Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


13. Leaving .

-4 months later-

Me : Boys today is the last day of school you ready?

Jesse: I am

Me : Are your brothers even up?

Jesse : Sammy & Brendon Come on!!! last day of Kindergarten 

Me : Thank you Jesse

Jesse : Anything for you mom

Brendon : Mom Sammy said he's sick

Me :Sammy come down here 

-He comes running down the stairs-

Me : Your not sick 

Sammy : I know i just don't wanna go

Me : Buddie it's your last day of Kindergarten 

Sammy : Okay fine

-we get to the school-

Kevin : Alyssa?

Me : Hi how are you

Kevin : I'm Alright what about you

Me : Well just a single mom dropping my kids off and going back home

Kevin : Are you busy after dropping them off?

Me : No i am not

Kevin : Would you like to get some coffee then

Me : i would love that , okay Jesse go walk them in

Jesse : Bye mom

Me : Bye sweetie

-walking to the coffee place-

Kevin : So how are you a single mother?

Me : Well let's just say about almost 4 months ago when i found out about that Katie girl i came home one day and Her and Jaspar were together so i told him i never wanted him going near me or the kids again , but i saw him the other day with Katie and guess what she's pregnant , i'm not jealous but they were fighting over stupid shit like how she doesn't take care of herself like i even saw her smoking a cigarette 

Kevin : Well he deserves it

Me : Your right he does , Anyway how are the boys?

Kevin : Well Daniel Just Turned four so starting pre-school next year and Andre Cutest little thing ever

Me : Kevin the most important part i'm worried about is how are you?

Kevin : I'm Actually doing really good being a dad has changed me

Me : Let's Go back to my place and Watch some movies and maybe have dinner together With all the boys

Kevin : i would love that

-2:22 p.m-

Me : Kevin were back!

Jesse : Daniel! omg i didn't know you were here

Sammy : Why is Kevin here (He whispers to Brendon) 

Brendon : I don't know (he whispers back)

-The phone starts ringing-

Brendon : Hello this Brendon

JaspaR : Brendon can i talk to your mom

Brendon : you missed your chance you hurt my mom , you made her sick all she was doing was crying over you for no reason your not even our dad anymore you left 


Brendon : Ok fine , Mom phone

Me: Hello?

Jaspar : Lyss

Me : What do you want Jaspar

Jaspar : i didn't even know Brendon can talk that much and sound good

Me : He's doing fine without you Jas goodbye

Jaspar : No lyss wait , Katie isn't pregnant with my baby it's someone elses that day whe you came home and saw her she was asking for aadvice since she was pregnant and i'm trying to help her quit smoking and drinking , and she has been being a reason To not Enlist

Me : Jaspar i don't even believe you right now , i have been trying to get over you i have givin you too many chances i'm not giving anymore , And enlisting like in the Military  ?

Jaspar : Yes i wanna be a marine

Me : Well she is obviously special if she holding you back from enlisting goodbye now Jaspar

-i hang up-

Kevin : You okay?

Me: I am Fantastic 

Kevin : Alyssa?

Me : I'm serious i'm glad he is out of my life because if he wasn't i would still be miserable 

Kevin : well i'm glad your happy

Me : should we order pizza or actually make something

Kevin : Let's order pizza to make it easier

Me : alright , Boys what kind of pizza do you want 

Brendon : pepperoni

Sammy : No! Hawaiian

Jesse: No cheese

Me : daniel?

Kevin : Just get him cheese

Me : okay now kevin what do you want?

Kevin : Whatever sounds good

Me: 4 small pizzas and 1 medium?

Kevin : yea

-8;30 pm-

Kevin : Well Daniel and Andre fell asleep guess that is my answer to leave

Me : No stay please

Kevin: okay i will.


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