okay whatever
Shawn: hey guys
All of us: sup
Shawn: it's pizza today Alyssa, want some sauce aha
Me: shut up!
Ricky: what is he talking about?
Me noth-
Shawn: how the sub was totally flirting with her
Ricky: oh he'll no imma beat his ass
Me: baby it's not worth it
Ricky: the fuck it is!
Me: no because he wasn't flirting he's married
Shawn: oh I didn't know
Me: of course you didn't (i feel really bad that I'm lying to them)
-I saw Ricky talking to Mr.K
Me: (whispers) shit
-Mr.K looked at me and Half way smiled- 
Ricky: hey babe
Me: what'd you talk about?
Ricky: how he's gonna start teaching here 
-fuck! Now I have to see him everyday-
Ricky: something wrong?
Me: no of course not
*bell rings* everyone leaves except me
-as I walk into his classroom-
Mrs.K: honey! Listen to me
Mr.k: Alyssa! ( shit I didn't actually know he was married)
Me: um I forgot why I came sorry
- he walked up to me and said don't worry she's my ex-girlfriend she always calls me honey because she misses me-
Me: are you guys married?
Mrs.K: no! I'm married to someone else
-suddenly I saw a 5 year old boy-
Me: who's this?
Mrs.K: our son
I left the classroom
Mr.k: Alyssa wait!
Me: how old are you thirty!?
Mr.K: I'm 21 she's my ex she got pregnant
Me: with your kid? You told me-
Mr.K: yea I'm still a virgin
As I was laying my head on the desk I was thinking how my love life was so fucked up and then Mr.K is like a person I wanna rip his clothes off
Mr.K: Alyssa?
Me: huh? What?
-he chuckles- 
Mr.K: sleeping?
Me: pssshhhh what
Mr.K: lunch detention then
The class: ooooooohhhhoooooo
Me: shut the fuck up!
I got out of my chair and ran out of the school and then I woke up.


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