Mixed up feelings

This story is about a girl depressed well she's not depressed throughout the whole story her love life is fucked up, she becomes a mother at age 16, later in the story she becomes a really good remodel to everyone but at least you'll see how my life is


3. Just me and Ricky

From Ricky: 

Morning babe

to Ricky: 

why are you texting me when your right there and were in class

from Ricky: 

because i miss you

to Ricky: 

your right there

from Ricky: 

fine ill miss you in person

i was thinking about what he meant when he said that


3rd lunch- 12:45 p.m.

omg why is Ricky wearing a tux?

Ricky: we've been together sense we were 8 and that's 8 years now and I wanna ask you an important question 

-gets down on one knee-

Ricky: Alyssa Maria Swift Will you marry me?

Me: yes yes I will *as I kissed him*

Ricky: I love you

Me: I love you too -as little tears fall down my face from happiness-

intercom: Ricky Williams and Alyssa Swift Principles Office now!


Principle: why was everyone screaming this afternoon?

Ricky: because u proposed 

principle: at school? And at this age? Is she pregnant

me: aha no sir I'm not pregnant

principle: then why?

Ricky: Because I love her -as my face got bright red-

i wonder if I was actually pregnant  if Ricky would stay

Me: baby?

Ricky: yea?

Me: if I was yunno

-he didn't let me finish as he kissed me and then pulled away and said-

Ricky: of course I would stay

he made the happiest smile appear on my face

i wanted to go to Ricky's but I had to go home to talk to my dad and get more of my stuff I looked in. The window and everyone looked happy and they were playing a game as I walked in I shouted

Me: just getting my stuff don't mind me

Justin: help us sis

me: why you all look happy

Justin: yea because dad isn't here

me: where is he?

Justin: with someone else

me: OMG what I thought he and mom were okay 

Justin: they were until you left

i don't get it dad wanted me out so he could leave and wouldn't hurt me?

Justin: dad left you a note in your room 

I decided to go to my room to go read it

Dear Alyssa,

You probably came back and I know I hit you all the time I never wanted to it was my anger issues kicking in I loved you and your brothers more than anything I had to leave because I didn't want to start hitting your mother I love you Alyssa and hopefully you don't try to find me 5/20/12

-wtf he wrote this four weeks ago-

Me: -crying my eyes out- MOMMMMMM

Mom: what's wrong

me: he left a month ago?

mom: I was gonna go to Shawn's to tell you

me: I haven't been at Shawn's 

Mom: where you at Ricky's?

me: yea I'm gonna go though

 mom: okay be safe


-I was gonna start looking for dad-

Me: Babe!!! Are you home?

Rickys Dad: hello Alyssa

Me: oh hi Mr.Williams is Ricky here?

Rickys Dad: he should be in his room

-i was going upstairs and I opened his door he was out-

Me: Awwwwweeee

Ricky: oh hey babe

Me: hey sexy 

Ricky: you wanna "sleep with me?" 

Me: oh yes I do!

~~~~~~~~~~3 weeks later~~~~~~~~

-I woke up this morning puking but I have no idea why?-

Ricky: baby you okay?

Me: yea I'm fine

-I decided to go take a pregnancy Test-

Me: hey babe I'm gonna take a shower 

Ricky: okay

-I went into the bathroom did the pregnancy test and turned on the water in the shower as I got out I looked at the test and it says positive-

Me: omg! Nooo

Ricky: -Knok Knok- babe you okay?

Me: no ._.

Ricky: I'm coming in

Rickys Pov

I walked into the bathroom she was crying really hard and I saw something in her hand I asked her what it was -poof-

Me: It's a test

Ricky: Pregnancy?

Me: yea and look

-his face looked happy and sad at the same time-

Ricky: omg babe were gonna have a baby!

-we decided to go the doctors to make sure for sure-

Doctor: okay so your baby is 15 weeks along 

me: wouldn't I be bigger?

Doctor: you have a little tummy and plus younger peoples stomachs aren't as big as others so it math be awhile

Ricky: will she be showing by next month?

Doctor: most likely 


i was calling my dad but I realized I should go look for him instead 

I pulled up to a beautiful house mom said this is where he went

i went up to the door and a beautiful pregnant lady answered 

me: hi is Justin Williams Here?

Lady: yes he is HONEY!!!

Honey? Maybe her kid is my dads?

dad: Alyssa! I see you met my fiancé Bella

me: oh right yes

Bella: oh she's your daughter  

Me: so how far along?

Bella: 4 1/2 months

Dad: I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye 

Me: it's fine I was gonna invite you guys to dinner anyway

Dad: With Whom?

Me: Rickys Parents , Mom, her fiancé , Justin, Alex, Ricky, me

Dad: okay sounds good

me: I better get going 

dad & Bella: see you tomorrow


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