Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


8. Two years clean

me: hi baby you hungry?

Sam: hey babe

me: can you take over I have to go get ready

sam: okay

i went upstairs and saw a note saying you know their mine and I knew it was from Ricky but I didn't bother to worry about it I turned on the shower put my hair down then got in the shower for 8 1/2 minutes got out put white shorts on with a panic! At the disco tank top, huff socks, white vans, and got my bag I opened the door and saw My little boys wearing little vans, Huff socks, skinny jeans, fanal and with sunglasses on and I saw Sam come out wearing the same thing as the boys.

me: you all look cute

Sam Jr: thanks mommy

Brendon: I know 

Sam: let's go to daycare then me and mom go to school

the boys: okay

wel all got in the car and dropped off the boys at daycare and went to school

Sam: let's go huh?

me: babe?

Sam: yea

me: it's been two years without cutting

Sam: I know and two years sense we got the boys back

me: and two years being together

Sam: 2 1/2 excuse you

me: haha I know

Sam: 1 year being married

Me: of course 

Sam: I love you

me: I love you too


we walked into the school holding hands and everyone's jaw dropped because were the teens who got pregnant and married in high school

Shawn: hey hottie

Me: hey cutie

Shawn: I'm going to class see you later

me: okay

justin: hey sis

me: hey

Ricky: aye! Sam

Sam: aye what's up 

Ricky: enjoying life how bout you

Sam: enjoying being a dad and husband

Ricky: oh that's nice bye

me: you had to say that

Sam: sorry I always forget

Intercom: Alyssa Swift please come to the Principles Office

me: bye babe

Sam: bye?

Principle: heard you have twins must be hard

Me: actually it isnt

Principle: alright we'll I'll be right back

intercom: Riley Andrews come to the principles office

whos that as he walked in OMG he's hot you can see his abs through his tank top Oml someone help me 

Principle: Alyssa this is Riley and you'll be his guide 

I was biting my lip WAIT WHAT AM I DOING IM MARRIED!!!

Me: okay

Riley: hey

me: hi


Riley: so I heard you a teen mom and married

Me: I whispered I wish I wasn't 

Riley: I wish you weren't either 

Me: okay give me your schedule you have all my classes

Riley: hopefully I sit by you in all of them

me: okay sense I'm your guided I has to introduce you to everyone

- he looked down biting his lip-
Me: oh stop it
Riley: history next!
We got to the class 
Me: okay so this is our new student Riley
Riley: hi I'm Riley
OMG his British accent gets to me every time
Teacher: okay go sit please
Me: I sit here
Riley: the back huh
Me: aha stop *as I playfully punch him*
Sam looked back and saw me laughing and covering my face from blushing
Riley: okay let's do this
-I started to cover my face-
Me: omg I love your sweatshirt!
Riley: you like panic at the disco?
Me: look at my shirt
Riley: I swear we learn bout each other every minute
-I started to get cold and he saw me shivering-
Riley: here wear this
Me: really?!?
Riley: yea
Sam looked back and saw me hugging Riley -the bell rings-
Sam: what was that!?!
Me: I was just saying thank you
Sam: for what
Me: for letting me wear his jacket
Sam: oh no he didn't he went to far
Me: no he didn't I did
Sam: don't protect him
Sam: do you like him
Me: this isn't 5th grade anymore 
Sam: do you?
Sam: just hot?
Me: yes I don't like him I don't love him I love you
Sam: I'm gonna need some time I'm gonna stay at my moms
Me: okay can you take the boys
Sam: yea
It's empty without the boys u miss them it's been a week now and I can't stop talking to Riley sense I tell him everything I was looking for my mascara and instead I found my old blade I took the blade and started thinking of horrible things that happened, how am I the senior that's the hottest I have no idea I got up my hips were bleeding horribly bad and my arms too and I heard someone come into the house it was Ricky 
Ricky: OMG Alyssa what happened 
Me: I-
I knew I cut way to deep I broke too many veins Ricky apparently took me to the hospital 
Riley: hey Alyssa I don't know if you can hear me but  I hope you don't I fell in love with you the first day I met you and I know you think of me as just a friend 
Me: I didn't fall in love with you but I like you but I'm with Sam
Riley: I know 
Sam Jr: mommmmyyyy
Me: Sammy
Sam: oh he's here
Me: don't worry okay
Riley: I'm glad your okay Imma go 
Me: okay bye
Sam: how are we supposed to get better when he's here?
Me: stop being jealous okay nothing is gonna happen
Sam: look I love you and I don't wanna loose you
Me: you just did I'm done with us
Sam: why though
Me: your always jealous you assume I'm jealous when you are
Sam: but....
Me: I'm taking the boys too, go to your moms
Sam: when do I get them 
Me: this Friday 
Sam: okay bye boys
The boys: bye dad
Brendon: mom when are we gonna go home?
Me: yea let's go
-as I was driving home I got the drive way and I saw Sam Ricky Shawn and Riley in the way
Me: get moving
All of them: then stop cutting!
Me: fine I will


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