Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


11. the boys birthday

Me: Sammy , Brendon time to wake up

Brendon : nooo mommy it's saturday

Me : and it's also your guys birthday

Sammy: 3 old :)

Me : see atleast someone's happy

Sam: boys it's your birthday you know what that means


Sam: yes

Me : babe we don't need to give them cake

Sam : it's our tradition baby

Me : oh i forgot 

Sam : so both of your parents are coming over today for the boys birthday 

Me : okay seems nice , with their husband and wives 

Sam : yes 

Me: okay well we have 25 minutes before the boys actually really have to get up 

Sam : alright , boys you guys can sleep in for 30 more minutes

Sammy: thanks dad

Sam: welcome

------1 hour later-----

Me : boys wake up

Sammy : MOM!!!!

Me : geez what ?

Sammy: nothing

-knock knock, brendon answers the door-

Brendon: grandpa and grandma bella are here!! with Seth and Isabelle

Dad : you can really talk Brendon .

Brendon : i know cause i is smart

Sammy : Seth arn't your 3 1/2

Seth : yea i am

Bella : hey buds where your mommy at ?

Brendon : upstairs with daddy

Dad : well let's go up there

Bella : honey what if their busy 

Dad : oh it's fine 


Me : okay so the boys are all dressed all i need to do is take a shower

Sam : may i join you -as he grabs me-

Me : not today honey

Sam : tonight it is then

Me : okay aha

-knock knock knock-

Sam : oh hey Mr.Smith

Dad : Sam , where's my daughter

Me : i'm in the shower

Sam : yea she's in the shower

Bella : well i'm gonna go check on the 3 kids down stairs

Sam : hi little Isabelle , she's still really tiny

Dad : of course she is she was born a month ago

Sam : true aha 

Me : HONEY!!!!

Sam : that's for me , i'll be right back 

Dad : alright


Sam : what ? 

-i grab him by the shirt and bring him in the shower-

Sam : i thought you said you wanted to be alone in here

Me : i changed my mind 


Dad : now their gonna do what we didn't want them to do

Bella : oh honey calm down she's been having sex ever sense she was 14 you really think now is a suprise when she's doing it with her husband

Dad : i just still don't like him

-knock knock-

Dad : Ricky! hey 

Ricky : Mr.Smith

Dad : please just call me Justin

Ricky : alright 

Sammy : Uncle Ricky!!!

Ricky : hey little guys , happy birthday

Brendon : thank you , oh look it's Grandma! and Grandpa Jacob

Mom : hello Brendon , and sammy

Brendon : where's uncle Justin and Alex

Alex : right behind Grandma , and you forgot Uncle Sebastian and Uncle Chuck and cousin Lizzy

Sammy : geez

Brendon : grandma your having another baby!

Mom : in two months yes

Sammmy : wow


Sam : you seriously wanna have sex in the shower

Me : It's something new

Sam : alright 

- got down on my knees -


Mom : geez what the hell are they doing up there

Dad ; i have no idea but there is a lot of moaning and screaming

Ricky : this is kinda uncomfortable

Dad : sorry Ricky , you miss having sex with her huh

Ricky : uh no

Sammy : eww uncle ricky you were tryna make a baby with mommy ewwww

Ricky : how do they know all of this stuff 

Dad : their mom is Alyssa how would they not know


Me : omg i can't even walk 

Sam : i'll carry you

Me : oh so are you gonna put my clothes on for me

Sam : if i have to i will

Me : okay 


Riley : why are you carrying her ?

Sam : you should be able to find out yourself 

Shawn : oh my that's gross 


Me : oh my Sammy , me and uncle ricky used to be together

Sammy : oh .-.

Sam : i'm gonna put you on the couch

Me : wait but i need to get lunch started

Mom : honey me and Bella will make it you relax , watch tv with the guys

-knock knock-

Me : who else could be coming 

Sam ; baby i'll get it

Me : i can walk to the door it's fine

-i opened the door-

Me ; oh my god

Jaspar : Miss Me ?

Me : Jaspar , what are you doing here

Jaspar : well i wanted to come and celebrate your kids birthday , i also brought a friend

Matthew : Alyssa 

Me : why are you guys here

Jaspar : what does nobody know about me ? that's right they all believe you lost your v-card to matt in 8th grade instead of 7th

Me : Jaspar! you can't tell anyone , that would ruin my friendship with Ricky

Jaspar : and how i might possibly be the father of your kids

Me : you are not!

Sam: babe who's here , Matthew 

Matthew : hello Sam , i heard you've lost you memory Alyssa

Me : yes from the past 2 years

Matthew : oh wow , that's sad

Me : yes it is

Mom: oh my Hello Jaspar

Jaspar : mom

Mom : i love how he still calls me mom aha , well come on in boys 

Jaspar:as we will

Mom : everybody this is Jaspar we have known him ever sense he was born 

Dad : hey Jaspar!

Jaspar : Justin

Sammy : hi i'm sammy and that over there is my brother Brendon

Jaspar : well nice to meet you and happy birthday -as he pulls out a present-



Me : B don't scream 

Sammy : woah it's two sets of keys?

Jaspar : i got you boys two play cars 

Sammy : omg yes!!!!

Brendon :  i call the mustang!

Sammy : i get the jeep

Me : thank you , that was very nice of you

Jaspar : well i love keeping kids happy

Mom : no offence Ricky or Sam , but i've always wanted Jaspar to become Alyssa's husband and be the father to her kids

Jaspar : that would've been an honor but she liked Ricky then she dumped him then got married to sam he cheated on her many many times  and she cheated on him with Kevin for payback  , but was gonna have a baby but lost it and lost her memory so now she thinks her marriage was perfect 

Mom : aha atleast he knows the truth

Me : Jaspar , come talk to me for a minute 

Jaspar : alright 

-as i made my way upstair with Jaspar i shut the door and locked it-

Me : god why do you make it so tempting

Jaspar : so what tempting ?

Me : me wanting to fuck you again!

Jaspar : because i was your first and you can't take it when you see me

ME : omg - i pushed him on the bed and got on top of him and started kissing him-

Jaspar : did you really know about all that stuff

Me : you really think i lost my memory 

Jaspar : you faked it

Me : oh yea 

Jaspar : god your amazing


Sam : what the fuck are they doing up there

Matthew : probably having sex

Mom : awh hat's what happens when you loose your v-card to someone you've known your whole life

Sam : she lost it to Matthew though

Matthew : no she lost it to Jaspar

Mom : so when they see each other their always tempted to have sex

-------10 minutes later----

Sam : i'm going up there

ME : okay hold me so they'll think i'm crying

sam's pov: 

i heard some crying maybe she's upset about what Jaspar told her i'm still gonna bust the door open

pov over

Sam : baby

Me : i can't believe you 

-as i ran downstairs out the door-

Sam : you ruined it

jaspar : no you did , you never told her the truth 

Sam : and you made her loose her virginity to you

Jaspar : no we wanted to now bye

Sam : god the boys birthday turned into a disaster

Brendon : so what did you get us Grandma?

Mom: DNA test to see who's your daddy , it's...

Sam : it's Ricky of course

Mom : Jaspar !

Brendon : Jaspar .-. ?

Sammy : your our dad .

Jaspar : yes i am


Sam : Alyssa , wait

Me : yes sam

Sam : your not crying anymore

Me : Sam , i need to tell you something

Sam : what ?

Me : i never lost my memory

Sam : what ?

Me : i wanted to tell everbody i lost my memory so i could get a new start i knew you wanted to get a divorce i just couldn't let that happen because i love you , and i hated we cheated on each oth-

- he kissed me before i could finish-

Sam : you didn't have to fake it , we would've fixed it

Me : no we couldn't becuase i would probably still be having Kevins baby if i didn't try to commit

Sam : how did you get better at sex

Me : we never had sex before remember 

Sam : how were you able to fake it

Me : i'm just a good actress

Ricky : you bitch !

Me : excuse me

Ricky : Jaspar is the dad to your fucking kids not me

Me : oh .-.

Sam : wait is that true

Jaspar : yes it is 

Me : i'm sorry Ricky .

Ricky : you know what , fuck you Alyssa

Sam : Alyssa , why would you do that ?

Me : me and him were broken up for a couple of days and Jaspar was the only one there for me

Sam : that doesn't mean anything you shouldn't of done that

Me : i'm glad i did 

Sam : why are you glad!?!

Me : because unlike you and Ricky Jaspar wouldn't cheat on me

Sam : you cheated on me too

Me : it was payback and you deserve it anyway you never cared 

Sam : i did and i still do

ME : no you stopped caring a long time ago

Sam : i never stopped caring

Me : oh fuck you Sam you did too you can stop lying to yourself and everyone now


Mom: well wasn't that awkward

Dad : well we found out our daughter is a "Slut"

Mom: she's not a slut it was high school she still is in high school

Dad : i guess your right

Mom: i mean hell we got pregnant with all three of them in HS

Dad : Alyssa eighth grade summer , Justin sophomore year , Alex senior year

Mom: okay technically all in HS

Dad : well glad we did , but now you have two toddlers and one on the way

Mom : yes that's definitely true , no more after this one

Dad : 6 kids wow , atleast you managed to have only two people , unlike our daughter we never know who

Mom : do you and Bella know if you want more

Dad : actually we thought about it then i realized im so old

Mom : you are 33 years old

Dad : wow i feel way older then that

Mom : it's because you have a daughter who is gonna be 19 this year 

Dad : i can't believe it's been 3 1/2 years without us being together 

Mom : i can't believe our kids already have kids

Dad : Except Alex

Mom : hey he doesn't need to be having kids yet


Justin : Elizabeth Ann Smith get your ass over here right now

Elizabeth : yes daddy

Me : geez so mean to your 2 1/2 year old

Justin: shut up -as he gets up and hugs me- you are the most fucked up person i know you know that right ?

Me : yes i know i'm sorry -as i start pouring out tears-

Justin : hey hey stop that i know my sister goes through shit but no bullshit crying

-i start laughing-

Me : stop being an asshole

Justin : i can't help not being your brother


Brendon : Can you believe Jaspar is our real dad ?

Sammy: no it hurts B

Brendon : what does ?

Sammy : my heart

Brendon : Y?

Sammy : Because Daddy broke my heart

Sam's POV

i was about to walk into the boys room to talk to them but all i heard was Sammy said i Broke B asked him how he said because i lied to them their whole lives 

POV over

--------2 years later------


Jaspar : Nope

Brendon : please -as he still giggling-

Jaspar : alright go get your brother lunch is ready , hello babe

Me : yes honey

Jaspar : tomorrow is your 21st birthday

Me : oh god really

Jaspar : yes

Me : were getting old

Jaspar : no were not

Me : okay whatever

Jaspar : well i wanna take you out tomorrow night

Me : babe you know the girls are taking me out

Jaspar : okay fine then we'll go tonight

Me : we have nobody to watch the boys

Mom : excuse me i'm watching them

ME : mom!?!

Mom : hey sweetie 

Me : geez it's been what 8 months?

Mom : yea 

Me : how the kids

Mom : Justin is graduated , alex still has two years left , Sebastian is starting school this year , Chuck is going into Preschool , Thomas is 2 years old already and driving me crazy then your sister Lila is finally a year old

Me : how's Jacob

Mom : He's good no more kids for us

Me : yea seven is a lot of kids

Dad : geez and i thought 4 was a lot

Me : hello Justin

Dad : Alyssa 

Mom : okay what the hell happened to you two now

Me : aha nothing mom we were joking around

Mom : oh haha 

----at dinner----

Jaspar : gosh you look Beautiful 

Me : awh thanks babe you don't look bad yourself

Waiter : Wine ?

Jaspar : yes please

Me : geez atleast you get to actually get some

Jaspar : just have to deal with it for one more day baby , but sense they don't check for your ID you can have some

Me : oh no i don't want any

Jaspar : okay? then ,  let's play a game

Me : ooh it's a question game isn't 

Jaspar : oh yes

Me : alright , you go first

Jaspar : no ladies first

Me : alright Jaspar how many people have you've been inn love with

Jaspar : 1

Me : who's that person ?

Jaspar : you , anyway how many times has someone hit on you sense we've been together 

Me : omg too much

Jaspar : who hits on you the most ?

Me  : the guy from 7/11 you know

Jaspar : wow , timmy?

Me : i think that's his name 

Jaspar : oh wow

-----9:30 pm----

Me : babe why are we going to 7/11

Jaspar : i'm just gonna get some redbulls

Me : okay 

-we go into 7/11-

Timmy : Hey Jaspar & Alyssa wheres the kiddos

Me : their at home sleeping hopefully

Timmy : oh that's cool , geez that's a lot of energy drinks Jaspar

Jaspar : eh 4 redbulls and 4 rockstars and 4 monsters aint that much

Timmy : alright , so where you guys going

Jaspar : it's private

Timmy : alright

-Jaspar leaves the store-

Me : sorry about that 

Timmy : nah Lyss it's tight , it was nice seeing you 

Me : you too

-i get into the car-

Jaspar : why did you stay and talk to him

Me : Jas calm down

Jaspar : no your talking to Timmy who has a giant fucking crush on you 

Me : Stop , right now he's your fucking best friend and your just acting like a dickbag so what if he likes me there is a bunch of fucking girls who like you and hit on you and i don't even worry about it because i know it would get you pissed off but i'm tired of fake bitches hitting on you acting like your single as fuck .

Jaspar : babe it's alright

Me : no it's not - as tears start falling-

Jaspar : yes baby it's okay

Me : no it's not , i'm fucking -

Jaspar : your what

Me : nothing just drive back to the house

-i start texting the girls-

Me : hey guys i don't think i'm gonna come tomorrow

Tyson : why not?

Michelle : yea why?

Me : i don't feel like it

Michelle : Alyssa were not gonna be drinking we were planning on just going to dinner

Me : okay thanks 

Tyson : we got you , but you need to tell Jaspar

me : i will i'm just really upset right now

Michelle : okay well goodnight girls

Tyson & me : goodnight


Jaspar : okay well i just put the boys to bed , i guess i'm gonna go sleep on the couch

Me : no Jas can i talk to you for a second

Jaspar : okay -as he sits by me on the bed-

Me : i have something to tell you , i don't know how your gonna take it

Jaspar : what is it

Me : i almost died the last week

Jaspar : what?!

Me : when i was out with the girls i drank to much and they had to pump my stomach 

Jaspar ; babe why didn't you tell me

Me : i was scared i still am

Jaspar : you don't need to be scared i got you

Me : Okay -as i lay down-

----the next day---

Me : boys come on were going to the store

Jaspar : i'll see you guys after work love you 

Me : love you too , boys now

Brendon : were coming mom

Sammy : mommy!! i can't get my shoes on

Me : oh my just go get in the car

Brendon : okay 

----at the store----

Me : what do you boys want for lunch?

Brendon : lunch-ables 

Sammy : chicken nuggets

Me : okay brendon let's go get a lunch-able for you 

Brendon : mommy!!!

Me : yes B

Brendon : isn't that kevin over there

Sammy : hi Kevin!

Kevin : Wow hello Boys and Alyssa 

Me : Kevin nice to see you

Kevin : you too

Me  : still a teacher ?

Kevin : yes i am indeed

Me : well that's cool

Kevin : yea just like teaching i guess

-my phone starts ringing-

Me : oh hold on a sec , hello

Jaspar : hey you still at the store?

Me : yea why , you need something?

-he hangs the phone , i felt someone grab me from behind-

Jaspar : hello there Alyssa

Me : Jaspar , remember Kevin

Jaspar : yes nice to see you again

Kevin : you too , well i better get the rest of the stuff i need

Me : okay well it was nice seeing you

Kevin : you too

Brendon : byeeee!

Kevin : bye boys

Jaspar : well that was awkward

Me : oh be quiet 

Jaspar : alright , so boys what did you want for lunch

Me : B wants a lunch-able and Sammy wants chicken nuggets

Jaspar : B come on let's go get you lunch-able 

Brendon : okay

Sammy : mom what about my chicken nuggets

Me : there right here

Sammy : oh okay

Kevin : oh Alyssa

Me : yes?

Kevin : Happy 21st Birthday!

Me : awh thanks Kevin 

Kevin : anytime


Ricky : you do miss her don't you

Sam : of course i miss her

Ricky : i do too

Riley : same , it's her birthday today anyways

Sam : yes we know


Brendon : mom!

Me : yes?

Brendon : happy birthday and i love you

Me : i love you too B

-my phone started ringing it was ricky-

Me: hello

Ricky : Alyssa

Me : yes

Ricky : meet me at the high school in 20 minutes

Me : okay .

Ricky : okay see you then 

-he hangs up-

Me : hey babe can you get the rest of the stuff 

Jaspar : yea 

Me : we got separate cars so take them home when your done

Jaspar : alright

-20 minutes later-

Me : geez all three of you huh

Sam : We just wanted to tell you happy birthday

Me : well thanks..

Ricky : and we miss having you in our lives

Riley : what's past is past

Me : i miss you guys too

-as we all got into a group hug-

Ricky ; and i forgive you 

Me : okay -as i start tearing up-

Ricky : hey stop that -as he hugs me and wipes my tears away-

ME : thank yo guys , i think this is the best birthday present 

-my phone starts ringing-

Sam : is that Jaspar ?

Me : yep 

Sam : he's so overprotected 

Me ; i know

--------a couple hours later------

Jaspar : where were you?!?

Me : I went to hang out with my friends

Ricky : hello there Jaspar 

Sam : Jaspar

Riley : hello

Jaspar : what are they doing here

Me : well their coming with me tonight with the girls

Jaspar : then i'm going

Me : Jaspar stop , nothing is gonna happen

Ricky : yea Jaspar

-knock knock-

Tyson : ALyssa!!!

Michelle : we are gonna party it up

Sidney : and who are you guys?

Riley : Alyssa's friends

Tyson : really lyss these guys

Me : hey their my birthday present

Tyson : from who

Me : themselves , now let's go

Brendon : Mom!

Me : yes B

Brendon : Sammy stay in there

Sammy : why 

-he runs down the stairs-

Sammy : Dad!
Sam : he's talking bout Jaspar right

Me : sam he's talking to you

Sam : sammy!

-as They hug Jaspar walks in-

Sammy : i missed you so much , you may not be my bio dad but your my dad you took care of us

-tears start falling off of Sam-

Sammy : hey don't cry , it's okay

Sam : i know , sammy we gotta go buddy i'll come back after 

Sammy : okay :)

-------in the car with the guys-----

Me : you okay Sam

Sam : i just can't believe how happy he was

Me : Why?

Sam : before we all fell apart he told B that i broke his heart

Me : oh well it didn't look like you did tonight

Ricky : were here assholes

Riley : hey!


Person : hello there

ME : holy shit your hot , what's your name?

Person : Eliot 

Me : well Eliot

Eliot: yes

Me : you wanna go somewhere quieter

Eliot : i'd like that

---we go somewhere quieter---

Me : you know your fucking hot , excuse my french 

Eliot : and your fucking Gorgeous 

he grabs me by shirt and starts kissing my neck to my lips

i pushed him onto the ground and got on top of him


Me: where am i 

-i noticed i had no clothes on and there was a guy laying next to me , i'm gonna lay back down-

Eliot: morning

Me: hi there

Eliot ; i do not remember what happened last night

Me : i don't either aha 

Eliot : what's your name

Me : Alyssa , your?

Eliot : Eliot , here i'll give you my number so we can hang out sometime

Me : okay , but the thing is i have a boyfriend

Eliot : and i have a girlfriend

Me : yea well i better go my boys must be wondering where i am

Eliot : you have kids?

Me : two

Eliot : oh how old are you...

Me: 21

Eliot : oh wow i just turned 21 yesterday

Me : oh my gosh so did i

Eliot : still call me whenever 

Me : i will Eliot



























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