Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


6. This is it

Sam knows I want to wait but I think Ricky said something to him saying

"don't you want to be close to her"

but Sam keeps on bugging me on making me have sex with him.

Sam: I wanna be close to you baby

me: no Sam Im not ready

sam: please?

Me: no!

sam: we'll I don't wanna be with you get out!

-I started crying as packing up I walked out the door-

kayla: hey what's wrong?

me: Sam kicked me out

kayla: I'm sorry but you don't wanna be here right now

random voice: Kayla come back to bed

me: who's that 

Kayla: aha no one

-i pushed her out of the way-

me: oh Ricky I'm going now

ricky: Alyssa wait!

i started to run but he catcher me

ricky: Alyssa what's wrong?

me: Sam broke up with me you happy!

ricky: no I thought he was happy

me: no you told him that he'd be the first sense you

ricky: I never said that 

me: it wasn't you wow.

i ran to my moms no one was there I found a blade and pills mad I had to go with the pills this time I love my family, Shawn, friends, boyfriend, babies what do I have left nothing I have nothing I wished I had something I took the pills the whole bottle and I heard someone and they started screaming but I passes out so I couldn't hear


me: what no I'm supposed to be dead!

Shawn: you really wanna die huh

me: why'd you say me

shawn: I saw you running and crying into the house and I know when you do something like that something bad happened so your gonna do something bad

me: you really know me don't you

shawn: no shit of course I do

me: I really miss you

shawn: I miss you too and btw I called Sam

im actually glad he called I heard some running and asked where someone was

bella: oh thank god your okay

me: where you the one who was running

bella: no your dad was


bella: oh did you have your twins?

*dad walks in*

me: no I lost them about a month ago

bella: oh I'm sorry

my dad looked a little sad I couldn't tell if it's because of the or I was gonna die

me: dad you okay?

Dad: I just didn't know how much you hated me when I used to hit you and I just didn't think you'd do this

me: you read my suicide note 

dad: I'm sorry 

me: it doesn't matter

dad: yes it does you lost the twins and I wasn't there I hate that!

me: no dad it's fi-

I directly fell right into the pillow all I heard was the monitors going off


Doctor: blah blah blah 

Sam: where is she?

dad: ER

Sam: what I thought she was fine

dad: she was until she fell into the pillow and can't wake up

sam: OMG 

dad: who are you anyway and where's Ricky?

Shawn: this is her boyfriend

Dad: oh what happened with her and Ricky 

Sam: they broke up before she lost the twins 

Dad: oh how upset was she when she lost them?

Ricky: she was really upset

Dad: oh hi Ricky

Ricky: hi Mr.Swift

Sam: how do you know she was upset

Ricky: because I was there for her unlike you

Sam: you were why we broke up!

Ricky: we'll at least I was there for her when you broke up with her because apparently you told her that i told you that you wanted to be close to her

Sam: because you did!

Ricky: bro your drunk I never said anything


dad: alright were in a hospital calm down

bella: yea calm down

Ricky: so Bella how's your baby?

bella: he's good he's here actually because he was born a month early 

Ricky: oh at least he's okay?

bella: yea he is

Doctor: Mr.swift your daughter is in surgery 

dad: what happened 

doctor: we'll the pills kicked in the second time and she almost died but we catches her before she couldn't fight anymore but were working on her right now

dad: is she gonna be okay?

Doctor: we don't know but we'll keep you updated 

Dad: okay

Justin: is sister okay?!?

Sam: we don't know yet she should be fine

Justin: nooooooo

Alex: I hope she'll be okay the last thing I said to her is that I hate her

Justin: I told her I miss her

mom: I said I was happy for her

Dad: Stop she's not gonna die

Mom: What if she does

dad: she's not she's strong and she'll get through thus

*i screamed and everyone heard*

Ricky: Doctor what was that?

Doctor: It was Alyssa Swift She's alive you can go visit her 

Dad: honey you okay

Me: my stomach is killing me

dad: don't say killing you scared me

Me: I'm sorry dad

Justin: Sis!!!

Me: Justin

Justin: I'm glad your alive 

me: I don't know if I am yet

Ricky: hey you okay?

me: hey yea but I've been better

Sam: hey baby

Me: Sam I'm sorry

Sam: no I'm sorry imma wait until your ready

Me: okay

Sam: can I talk to her alone please

*everyone walks out of the room*

Me: What's up?

Sam: you never lost the twins

Me: They weren't born though

Sam: yes they were I just talked to the doctors and they said they gave you like hella drugs and like they gave you an C-Section that's why you have that scar but you gave birth to them and I wasn't there yet but there here right now

Me: wait omg I need to see them

Sam: I'll go with you

me: okay

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