Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


7. Meeting them

me: where are they?

Sam: right there

me: under Hudson 

Sam: why under my last name?

me: because I told them your the father

sam: we'll lets go see if their even yours

me: and yours

doctor: any of yours?

me: are the Hudson's parents teens

doctor: yes are you Alyssa and Sam?

Me: yes we are

Doctor: they yours still?

me: we didn't find out about them until now

doctor: we'll looks like they are still yours they've been waiting for you guys for 2 days now

me: I'm glad we came

doctor: so you can go get them and name them

me: okay we'll blonder haired one will be named Sam Drew Hudson Jr.

Sam: and the darker haired one will be named Brendon Christopher Hudson 

Shouldnt we tell Ricky?

me: no we will tell him they are your kids not his

Sam: we'll lets go my babies

*everyone saw us walking out*

Bella: thought you lost them?

Me: apparently we didn't 

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